u hate drama

You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

anyways if u think its okay to say “kweer”/“radikweer” or anything like that in any situation you owe my nb ass $50 dollars and a 5 page essay on why you purposely wanna use terminology that’s mostly used by truscum and terfs to mock nb/trans/queer ppl

me before watching ep 13-14

me after

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

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headcanon for jellal & gray & sting when they hurt their s/o and their s/o ran away

i’ve kinda been off bc of vine and also bc i’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my main, i’ve been thinking of uploading ‘x reader’ fics (bc its the only thing i write) with multiple chapters with different fandoms, since my quotev hasn’t been running smoothly so far bc some people, but i won’t bother you guys with that but
finger guns
u got it anon

Jellal Fernandez:

  • stands there frozen for a couple or minutes trying to figure out if they had actually hurt them or his s/o was just joking around, but when he realizes their not joking he hates himself even more before going after them
  • he kisses where he hurts you to make it better
  • says sorry multiple times making his s/o tell him they knew he didn’t mean it
  • still doesn’t stop him from apologizing though
  • is more cuddly due to the fact he doesn’t want his s/o to leave him, and he still feels bad

Gray Fullbuster:

  • curses at himself for hurting his s/o before running after them
  • mutters a sorry while try to make sure his s/o isn’t too hurt
  • probably says sorry when him and his s/o are doing things during the day making his s/o laugh and say it’s fine bc he didn’t mean it
  • gives his s/o a lot more kisses and cuddles just to prove his sorry
  • tries not to use his magic around his s/o just in case it happens again, but his s/o always tells him not to worry since it was a one time thing

Sting Eucliffe:

  • grabs his s/o’s arm before they can even run away, bc it hits him so hard that he hurt them and sting has to make it better right now
  • hugs his s/o tightly even though they’re squirming making him hug tighter till they stop squirming, but still look away from him
  • “ah, fuck, (Name), you know i didn’t mean it, right? i wouldn’t think of a reason to hurt you. you mean the world to me, i just get excited when i fight or show people my magic. i’m sorry.”
  • if his s/o doesn’t say anything back he tickles them lightly making them laugh, shouting at him to stop, but he’ll only stop if his s/o forgives him, which they do.
  • kisses them happily and says they’re allowed to hurt him since he accidentally done it to his s/o

i was just being quiet bout this USELESS trend but like this is so fuckingg disrespectful and just plain RUDE!!! Not only to like fans but also to those who have family problems!?!? THIS IS WHY OUR WORLD IS SO FUCKED. Yall might take this as a joke but to others who ARE NOT AS FCKIN BLESSED AS YOU, THIS IS VERY RUDE AND JUST W R O N G

Do you ever just want to come out to someone? Like even if you’re not gay, or bi, or any specific label? Because sometimes I just wish I could tell someone “Hey! So I don’t know what the hell I am but I sure as hell am not 100% straight so I’m just gonna do my own thing and that might include some gay things.” I just wish I could do whatever I wanted with whomever I wanted and not have to worry about labeling it or coming out after something happens. I wish I could just do it first.

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what's so wrong with straight people??? honestly why cant everyone get along. leave the blog alone. sincerly, a bisexual transboy


nothing is wrong with straight people my dude it’s just fucking stupid as shit to go and make a blog like “hetcharacteroftheday”

there’s literally no point in making heterosexual headcanons…. all characters are presumed cishet anyway. straight people don’t need any more representation, so let us have our fucking lgbt headcanons without painting us as the bad guys bc we don’t agree with ur shitty unnecessary opinions