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How did you start liking bttf and/or mjf?

my mom was like (to twelve yr old me) u LITERALLY HAVENT SEEN ANY OLD MOVIES and i was like (without seeing any old movies) yeah bc they are AWFUL and OLD and my mom was like ok.. no… and forced me to watch bttf and then mjf lifted up his glasses after literally being knocked out of the air and i was immediately catapulted straight into 80s hell where i fell in love with mjf and im pretty sure like the next night i hid in my room and watched the secret of my success and then i watched the rest of mjfs filmography and tried to hide it from my entire family for like a year but everyone found out and roasted the hell out of me for it so… lol its been a long road anon

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Too many selfies, don't you think? I understand the self love, which is nice and much needed every once in a while, but this is grotesque.

Grotesque! How heart-warming! Okay but REAL talk, this is kind of my blog and it is not really run to amuse and please the people following it, you know? My blog is for my choices, expressions, ideas and ultimately my face if I decide that I want it on here! So here’s a little thing my grandma told me the other day: there’s two little spirits within you, one is the mean spirit and one is the kind one, and the more you feed one kind of spirit, the more it comes to surface! You have fed the mean spirit so much that it has come to surface, and I am so sorry that has happened :-( you seem to be angry at things that have nothing to do with you, just to come on anon and tell me that my blog is grotesque because of my face all over it :-( go make a smoothie and listen to some Stevie Wonder! It’ll make your life feel sunnier maybe!

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hello!! I had a look through your wcif tag and didn't see it, so can I ask wcif Rizky's frog tshirt from this post: /post/157210432135 and possibly the baby diaper box? (in the top left-hand corner of the last photo) from this post: /post/157293094410 sorry if any of that is confusing!!! Also you have no idea how much I love you ;-;

hi bb!!!!! the top is from here & the diaper clutter is from here!!! u didnt confuse me dont worry!

BTS As Roommates

“Hey I don’t know if the request is still open but could u do a how would it be having bts (any member of ur choice) as ur roommate? Thank u, love ur blog.💖“

So, because this was a super fun request idea, I decided to do A L L the members. Idk how long this will take me but pray for me my dudes. (ty sweet human for the compliment aw <3)

Rap Monster:

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(look at this absolute darn cutie)

  • tbh i think he’s barely at home.
  • he’ll be spending all of his damn time in the studio so much so that you often forget he’s your roommate.
  • sometimes you text him like “do you know what a roommate is you lanky meme?” and offer to buy takeaway for the night.
  • throwing things at him when he snores bc you can hear him through the walls.
  • “(Y/N) why did you throw that at me?”
  • bless him, it’s not his fault.
  • asking you whether his outfit looks okay before he goes out.
  • always has his headphones in, so you often yell at him bc this dork can’t hear you.
  • you’re always worried about him
  • boy can’t hold a knife properly, he needs protecting.
  • him always losing things.
  • you always having to find his things.
  • him borrowing your things and losing them
  • him getting really angry about losing his things only for you find them in an obvious place.
  • you cook and he cleans bc that is the safest arrangement.
  • when neither of you can sleep, you stay up and talk about life.
  • when he breaks things, he gets hella nervous and doesn’t reply to texts.
  • him being on edge whenever you leave the house.
  • just pls keep an eye on him, okay?

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THANK YOU SO MUCH💙💙💙💙 (and no i don’t :’(( i can’t handle the blood and gore. my sister reads it tho and tells me about how much she hates sangwoo and the story is very interesting. messed up. but interesting)

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ace julian u feel? if u want that is definitely a prompt

Do you not understand what you have just unleashed?! BOI SIT DOWN DO I GOT SOME HEADCANONS FOR YOU!

  • Julian is not the most vocal person about his asexuality (or his sexuality in general) especially in the work place. However he does do little things to show his pride for his sexuality
  • He first told Emma about his asexuality and she was the one to comfort him and tell Julian that what he was feeling was perfectly normal
  • That following birthday she got him a custom made black ring saying “Science holds my heart” on the inside that he still wears on his right middle finger to this day.
  • Julian isn’t disgusted by the idea of sex, he just isn’t a fan of it and chooses not to partake in it. He says he will only do it if he finds the person who is perfect for him and when he is ready. Never gonna be pressured into doing it and he wants his partner to respect this fact
  • Julian, however, does love platonic/romantic contact in a relationship. Hand holding, cuddles, hugs, kisses, all of these are things Julian 100% adores in relationships.
  • He has cake pin that he wears underneath his vest all the time. 

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b f h k s t w y

b. do you write with too much imagery or too little?

i reject the idea that u can ever have Tew much imagery! but i think i go broke 4 both, it depends on how i’m feelin what i wanna accomplish. sometimes u have a poem thats real sparse, bare boned, u know its SUPPOSED to feel like an empty landscape. & then u have others where its all details abt lush gardens & deer in empty parking lots. 

f. what was the last poem that you loved?

this poem by mehrin @bettersituation

h. dreams or real events?

i’m a traumatized bitch who LOVES 2 write abt real events

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?

let’s do another poem by mehrin bc why not, from malcolm iv

“there are a lot of moments I try to remember as they occur,
some heavy pressure to make the most of him as he happens in case he doesn’t happen again. in some deep dark unsurvivable distance, I know
that the beginning of the worst thing imaginable will probably be the best.”

y. is your poetry light or dark? 

i like 2 think i write both. the go-between & david ? light poems. mountainrange & monolith r Dark web

YALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO TRACK DOWN THIS PHOTO BUT I DID IT BC I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH AND I WANT TO HELP U STAY ON UR DIETS AND BE THINSPIRED (unless you are not ana or mia af or are triggered by these images, in that case please don’t be on my blog)