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I better not see any NCTzen defend Jaehyun for mouthing the N word. He spent time in the west to know better and know the origins of that word. He better wise up now or else it’ll continue being a free for all. He brought the dragging upon himself.


I was tagged by @xiuminniesittybittytiddies to do a Halloween version of the bias selfie so I picked a random vampire filter (also this isn’t me coming out as xiubaek biased, Minseok is still my man ok afhdjd)

I’m going to tag: @witchydae @demonickai @loeycoaster @gentlejongin @mintdae @xiumins-buttcrack @dtchyeol @suhosfursuit @sechens @dksalbum @kiungsoo @junmyeons-fursona @ka-xing and anyone else who wants to!!!


에픽 하이 (EPIK HIGH) - 노땡큐 [No Thank You] (Feat. MINO, Simon Dominic, The Quiett)

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Can I please get 41, 37, and 25 with Jungkook? I love your writings!

send me number + an idol’s name and i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I need a place to stay,” were the only words Jungkook managed to say before he hunched over, letting the sobs rip through his body. You managed to get him into your home and settle him on the sofa. “Talk to me,” you whispered, hand coming to stroke his hair to soothe him. “I can’t do it… I want to go home… I want to get away from all of this,” he moved to hide his face in your neck. 

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore,” you spoke softly while he vibrated against you. “You’re with me now… Let’s forget that…” your hand calmed him, the sound of his sobs died down to sniffles. 

“Can you sing for me?” he asked, pulling back to look at you through his watery eyes. You ran your thumb under them, ridding them of the tears. “I can try. But I’m not very good,” he finally smiled at you. “Your voice is my favourite…” he breathed, taking your hand in his.   

also idt i ever made a formal post about my pronoun preference, but to get super nitpicky i’d prefer: they/them be used by people who dont know me well, and he/she by friends and mutuals!

really though im ok with any pronouns kfjsdkjf the only time i could ever see myself correcting someone on my pronouns is if a cis person uses she/her for me. don’t do that but otherwise anything is fine! 

I’m dying over Jumin’s route everybody, I already spam my poor friends too much how dO I GET OUT MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW???

I actually think that Chinen Yuri is the most unappreciated person in JUMP. Not to be rude or anything but I think some fans can’t see (or don’t see–) his worth. He’s very athletic, super handsome, a great dancer, a nice singer and an over-all performer but some people put him inside the “spoiled child” box. Chinen Yuri is more than just a spoiled boy, okay? :((