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bangtan pokemon au! 





  1. you carry stars in your pockets like you have stretched the universe tight around your soul. when i fall, they spill out of your pockets as you try to help me up and i spend years in my head trying to make constellations until my eyes hurt. when i close them, you are still there.
  2. your touch is as soft as the feathers on my back; i sit on the bathroom counter and daydream even though it’s night. you tape the gaps in my wings, and i try to ignore the way your fingers burn. 
  3. you kiss me like you have forever and a day and i only have a few hours. i am a dripping candle and you the sun, so bright i can hardly bear to look at you, but you kiss me again and i forget every warning my father told me.  
  4. there is no happily ever after; there is only you, with fire in your veins and hands dusted with the ashes of what is left of me.

I have a lot of abuse victims coming to me for help at the moment and I just wanted to make this post for u guys….. As much as I really want to help u if I can I just want u to know that I have absolutely no first hand experience with sexual or physical abuse and only minor emotional abuse experience, so I dont feel completely comfortable telling u what I think u should do as I have no idea what it’s like to be in ur situation. If, knowing this, u still want to come to me for an outsider’s view on ur situation or just to vent/talk my private messages are always open 

Much love

hello international skam fans

so i stumbled upon a Sweden/norwegian skam fan that was upset at the american fan base, (she wrote international skam fans on her post, but she was only talking about americans. @americanskamfans y'all gotta chill cause the norwegian fans think that all the international skam fans are weird just cause the american ones r extra) so i just wanted to tell u all something that i believe is very important. pls correct me if im wrong

1. skam is a norwegian show, directed FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS. This is why the director and writer Julie does not want it aired in america. its because it shows the actual segregation (maybe segregation is a harsh word but u get what i mean) happening in some europe countries. like manghi being the only black guy in practically the whole show, and sanna being the only hijabi in the school. thats because its REAL THINGS HAPPENING IN NORWAY.  americans can say “omg representation on tv, diversity lgbtq”, but we do have shows with diversity (like the get down, one of the best series of 2016 tbh. idk why y'all are not watching it) but the norway teens DONT. THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF SKAM. so the sweden  girl said this on her post: its easier for american teens to open up about lgbtq issues than lets say russian teens or norwegian teens. (idk if this is true. i would say coming out is hard for anyone but when u stay in a country where its not a popular topic like in the usa it can be harder for sure so i guess she’s right .) 

2. OKAY… ITS IN THE AMERICAN WAY TO “SHIP” OR “FANGIRL”. but here is the thing, most of y'all skipped s1 and 2 just to start s3 and fangirl over isak/even. its not a bad thing but the other seasons are made for a purpose and to send out a message to teens. s3 has a big message, but so does s1 and 2. u have to analyze all the characters, why they act a certain way and etc. also remember that they are playing roles, and acting… dont embarrass yourself fam 

3. please be respectful guys. in norway paparazzi  dont existe. the celebs walk around freely and no one barely talks to them. the teens dont say savage things on there celebs instagram post and etc. but americans, we do savage things like that. y'all gotta chill, and remember that all the actors are 17-19 years old. it must be kinda weird for them to have all this attention from super hyper fan girls. dont tag them in random post, dont travel to norway just to stalk them or their work place. norway teens dont do it, but i read that some international fans are doing it. please stop. dont make weird fanfics about isak and even either. like lets appreciate the show as it is lol. no smuts or whatever those are called

y'all can correct me if im wrong btw

Finally!!! I actually had more drawings along with this one but I’m not done with them and eh, it’s been a while since u guys have seen Danny so here they is!!!😚💕💕💕

(Yes ik they look terrified… Or at least that’s what someone said… Idk yeah this is a weird face expression I guess, I really didn’t know what I was going for while I was drawings this so)

I’ve been thinking of changing their design but egh agh u tell me guys idk but eh ya know.


Now he’s moving close, / My heart in my throat // I won’t say a word, / But I think he knows // That I’ve hardly slept, / Since the night he left. // His body always kept, / Mine inside of it. 

A Brian and Justin playlist; for all the silent moments where neither has spoken, for all the unspoken words that could have caused a riot. listen here

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chessy i slept w this real gross dude n its just reminded me how i havent even actually been physically attracted to any guys ive been w and need someone to tell me that my sexual past doesnt define me pls

there is so so much more to u than whose genitals youve touched, who u sleep with has no impact on your worth or value or how good a person u are or what u deserve and anyone who thinks it does it literally vile and doesn’t deserve u in their life anyway

Nct Reaction: pinching their cheeks and telling them they’re cute (maknae line)

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mark would love it when you called him cute, he would honestly just love compliments from you in general. He’d use aegyo to cheer you up after a tough day of work/ school and you couldn’t deny that you loved it.


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Jeno’s eye smile could honestly brighten anyone’s day and you couldn’t help but find him absolutely adorable though he’d be completely oblivious to you screaming inside at his laugh but you couldn’t help yourself so you sat beside him and shouted “ YOU’RE SO CUTE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING HOW, WHY” (This can’t just be me)


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He’d secretly love the fact that you were making a fuss over him but wouldn’t want to let you catch on so he’d fake being offended and say “hmmph babe I can’t believe you only just realised how cute I am! I’m always adorable! You know you’re gonna have to pay for that” before breaking out into a tickle fight.


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his cheeks would heat up instantly after you called him cute, he’d not so secretly fan his face to try and get rid of the light pink colour. “ Jaemin are you blushing?” “ WHA- NO UH MAYBE?!” 


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being the youngest among the boys he would be used to being called cute but being his noona you’d fawn over him more than most as you felt like it was up to you to take care of him while he was away from home and although he’d pretend that he didn’t like it, he’d secretly appreciate it a lot.


Holy shit–


A unknown number texts you. It’s a guy he’s cute but a little kinky. You plan on meeting him in person.

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i started questioning myself when i got really close to a girl who is bissexual, and she always hit on me ~as a joke~ and i go with it, and hit on her to, and sometimes i thought "okay i would really make out with her" and then i went all crazy and started to look for sexual orientation tests on internet (okay this is ridiculous, i know) and its confusing because I've been in love with guys before, but never with a girl

it’s not ridiculous tbh i think we all did the kinsey scale test at some point lol

idk what to tell u tbh.. just don’t pressure urself. you’ll know when u know

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This might be a weird q, but do you find your self trying to find jhope in some guy or if u want to see someone but u compare them to him or anything like that? Or do you not let that interfere with ur life. Even if u don't wanna meet someone right now in case in the future

🙃🙃 how do i answer this orz like…..the last time i was…. romantically involved lets say, was 2 years ago and like… i did like the guy but i still came home and filled mself with jhope and actually i think i posted something abt how i used to wear a jhope bracelet back then and the guy asked me what it stood for and i didnt wanna tell him bc it felt too personal since hob is my #1 guy u kno? and no offense idk if this is super weird but even tho i was into the guy i still lowkey would think like ok but imagine if it was jhope :’) orz and that only lasted like 3 weeks and after that i haven’t liked anyone other than hobi  but whenever guys r showing interest in me i just rlly wish it was Hobi orz but idk if i can say im trying to find jhope in a guy because i just feel like if it’s not him i don’t want anyone…….. anyway i’ve never had a bf and i dont feel like im gonna have one any time soon?? 

Infj (guy) and enfp (girl) chemistry.
  • Infj : *talks about this wonderful opportunity hes getting into; sounds excited and passionate*
  • Enfp: *listens to every word carefully taking in all he says. Falls in love with his passion. For a moment she drifts off processing what hes telling her. *
  • Infj: *gently* come back to me ENFP. Whats got u with that look on ur face?
  • Enfp: *blushes* im sorry...i-i was listening i swear its just...i was thinking....
  • Infj: *sparkling smile* what about? Looks like it had u thinking hard*
  • Enfp: *reiterates all he said and explains how what she thought ties in*
  • Infj: *listens intently looking her straight in the eyes with their see all stare*
  • Enfp: *talks without thought of being possibly judged as she holds his gaze lost in it*
  • Infj: ure really smart o.o ! It amazes me. Im not exactly... bookish. No gift for it -but u have a gift! That and pretty eyes.... Did u know they get bright when ure passionate about something? Ure really attentive too. Im not a prideful kinda guy but Ure an ego boost u know that?
  • Enfp: *blushes hard* how so?
  • Infj : ure a great listener, u heard all i had to say about my buisness dreams ...which others would find boring...and u looked at me like im the only one who exists...made me feel pretty damn special and interesting ...and more confident too.
  • Enfp: oh o///o! Well im glad i could ...help and make u feel special. I mean i didnt do much....*babbles*
  • Infj: *laughs* ure fangirling again ENFP xD
  • * get caught up in each others company and bond over a game of word tower*