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I don't think I've ever been in love or even had a crush? Idk if I'm ace and I'm a little scared cause I probably am? And I feel like society builds these concepts of what having a "perfect life" would be and getting married is usually a huge part of it and my family keeps asking if I'm seeing someone and Idk how to deal with it. I love being with other people as friends but I just don't get the attraction thing. So yeah this came out much more serious than I planned... Well I love your blog!

if u dont feel like being in a relationship then dont force it, u dont have to be attracted to other ppl and theres nothing wrong with that!! u could stay open for any possibilities and if theres maybe the right person someday then thats nice but even if there isnt, thats fine as well. u dont need a romantic partner in ur life to be happy ! i know theres a lot of pressure to have this “perfect life” but things are changing and u dont need to confirm to any silly standards anymore bc fuck that noise

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i'm flying to australia to see my partner tomorrow and i'm v nervous but also v excited!!!!!!! do u have any advice for long flights o: it's cool if you don't!!!!

ooh im so happy for u!!!!!!!!!!!! the only time i was traveling w plane was when i was 9 lmao so my only advice is…. try not to have a cold or the air pressure will fuck u up lmao


– dedicated to @leahlahote. merry christmas, from the shittiest secret santa ever! 

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May i request choromi? That green hair is so cute

!!!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE and yes yes you may

I hope you don’t mind that I doodled her with diff clothes? aha–


Allen: Oliver’s actually p hard to piss off.He’s like a bundle of love he’s never mad

Oliver:O yes anon sometimes Allen really gets under my skin!!hes so rude sometimes

Allen:jeez i had to hold him for like an hour for him to forgive me >:/



they only really wear each others clothes when theyre home/sleeping bc of how much their shirts do Not fit each other. dave is the first one to switch their wardrobe and john laughs at how much dave swims in his t shirts. since daves a literal string bean his shirts hug johns beefy chest p tight and hes caught off guard the first time he finds john wearing his shirt. daves shirts get progressively baggier which he doesnt exactly appreciate but likes it too much when john wears his clothes so he doesnt complain…..much

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First of all I McFrickin love your art! But I wanna ask how you do your digital ones, I'm starting out with digital art right now and is there a specific app you use or something you downloaded?

th ank you so much anon omg!!! im so happy you think so!!!!

for my digital art i use two art programs mainly!! sai and mischief lemme tell u a lil about them omg and by a lil i mean enough to go under a cut bc i love to babble about art

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