u guys see this


omg,, Here’s Horrify Guy???
He’s not even a Shy Guy,,
But He absolutely,,, a d o r e s Shy Guy masks, so he rips the masks right off them to use for himself.
This is by force and usually either kills or does great injury to the poor Shy Guy he stole from,, or maybe,, if it was in like– Paper Mario– He would crumple them up??
What he looks like under all those masks? Do we even wanna find out??

His likings don’t j u s t stop at Shy Guy’s masks– I could see him being interested in other masks! This hobby of his is gonna get him into some trouble later on I swear

ok but seeing jack and mark speak about womens march just makes me so happy that these two men that make me happy are actively being vocal on this and just makes me love them even more knowing that they respect my rights and that they’re gonna fight alongside us

  • Eng dub!Pichit: (clapping to Yuri and Viktor) CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MARRIAGE!!
  • Also, Eng dub!Pichit: (screaming to everybody in the restaurant) EVERYBODY!! MY GOOD FRIEND HERE JUST GOT MARRIED UHUUUUUUL!!!
  • Me:
  • Me: he represents me even more

a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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