u hate drama


you may be blind but i am blinded by your beautiful looks

nct are the most adoring group towards their fans.

i know the ig, vlives, etc are decided by sm. but i love how interactive nct are. they really love interacting with the fans, and especially having multicultural members, it’s so inclusive to a lot of fans outside of kfans. all the vlives, johnjae’s radio show+the ig lives, the little letters nct write to us. yuta wears all the earrings that fans send him. super cute. taeyong accepting letters and gifts and taking pictures with fans’ phones even though its not allowed? angel. i love that nct are learning chinese to make their foreign members more comfortable and now tae/them are learning multiple languages just to make communication with fans easier? bury me. nct are truly the golden group. so many nationalities, languages, age groups. from a business stand point, sm is a genius. but that alone just brings so many different fans in, of all varieties, and nct really are trying to include us all. as much as we love nct, nct definitely loves nctzens more.

lol I literally HATE every single disgusting goy who crawls out of the sewers to tell people that superman isn’t Jewish, that spiderman (specifically Peter) isn’t Jewish, that Hal Jordan isn’t Jewish, that Ray Palmer isn’t Jewish, that atom smasher isn’t Jewish, that every Jewish superhero we have actually belongs to them and we aren’t allowed to claim them for ourselves even though they’re canonically Jewish.

this is ok to reblog.

You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

has nijiaka as a midnight snackky; <333333

ok so y’all a little story time

so i’m just gonna day first of all i don’t really like tree bros. i mean connor is dead and i don’t think evan is into necrophilia so. BUT ANYWAY

so there’s a girl in my drama club who is obsessed with gay people. like OBSESSED. i think she might fetishize them it’s gross. (i am also a lesbian and she thinks i’m gross and refuses to change into costumes with me around so)

anyway she started listening to dear evan hansen. and by listening i mean she only listened to sincerely me. so i have a dear evan hansen sweatshirt and she had pointed at it when i walked in the other day and she screamed (i shit u not actually screamed across the whole theatre) “OH MY GOD YOU KNOW CONNOR AND EVAN TOO??” i looked at her like bitch pls don’t do this.

i like nodded and tried to talk to my friend but this girl kept blabbing on about how “hot” evan and connors relationship was and how they shouldn’t have to keep it a secret. til i finally lost it. i spun around and was like ahem ‘scuse me bitch.

i told her what the show was actually about and i shit u not pt. 2 she looked at me like, “ok, sure, sweaty.” YALL I WAS ABOUT TO SLAUGHTER A HOE. i was like “yeah i’ve seen the show i know what it’s about.” and she just nodded and turned to my friend and started talking about our show.

but y’all pls,,, i almost died,,,

fetishization of mlm ships = no no don’t do it

also this girl i do not like bc she was mean to me before this even happened so lol sorry k**** if u read this i hate you

i want a pregnancy/co-parenting plot where instead of it bein super angsty/romantic or whatever its just like two best buds that somehow in some way end up havin a kid together and its like?? totally fine. like “oh there goes my baby mama/daddy. hey bestie wassup love u”



I was about to bid “sayonara” to moon lovers and never turn back like forever THEN HIS FREAKING IG POSTS POPPED OUT IN ML TAG OMG I HATE & LOVE HIM

🔜 THIS LIL THING HERE BROUGHT LIGHT TO MA DARK LIFE /its lee junki’s halo i knew it/

THANK GOD lee junki’s good in english so he’s like the ONLY HUMAN BEING who interacts directly with the international fans. He’s such a sweetheart.



i was just being quiet bout this USELESS trend but like this is so fuckingg disrespectful and just plain RUDE!!! Not only to like fans but also to those who have family problems!?!? THIS IS WHY OUR WORLD IS SO FUCKED. Yall might take this as a joke but to others who ARE NOT AS FCKIN BLESSED AS YOU, THIS IS VERY RUDE AND JUST W R O N G