u have a cute oc

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

my new OC, Carmen!

like Fours she’s some kind of Faerie, but she isn’t as fond of humans as he is. her favor can be won with offerings of sweets, especially cotton candy (which many people think her hair is made of. you can eat it, but you absolutely should Not), and fruit. if you get her to like you, she’ll bring you treasures–sometimes it’ll be money or jewels, sometimes it’ll be bottle caps she thought looked cool. always show your appreciation for her gifts, but never directly thank her. 

do not repost/delete caption

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hey I'm no marine expert but I thought about the prompt list and I can only think of the fact that Ariel is written Arielle in the german version so like. (M)arielle, I know I already requested her so if you don't feel like it that's a-okay just thought I'd try suggesting things


My Ruby and my sister’s Sapphire celebrate ‘Bear Day’ every May 1st. It marks the first day they explored Earth together after being left behind, decided it would be their new home planet, got attacked by a bear, and fused for the first time. The bear was the third Earth creature they met, the first being a bird and the second being a squirrel, so naturally they thought it would be benign too. The bear was quick to anger, and charged them. During the pursuit, the two fused into Rodolite Garnet and successfully punched a bear in the face. The bear just ‘noped’ back to it’s cave. To celebrate Rodolite’s birthday, and the defeat of a bear / the victory of their first fight, they exchange human anniversary bears (though it’s not really an anniversary, anniversary, of course - they just think it’s a darling way to mark the occasion.) and fuse into Rodolite to just chill and have fun the entire day. That usually includes relaxing by the lake or exploring the forests, or perhaps going into the human town and wasting time. Their gem or human friends sometimes join Rodolite, but it’s mainly a day for Ruby, Saph, and Rodolite to celebrate.



This is my gift for the Christmas Truce for phantom-radio! It’s their Danny Phantom OC, Pneuma Penn. She’s a mute artist ghost, and she’s such a cutie! I’m sorry that it’s not exactly what you asked for, but Pneuma demanded to be drawn and I ran out of time to draw her messing with Danny (plus I couldn’t get it right, hurrrrrr-) I wanted to draw her in her new outfit, too, but I just gave her a Christmassy sweater like her old one. Also, I know that she’s more pink than she’s supposed to be, and I’m sorry about that, too. TAT I hope you like it!! That last guy is Pneuma’s brother, Spencer Penn, and when I saw him I had to draw him too, so that’s my sketch of him. He’s a musician ghost with a lisp, and he is also cute.

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i have an OC named Daelen who's a dragon posing as an Elf Priest and he's very regal and noble and fell in love with a one armed elf named Cam who's rough and rowdy and theyre very cute....

u have no idea how much I love ur ocs this is good………