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There’s a LOT that we need to talk about. First off, this:

Before the Finals, Yuri is reviewing the promise that he made to the world and to himself, which puts a lot of pressure on him. He’s unsure of whether or not he’s actually going to win, which is causing him anxiety, similar to what we witnessed at the China Cup. The main difference between the two instances, however, is the fact that he knows that Victor will help him. ‘Help me, Victor,” is no longer a question that has to be asked, it is what Yuri knows Victor will do for him, and what he can expect from him. 

Their relationship has grown so much stronger over the span of 3 episodes, and it continues to be one of the most honest and healthy relationships that I’ve ever seen on TV. 

Second, I want to acknowledge the fact that Victor says this:

Victor and Yuri have never, ever said the words ‘I love you’ in the show. While they have expressed their feelings in a variety of other ways, those three words have never been said. BUT since Victor is narrating the episode, we get to see into his inner thoughts. The fact that Yuri and given him not only love, but also life, just shows how much Victor is head over heals for Yuri. 

The other part of this, however, hit me even harder. The fact that Victor knows that so many others have been affected by Yuri’s love and kindness; his parents, his friends, his sister, and most importantly Yurio. This line is said almost directly after Victor’s conversation with Yurio, where he talks about motivation. To be honest, I think that Yuri has motivated Yurio more than Victor ever could have. Yuri gave him a fierce competitor,  a drive to compete harder than he has in the past, thereby restoring his love in the sport, and giving him a reason to keep competing, not just skating to because he was good. 

The last thing i want to talk about it everybody’s reaction to the EnGaGeMeNt!!

AKA where my elegant language goes down hill because I am TOo EXCITED TO TYPE ANYTHING 

Phichet goes 0-100 real quick and is legit so hyped that his best friend got married. WoW LOOK HOW PROUD H E IS OF YURI AND VicTor ! prolly gonna be Yuri’s best man at their wedding!! Also JJ 

he just straight up swoops in and is like me n’ ma girl r gonna be the ones getting married, not u guys. SO NOW, it’s like battle of the couples: who wins gold? edition and I honestly cannot wait to see how it turns out…still a little anxious though, cause it could put some pressure on Yuri…

but lowkey so happy that no one EVER comments on the fact that they are a gay couple, and that they are engaged to be married and that makes me really happy