u have to save me from myself

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life
Dear people who think dating someone with a Service Dog is weird,

Yes. We all know it’s a little awkward to be out and about with someone who constantly gets screamed at by little kids and followed around because “oh my god you brought a dog to Walmart”

But please keep in mind that we are people too. And that dog is there to save our lives.

If you ever have the opportunity to date/be friends with someone with a service dog, expect the following:

- Increased “getting ready time”. We aren’t just getting ourselves ready.

- Extra time before going into a store while we put our dog’s gear on. (Some people let their dog ride in the back seat and therefore, it’s a lot easier for them to just grab the dog and go. Some of us will have our dogs ride in crates for their safety though. People really like to pull out in front of me, for instance, so I prefer to crate my dog in the car to keep her safe. She’s also more comfortable in her crate while travelling.) so expect us to need a minute to grab our stuff after we get parked.

- Yes. People are gonna be nosy. They’re gonna shout and we are typically a big attention source.

- I dunno about a lot of SD handlers but I know that I carry a backpack with stuff for my dog in it. Her mat, a first aid kit in case of an emergency, lots of water, our doctor’s note, vaccination records, and dog license papers in case of an access issue (no, not “registration” papers because they do not exist") but just be warned. There’s some days where I may look like a backpacker.

- If my dog alerts me and I leave promptly, I’m not trying to abandon or ditch you. My dog just told me I need to do something relating to my illness and I may need more space than what is available right in that very spot. Feel free to come with us to wherever we end up going, unless we tell you to please wait until we get back.

- People may stop us to ask about the dog. I hate it too but my anxious ass will not allow me to ignore people when they ask me a question because it’s “rude”. Plan for extra minutes in the store if this happens.

- I personally like going to restaurants that have booths where I can hide my dog from the public so I don’t have to hear “THERES A DOG” every five minutes while I’m eating. Please do not suggest that we eat at the most crowded place in the city. Some of u don’t mind siting at smaller tables, but I’d rather hide my dog while I’m eating to save myself the frustration of everyone in the restaurant throwing a fit.

- Yes. My dog does wear shoes when it’s hot out. People will point it out. Ignore them.

- Somedays I’m just not going to want to go out. Please understand that this is no fault of your own. It’s usually because I don’t have the spoons to deal with the public.

Please never ask if we can “just not bring the dog today.” It’s not an option. Don’t even try.

Generally please don’t treat us badly and please don’t use it as a “holier than though” thing.

You don’t need to say “oh yeah I date someone with a service dog!” Unless someone asks. You don’t need to announce it to the world. We are people too. Don’t use us as an excuse to be a “model citizen”.


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my crush is my bf and we are SO GAY. for a rly long time i thought i was straight and dated a rly abusive girl for years then i met him and he helped me leave that n get healthy and accept n love myself. i was dealin w internalised homphobia rly but now i kiss him in public and i dont care who sees. hes my world. he saved me. i travelled hundreds of miles to have him. and i'll be damned if the world stops me from loving him in public.

IM HERE FOR RELATIONSHIPS LIKE THESE aaaaa angel i’m so so so glad you got out of that abusive relationship n found him. i’m so happy for u <3

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Now I'm imagining a big emotional confession at the mill where it finally becomes too much for Robert when they go upstairs and he tells Aaron everything. On one hand I really want that on the other I'm nervous 😨

The most sensible way to do this is, imo, to have them in the mill, have Robert still feel uncomfortable about going upstairs (and that was one of the BEST THINGS paul roundell dropped into the episode where Aaron gets released) and then for Robert to panic and ultimately just say it, but I’m already too attached to this idea so I’m trying not to think about it, because it’s silly to get attached to ideas that probably won’t play out the way you want them to. That’s just asking for disappointment.


(because robron talking about their problems is and has always been all i need and want out of life, i recognise that there is too much i need from this episode and as such i’m mostly just terrified it’s not going to deliver)

(what im saying is i have a lot of feelings that i’m trying really hard not to feel because i don’t like putting expectations on things sos help me this is either going to be the biggest disappointment of my life or all i ever wished for and dreamed of and i think you know which way i’m expecting it to go save me from myself)


A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

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any tips for drawing in general?

ye loads,

  • art is hard and takes time, don’t push yourself too hard and take things at your own pace. art isn’t a race and shouldn’t be treated as such
  • do it every day
  • comparing yourself/your work speed/your style to someone else is a WASTE OF YOUR DANG TIME DON’T DO IT just do you, whether your a fast worker or slow worker. again, art takes time 
  • some people are faster or better than you at some aspects of art and that’s just A Fact bc hey, everyone is different but you should learn from them, instead of hating them or givin up (it’s hard I know)
  • everyone learns at their own pace, don’t worry. you’re fine <3
  • no art program is superior to the other it literally doesn’t matter which one(s) you use. if it’s comfy for you, then keep using it
  • DRAWING TO PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE IS BOTH GOOD AND BAD draw for yourself first and foremost tho and put other people on the back burner always
  • im serious draw every day..even if it’s something you’re not proud of or don’t like KEEP IT FOR LATER U WILL NEED IT
  • playing with brush settings is always neat
  • going out of your comfort zone is also pretty cool but it’s also hard, don’t worry about it too much
  • yes tracing images for practice and help is good and dont let anyone tell you otherwise
  • yes uploading traced images and passing them off as your own is shitty and bad don’t do that
  • yes photography counts as art/other people’s work 
  • no, it’s not okay to use without credit just because it’s on google
  • don’t be a shitlord
  • anyways,
  • draw multiple times a day it helps. rlly
  • watch lots of streams and art videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • take a sketchbook with you everywhere if you’re easily inspired like me
  • don’t be afraid to take criticism, constructive (emphasis on constructive) criticism, both from artists and non-artists, is extremely helpful and valuable info to help you better your stuff
  • don’t worry if you don’t feel like drawing for a few days or even months. we all have dry spells. that doesn’t make you any less of an artist. you deserve to rest every now and then <3
  • save at least 5 times, even if u think u saved, save anyways
  • working with a timer can be really helpful if you have ADHD like me (or OCD, as my ocd makes me hyper aware of how i’m spending my time and if i’m wasting it or not ksndflf)
  • switch up the bg noise from time to time, it helps
  • stepping away HELPS A TON TOO
  • sometimes narrating what you’re doing helps (i commentate myself drawing constantly and it does wonders sometimes)
  • all the art “rules” you hear about are just suggestions. seriously. don’t take them too seriously or try to break your wrist trying to follow them exactly
  • break every art rule you can holy shit
  • save your old work so that you can learn from it
  • you do need to have some of the “basic fundamentals” down to start with but don’t murder yourself trying to adhere to PERFECT ANATOMY (unless that’s what u want in your style then go for it!)
  • it’s okay for your style to change throughout the years. my style has changed every year and multiple times throughout each year LOL
  • do your best and never give up <3

I’m calling myself out for being an idiot. I just realized Setsuna’s last name is spelled “Meiou” with an “u” instead of “Meioh” with an “h”… I assumed it was “h” because “Tenoh” and “Kaioh”…
Thank god for tag replacer from xKit… but now I have another spelling error saved in my autotags…@!&$#(*!@#
If anyone knows how to remove unwanted auto tag suggestions, please let me know. (I also have khmyh repiles vs khmyh replies in suggestions. smh)

i actually opened a savings account recently to kind of “hide” my money from myself so i can actually reliably save up for a place of my own. the plan is to deposit like half my paycheck every payday until i have a good bit stacked, and then start looking in earnest

but i’ve already got plans for the OTHER half of said paycheck next week, and i’m thinking of buying mass effect 1 and 2 so i can play them again lmao

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.......... 💗?

daliii i love youuuu. you’re one of the most talented people in this fandom tbh? for real, you are the Queen of aesthetics, and next week your femslash graphics are gonna save my life. im countin on it.

in addition to being graphics queen, your fic was probs my fave from fuffy day, and one time YOU DREW ME MY OC WHAT THE HECK YOU’RE SO GOOD TO ME like. i kno it was cause i won ur giveaway but you 100% didnt have to agree to draw me reese but you DID and you made my entire week. possibly month.

you’re so beautiful and thoughtful and everything u do looks like u put 110% into it, which is a heck of a lot more than i can say for myself. im so glad we’re friends, i love you so much!!!

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Did u ever ask yourself if some of these ppl r actually messing up with u? And cn u tell me what is this blog bout? Only depression.... what makes me feel depressed. How cn u help these ppl while u have only sad, depressed questions on ur blog?

I made this blog almost a year ago just to express my feelings without caring if someone would actually see it. after a few months i started gettings asks and messages on my blog from mostly young people asking for help. at first i was like “how can i actually help these people? i can’t even help myself” Do you know how many people messaged me when they were on the edge of killing themselves? and then after a long conversation with them i get a message from them telling me that i saved their lives? Honestly i can’t even believe it but those people and others who tell me that i give really good advice make me feel better and useful. That’s all. Thanks

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A C T U !

tumblr what are you doing with the last pic stahp

I actually have a feeling I know who this is. xD But since it’s on anon I won’t say my guess. (Also I could be completely wrong lmao let’s save myself from embarrassment too)

Anyway thank you so much! ❤ I’m glad to be one of the first blogs you followed! And hey if I follow you back it’s because I think you’re very cool. ;) It ain’t no fluke!

  • you’re this linguist who tagged along with me to this ancient tomb and you just saved me from being murdered by the mummy by speaking in his dead language and now he believes you’re this goddess coming for him oops
  • I’m from one of the local villages and I accidentally stumbled into all these treasure hunters in my favorite hideout as a shootout was just about to occur and oops now you have to save me
    • jokes on them though HA i saved myself and tricked you all into getting lost in these caves that only I know how to get out of. so…can u like stop following me? look I appreciate you trying to save me back there but seriously you intruders are so goddamn annoying pls go away
  • “what do you mean you broke the two thousand year artifact that we’ve been searching for for three years?”
    • “I mean it’s been stuck underwater for a thousand years and it was slippery.”
      • “and also I was nervous”
  • usually when two treasure hunters bump into each other on a hunt one of them is the greedy asshole who kills everyone on sight and the other simply gets the thing and gets out, so you can imagine the surprise when neither of us are that asshole. so, that being said “who the fuck are you?”
    • “who the fuck are you?”
      • *both jump at sudden movement of each other*
  • you bargained your life by offering to show me where this ancient family heirloom is and now we’ve gotta take this giant journey together to go and find it but shit goes upside down when your family apparently finds out and tries to kill us both to protect it–whattafuck dude isnt that ur dad
    • “im adopted”
  • youre were the love of my life who always had a thirst for adventure and you disappeared one day on a hunt and so now ive devoted my life to figuring out all your secrets and finding out what happened to you
    • and after nearly years i finally tracked you halfway across the world only to find that you were saved from a cave in at a village and lost all your memories of me and your life
      • and now all the people that i pissed off trying to find you are here to kill me and it literally tears me apart inside that youre gonna watch me die and feel nothing because you dont have the slightest clue in the world about who i am or what ive done to find you
        • but something told me in my last moment that maybe…you might just remember me after all.

shaking in the hands of god
asking to please
save me from this treacherous journey
i have embarked upon
vehicle packed
with no destination
driving with my eyes sewn shut
heedlessly leading
down south to hell
i have already been here
a few times before
leaving with nothing but agony
and third degree burns from the inferno
i cannot do this to myself again
and this time
i refuse

-u turn 4/29

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❍ for Kather maybe?

A ring for romance ❍


// I thought that just a love letter was too cheesy so why don’t have a peek at Steel’s diary instead and feast on some feels

*You have come across a page of Steel’s diary. The edge seems to be a little burned.

So there’s something I’ve been noticing about Peridot recently, and for a while, I thought it was just me paying too much attention to her, since she’s one of my faves. But as I’ve watched more, it’s becoming more and more obvious.

Peridot was sent to Earth by Yellow Diamond, presumably, along with only two others (one of which she couldn’t even trust), and has since been stuck by herself on an unfamiliar planet with absolutely no one to help her.

The first time you see her, she looked, like, almost menacing. Like a supreme hyper intelligent evil. The second time you see her, in Jailbreak, she’s still got that sense of being somewhat condescending, and after that, she makes her escape, and we don’t hear from her for a while. But the next time we actually saw her was in Keeping It Together, and it’s become a little obvious that her personality has changed.

I mean, she’s still the same technologically-obsessed nerdlord that she originally was, but it’s definitely apparent (especially now) that she’s lost some of her composure. The way she saw Steven but didn’t even register he was there, the frantic way she was trying everything to get away from The Crystal Gems, and, as we all remember, her comedic escape by helicopter hands while laughing maniacally. Now, that obviously was just a, what, 45 second appearence? not much to base off of. but after this stevenbomb, there’s a lot more that plays into what i’m getting at here.

In Cry For Help, we hear from her again, and she’s literally, well, crying for help. She’s gotten so desperate as to trying anything to get off this planet, even though she’s quickly shut down by the Crystal Gems. And then, today, we got even more to play into this theory.

In the opening fight scene in Friend Ship, we see her again, mumbling to herself, trying to get the warp pads to work, trying to get back to homeworld. Then, as usual, The Crystal Gems show up, try to stop her, etc etc etc. We find out in this scene that she’s made a weapon out of her floaty-hands as well; a laser beam, no less. However, looking closer into this, it’s pretty obvious she’s only figured out that she can use this recently.

The way she flies back after firing it, and how after it misses, she’s left unable to do anything: similar to the way Steven can only make three sheilds before becoming fatigued. It’s obvious she’s only discovered (created?) this weapon recently, and probably for the purpose of defending herself against The Crystal Gems. As she makes her escape, she makes some usually witty comments, the same kind that she made during her escape in Keeping It Together.

Later in Friend Ship, we see her again, and it’s in the crashed pod from homeworld. During this entire scene, she’s a ton more expressive than she was in Marble Madness. Also, we’ve got her frantic screaming of “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE” while shooting lasers at The Crystal Gems, trapping them in a hole and trying to crush them, etc. plus, then we have her little episode when she can’t figure out why the controls in the ship have busted, followed by her second escape from The Gems.

After Steven has grabbed onto her, as well as the other Gems, and they have no intention of letting go, she pretty much does the gem equivalent of cutting off her leg. Like, no one’s talking about this, but she’s not getting that back unless she reforms. She literally just cut one of her legs off. And then, once again, she disappears into the sunset. Now, I already had all of this, but then, just to back myself up even more, I took a quick visit down research lane on the qualities of actual peridots, and I found exactly what I suspected.

Apparently, peridots can be found in meteorites that landed from space, but, more importantly, peridots have extreme chemical instability in Earth’s atmosphere.

So basically, tl;dr, peridot is losing her mind and quite literally falling apart and the only way she can save herself is getting off of Earth. which she can’t.