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Snapchat Mishap{Part 3}

 { Warnings : S M U T & NSWF GIFS ;) } I hope you guys like it, feeback & ideas are  always wanted!

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   It’s girls night &  you just came clean to Wanda & Natasha about the game with Bucky. Natasha just smirks, but Wanda is not pleased with the fact you waited this long to tell them. Questions begin shooting from her, no space In between for you to even answer her. When she finally finishes, she’s out of breath, and giving you a  'well I’m waiting bitch ‘ look. You answer them all, telling them how it started with an accidental snap, about the snaps since then and about the other morning in the kitchen before Steve and Sam showed up.

  It’s been three days since that happened, and the snaps have increased between to two of you. While you drink with the girls, the boys are having their own night, which usually includes beer & poker . Girls night is so much better; you have booze, face masks, pizza & movies. Tonight though Nat suggest something new,

  ” what do you guys think about crashing the boys poker game?“

” I thought the point of girls night was to ignore the guys!“ You groan .

” yeah yeah , but how funny would it be to kick their asses at poker ! Plus it could be a good chance to play with Bucky a little y/n, I heard Thor sent them some as guardian mead… you could win this thing tonight .“ Shit, she’s so right.

” I don’t think it’s fair if I do it when he’s drunk natty.“

” but your drunk too!“ Wanda cheers. Well she’s not wrong .Nats secret stash of vodka was strong as hell, barely 45 minutes in you& wanda were about to cross the border from tipsy to drunk. Time for some fun .

  When you step off the elevator on to Tony’s floor, you hear the boys voices echoing through the halls . All eyes turn to you and the girls when you appear in the doorway

” got room for three more guys?“ Nat asks with a smirk .

” did girls night get too boring for you ladies?“ Tony asks as he pulls three more chairs to the poker table

  ” we can only experiment with each other so much Tony.“ You tease with a wink. You pick the seat next to Bucky, sending him a quick smirk before turning away .

  You suck at poker , absolutely suck . But you don’t feel too bad, wanda is just as bad. You both opt out of playing after a while and just watch Natasha kick the guys asses. You notice the guys drinks are getting low & the bowl of chips is nearly empty so you decide to busy yourself .

  ” I’m going to refill everything , I’ll be back.“ You grab the empties and and head down the hall to Tony’s kitchen . You place the bottles on the counter, as you go to turn and grab the liquor bottle you feel two familiar hands on your waist . Game time .

  ” need help doll?“ Buckys voice was rougher than usual , making you shiver at the sound .

” sure Barnes .“ He Hunms in response, he doesn’t move though, his hands tighten on your waist instead .

” buck what are you-“

” these shorts look amazing on you doll.“ He whispers into your ear . Between the vodka and his voice you’re turning into a puddle too fast. When you don’t answer his hands crawl from your hip to the front of your pants, popping the button open and sliding under them. His hands just rest for a minute over the front of your panties , before moving even farther down until they are over your clit. His finger start slowly pressing against you, the friction from your lace panties causing you to squirm . ” what’s the matter doll ? Don’t you like this?“ 

He nips at your ear, resulting in your head falling back against his shoulder . His lips trail down to your neck, placing kisses in the crook of your neck .

” James -“ he placed more pressure on you clit , now starting to run fast circles against you.

” say it again y/n" oh no, you’re not getting the upper hand here barnes . You remove his hands from your shorts, then spin around and grab onto his shirt. You flip your positon, pressing him against the counter now . Your eyes don’t leave his as your hands play with the bottom of his black V neck. You run your hands underneath, and find the band of his boxers . 

You slip your fingers under the band and move them across is waist . Buckys breath hitches and you hear it, sending him a quick wink. You stop above his growing bulge, and go to slide your hand but he stops you. Your position is changed again and your back against the counter . You both stare at each other , lips parted as you breathing quickens. His tongue darts out to lick at his lips and you lose it, you need to feel his lips on yours . You fist your hands in his shirt and tug him to you, but before you lips can touch you stop. You know once you kiss him, you might not be able to stop yourself ; and you aren’t about to lose . Not tonight .

  “ everyone’s waiting for us .” Is all you say as you duck out of his grip. You grab the bottle of booze from the other side of the counter and go back to what you initially came here to do.

“ you’re driving me crazy doll .”

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“ that’s the idea sweetheart.” You hand him the bowl of chips and grab the tray of drink and head back to your friends .

   Poker doesn’t last much longer , Natasha’s winning streak finally made the guys quit . By now you’re all drunk , but not completely trashed .

“ let’s play hide and seek!” Wanda says through her giggles . Surprisingly everyone agrees, tony has Friday randomly select someone to be It first , and lock the floors that aren’t part of the playing field . So far the only floors to use for hiding are Tony’s, the communal level & the party room level. FRIDAY selects Sam To count first, and after 5 minutes of him bitching he finally begins counting . You all dart out of Tony’s living room to hide . You know how sam thinks , he’ll probably assume no one would be obvious enough to hide on Tony’s floor( since that’s where he’s counting) but you do . You go to hide in Tony’s massive closet , but find it already taken.

“ well hey there doll face.” Of fucking course he’s here. You hear Sam call the last number and fling yourself into the closet . The door shuts quietly behind you leaving you in th dark with Barnes . He manages to find you , startling you when he tugs you against him.

“ mmm doll, I haven’t stopped thinking of you all night .”

  “I don’t think now is the time for-” your words turn into a gasp when you feel your shorts being popped open . Buckys metal hand slide under your panties, going right to your core. “ fuck y/n , you’re drenched ! Is this all for me? ” his fingers roll your clit , making you whimper . 

“ god you smell good Angel. ” his fingers dip into your pussy, making you arch your back.

“ fuck.” You whimper , his fingers pick up speed , plunging into you at a harsh pace. His thumb presses against your clit and you feel the coil in you tightening .

“ are you going to cum for me doll? ” he asks, his lips hovering over yours now . Fuck it . You lean up , pressing your lips to his . His lips are soft and warm against yours , he doesn’t waste time and coaxes your lips open for him to slide his tongue against yours .

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His finger are fucking into you , and you know you only have a few seconds before you finish. Using all the self control you can muster up in this moment, You tug his hand out of your pants. You guide them to your mouth, and proceed in sucking your wetness off then. Bucky moans at the feeling ,

“ I’m not ready to lose just yet James .” You purr

“ oh for fucks sake Y/n.” He breathes out . Before he can kiss you again the door whips open , revealing a smirking Natasha .

“ I didn’t know we were playing 7 minutes in heaven guys.”

  “ where’s Sam?” You ask

  “ him and Tony got into an argument so they quit. But on the bright side , you two are the last ones to be found!” You roll your eyes and exit the closet , buttoning your pants as you do . You hear Natasha giggle behind you and Bucky grunt . This fucking sucks .

  Everyone says their goodnights and goes to their rooms, but before you leave Bucky grabs onto your wrist , “ I’m not done with you just yet gorgeous.”

 He drags you to his room , slamming the door shut behind him . His lips are on yours a second later , his tongue slipping in & swirling around yours . Your head is spinning at the feeling, and you barely register falling onto his bed . His lips are only off yours for a few seconds before he reattaches them in a desperate kiss. You weave your hands in his hair, tugging it hard and making him moan into your mouth. His lips migrate from your lips to your neck , then stop when they get to your shirt . He sends you a wicked smile before moving down your body until he’s level with your pussy. He spreads your legs , and tugs your shorts off . You’re positive there’s a wet patch on your panties , but you’re too flustered to be embarrassed. Bucky nuzzles his nose into your heat making you whimper .

“ fuck doll. I just want to taste you.” You buck your hips towards his face , making him chuckle . He moves down , mouthing over your covered cunt . You can feel his tongue against you and you have to fight not to beg him to just fuck you . He wraps his arms under your thighs and drags you to the end of the bed, kneeling on the floor in front of you

 " just say the words doll,please.“ He begs .

 Neither of you are ready to lose , you’re not ready To give him that satisfaction .

” I don’t think so Barnes.“ He moves away , locking his eyes with yours . Fuck , I can’t do this . The anticipation is killing you , mixed with the sexual frustration you feel like every inch of your skin is on fire . You sigh, deciding on your next step. You roll off the bed , and shed all your clothes . You lay down on his bed like you where before , on the edge of the bed . Buckys eyes go straight to your bare, dripping pussy.

  ” holy shit.“ He breathes out , ” thank god .“ He goes to strip but you giggle & stop him

” oh no sweetheart , this isn’t me caving .“ His eyebrow raises in question , but quickly drops when he sees your hand go to your core.

  One hand plays with you clit , rubbing circles while the other hand roams up your body , stopping when it gets to your nipple. You tug on your nipple, moving to slide two to tour fingers into yourself . You whimper at the feeling , moving your fingers faster and faster . Bucky is moaning, leaning forward and watching your every move .

” James “ you moan , he lets out a whimper at the sound.

” Say the words and you can have this Bucky. You can be fucking into me , over and over -“ You thrust particularly hard, making your words fall into a whimper as you tumble into your orgasm . His name repeatedly falls from your lips as you do, Bucky panting the entire time as he watches . He’s rutting himself against the bed as he watches , which is hotter than you’d like to admit . You finally pull your fingers out , and you can feel yourself spilling onto the bed . You hold your fingers out to him , he moves forward in a blur , sucking Your fingers into his mouth with a moan.

” you taste even better than I dreamed .“ He leans in closer , flattening his tongue and licking from your pussy to your clit , a loud moan ripping through you .

” what are you-“

” just cleaning you up sweetheart.“ Fucker.

 When he stands you see a wet patch on the front of his pants . ” looks like I’m not the only messy one .“ You giggle , getting up on you knees on his bed . Your hands fly to his pants , undoing them and pushing them down his legs along with his boxers . His tip is still slightly leaking and he looks painfully hard still . Must be the serum. You slide off the bed to your knees, then without a warning take his tip into your mouth, sucking at it while flicking your tongue against it in your mouth .

  ” ohhh- stop stop , I can’t -“ you fee him tense up, and you know he’s about to release again. So you let go with a wet pop, sending him a smile before standing . You grab your clothes off the floor , and his discarded v neck. You slip into your panties and his shirt .

  ” where are you going ?“ He asks . You give him a quick kiss ,

” it’s late , I’m going to bed duh.“

” you could stay .“ His words catch you off guard , he wants me to stay? His hand gently grabs onto yours , turning you so you face him again . His hands are cupping your cheeks now , his lips landing on yours in a sweet kiss. This kiss is different from the other ones, it’s not rushed or dirty . It’s sweet , slow and addicting . When you part you open your eyes and see a glimmer of something unfamiliar in his eyes .

  ” okay, I’ll stay.“

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

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This is the design in higher quality resolution this time! I really enjoy making these designs. I’m thinking about doing more like this and like the previous one with the last guardian.I love RWBY and I just had to make one since I craved the idea of it. It took me a while to notice everything was blurry but I insisted to heighten the quality for you guys ^u^.

Enjoy!!! and cant wait for the next episode!!!

Drawn by me: Laundingo

Tools:SAI & Cinitq 13hd

*Please dont use art without my permission thanks!!! :D*

Shipping problems

Unpopular ships: *reaches the end of the tag* wAIT WAT?! NO THIS CANT BE THE END! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT! *feels depressed and distant for the rest of the week*

Coffee ships: JUST BE FRIENDS ALRDY *one of the characters kills the other* … … *bangs head on door for the rest of the week*

Splitting ships: oH MY GOD U GUYS ARE PERFECT TOGETHER! *characters split up* HOLY FUCK IS THE CREATOR A SADIST OR SOMETHING NOOOO! Q.Q please reunite…*manga ends and they don’t reunite* *hides in a corner and cries for the rest of the year*

Happy ships: Oh, finally a happy ship-*turns into angsty ship* FUCK. IM OUT.

Only Me ( Jungkook- BTS)


Hihihi ok so I read your namjoon request and i dooooo really like it so could you please do me a rough jungkook scenario? >< all good if u cant hahahahaaaaa i should probably study instead of smuts on tumblr all day.

I hope you like it Anon. It was so hard to write my innocent baby roughing it up with someone but I did. Tell me if you like it or not… ENJOY!!!


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Last month was the last time you saw your boyfriend, Jungkook. You guys had your first argument and he walked out. He hadn’t called you or stopped by. Even an email or a like on instagram would suffice. You just needed something to know that he still cared. But wasn’t the problem in the first place? You felt neglected by him. You knew how busy he had been yet he found a few minutes to fool around with friends but not a second to even text you ‘hey’.

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so, i have your human version of Wreck Gar saved on my computer for reference bc I wanted to draw him later but so i was looking through my pictures so i could show something to my mom and i went past that image of wreck gar. she stopped me and asked me if it was Jesus and I just kinda sat there in disbelief

headcanon: wreck-gar is the antichrist

Hello good day to y'all the sun is shining and the moon is blooming for us and-


Omg okay how can he go from ‘hi im johnny seo from chicago i like to imitate parrots’ to ‘HEY BABE WATCH ME FLEX MA GUNS 💪’

I dont understand???!! Like. I cant imagine being a johnny stan cuz i will prolly n** everyday and yea sorry but he makes me feel that way omg lemme stop my rant 🔫

someone: why are you smiling like that? what are you reading?

me: @makapedia‘s NOT LOVERS

someone: ?

me: it just updated pls read it

someone: ????

me (uncomfortably close to that person): READ IT PLEASE!!!!!

but your love always makes my palms sweaty

my friend unearthed a tweet from last year about an embarrassing experience and i just had to write it for marinette because it’s just so LIKE HER so here. i wrote this really fast bc i didn’t want to lose my muse, i hope you guys enjoy!! (also features my new headcanon of marinette liking kpop bc we cant have only one weeb trash king in this fandom right, looking at u agreste boy) if anyone’s interested the song that inspired this writing as well it’s dumb dumb by red velvet!

media: miraculous ladybug
rating: g
word count: 632
characters: marinette & adrien

“Please watch over the shop dear, your dad and I will just go to the market to buy ingredients for the new cake!”

“All right, mom! Have a safe trip!”

And after Marinette Cheng shut the door behind her, she ran to her room to start playing her favorite idol group’s latest album on the speakers, in full volume.

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I am trying to access your BG Masterpost, but I can't. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I put my curser over it,but it just stays an arrow. Help. please ;)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Hey im sorry if im annoying u but im on mobile and i cant click/find ur bg masterpost. Can u link it to me? Thank you. Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day! x

Hey guys! Sorry, that’s my fault, I need to fix it!! (p.s. not bothering at all, nony! Thanks, have a nice one, too x) 


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Otabek, Georgi, and Seung-Gil are watching as their skating s/o is about to perform. How do they react when their s/o blows them a kiss before they start?

-Otabek is watching you with a small smile
-He’s not one to really show emotion, but you can tell he’s eager to see your routine
-Otababe’s back is straight and leaning forward, giving away his impatience
-He was too fuckin cute,
-So, as he watched you skate to the center of the rink, he leans over
-”Davai!” He shouts, and his voice, despite everyone else’s cheering, is loud and strong, and when you hear it
-You cant help but blush
-Because you can hear it brimming with pride
-”Holy shit!! Thats my s/o out there, and they’re gonna skate! They’re going to perform and I just can’t believe how amazing they are!”
-Otababe’s a wonder with words, but the way his voice carries his words always touches your heart in the loveliest ways
-So, beaming, you blow him a kiss
-His reaction is fuckin adorable holy shit thIS D W E EB
-Otababe blinks owlishly, as if stunned
-This nerd even looks around as if there was someone else you could have possibly been looking at
-But then when he finally realizes it was him
-His smile widens even more, and a bashful blush washes over his face
-And he leans over further in his seat, shouting with a voice full of
-”Davai, Y/N! Davai!”

-Georgi is so excited to see you skate
-But like, in a cool way
-He’s got a beaming grin on his face, his eyes are shining
-When you make your way to the center of the rink, you see him in the benches, and you smile
-Georgi’s so proud of you, he holds his hands up in the shape of a heart
-He loves you so much and is so fucking proud he feels like bursting
-What a mushy nerd
-”Y/N!!” He shouts, “I LOVE YOU!! GOOD LUCK!! DAVAI!!”
-You can’t help but blush jfc
-You’re gonna embarrass me Georgi GOSH…..
-You laugh slightly and blow him a kiss
-He blushes bright red, and gapes for a second
-Holy shit omg my s/o just blew me a kiss did you guys see that oh mY GOD???
-But this boi looks so fuckin pleased and happy
-He lets out a thrilled laugh
-He even does a little hop, he’s so c u te
-And blows you a kiss back for good luck
-And also because he loves you YEAH WE GET IT SWEETIE, GODDAMN

-Seung-Gil acts like a cool motherfucker and all that but
-He’s clapping along with everyone, and has a small smile on his lips
-Not like Otababe, but like, a cool, relaxed, tiny smile
-He knows you’re gonna ace this shit
-Seung-Gil lowkey wants to catch your eye though so he can reassure you that he believes in you and that yuo got this
-So as you slowly make your way to the center of the rink, scanning the benches to where he told you he would be
-He hesitantly waves his hands, hoping to catch your attention
-You look completely relieved when you see him
-Seung-Gil’s smile grows a little, and he gives you a thumbs up, nodding
-Supportive Bf
-And you just look so relieved, and you feel so much better
-You smile, and laugh a little, you feel almost silly for feeling nervous
-And you blow him a kiss
-Boy goes rigid af
-Like?? um?? what??? Affection?? In front of everyone??? What??
-He looks around making sure no one saw
-He’s blushin up a storm, and clears his throat slightly, but he just sighs
-Sends you another smile, with a kind of “Alright, alright, you got me.” kind of tone to it
-And he has to put a hand over his heart to settle it down, goddamn

its funny seeing the change in my reactions to fluffy requests in the past compared to now. like i’ve always stuck to angst because at the time it was what i was going through and i wanted to be able to express that whilst also pleasing u guys, and it makes me sad to look back on because there are genuine angsty imagines that ive written that are just detailed recounts of experiences ive had but using simon rather than my ex. and now im just a little bean in love with being in love and i cant wait to finally write about fluffy scenes and baths and cuddles and dates and just so much cute shit and i just cant

when you have a mercy on your team pls:

-fucking protect her
-she is ur light and savior u pieces of shit
-her pistol does like 10 damages she’ll only use that when she has to
-or when people are ignoring the fucking turret sitting in front of them
-or if they’re like me I’ll be 1v1ing their roadhog bc my fucking team up and ditched me
-I’m not joking, I’ve had to 1v1 a Reinhardt, zarya, d.va, roadhog and more and then 1v2 a tracer and Ana. please don’t make us do this.
-I mean I can 1v1 as mercy p easy but still guys PROTECT YOUR MERCYS
-she literally has call outs for when she’s being attacked, fucking help her
-don’t take the health packs when she’s healing u unless you’re really low as a tank u piece of crap
-odds are she’s probably just as low as you aND SHE CANT HEAL HERSELF AS QUICKLY AS SHE CAN HEAL U
-if she’s stuck in zarya’s ult and you’re not, try to stick yourself out there so she can jUMP TO YOU U LITTLE SHITS (the amount of times people haven’t done this kills me and we lose the game bc I couldn’t get out and fucking rezz.) pls guys
-same goes for literally any other ult bc she will literally bless ur soul
-@ that one soldier 76 from yesterday, I love you
-don’t be the asshole that spams the healing; mercy players will get extremely annoyed and start healing you last or even not at all out of spite
-trust me, I’ve done it before and ended up blocking them afterwards
-DONT EVER LEAVE HER ALONE I SWEAR TO GOD the amount of times I’ve been alone and everyone kills me
-if she falls off the edge of a map, for tHE LOVE OF GOD STAND ON THE EDGE SO SHE CAN JUMP BACK UP THX
-if u fucking leave mercy alone as a mei or reaper and u go invulnerable when u could’ve saved mercy’s ass u can bet that I’m going to kiLL YOU MYSELF
-when genji ULTS, he’s more than likely to focus the mercy. PROTECT YOUR MERCY U PIECES OF CRAP.
-the same goes for Winston! I hate WINSTONS
-when mercy heals u, this doesn’t mean to tank all damage. okay? pls don’t. my healing can only keep up with so much.
-on the other hand, it’s okay if you’re trying to help mercy build up her ult as long as you’re really careful
-fuck u at bastions/pharahs/Hanzo’s, we aren’t your fucking servants
-@roadhog mains: S T O P SELF HEALING. Unless we’re in a tight situation, pls let mercy build her ult off of you
-@winston mains: when you jump back from fucking around, our main priority is healing the squishies, so chill for a minute before we can get to you
-@torbjorns: armor pACKS FOR MERCY PLEASE. I remember this one game where the torb just kept feeding me armor packs and that’s literally the only thing that kept me alive.
-if there’s ever a living bane for mercy players that isn’t tracer or genji or Winston, it’s probably the snipers. GET RID OF THE SNIPERS. especially for actively moving mercy players like me who fly around all over the place to heal everyone, we need to be sure that we can continue to do that without being sniped out of the air
-honest to god, a relatively okay widow is a huge cockblock in my healing
-when reinhardts ult, the mercy player is probably accepting their fate, pls save us

as a mercy main, I just feel like this should be common sense. I know I’ve probably missed some points but I think this should cover most of it

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hey feli, im the anon from the other day. i called him and asked him what he wanted to do because shit was going weird af. He said that the the only solution he camed up with was breaking up. he later started crying a lot and started to begging me to see him but i couldnt because im too hurt. I know it wasnt 100% my fault but i cant stop thinking what if i didnt have depression and anxiety, would things be different now? i feel i put him in pain becuase of this, i feel bad. thank u for listening

i would honestly see him one last time, breaking up over the phone, unless it CAN’T be avoided or your safety might be at risk, never sat right wth me personally. you guys tried for years, you experienced things together, for a long time, and that isn’t just gonna go away. please don’t blame your mental health! even if things could’ve been different, people can still make it work taking the right precautions. i feel that this, for now, is just not meant to be and maybe this is necessary if you ever want to get back together and give it another go in the future. i’m sorry though, i know this is tough but i promise ya time and distractions work wonders when it comes to healing. chin up 💕 give yourself time to cry and mourn though. it’s part of the process.

HEY !!! i just edited my theme , please let me know how it looks , guys !! i thought id try something different with the bg and i cant seem to center the text in my desc so if someone could help me with that id love u forever ,, bless . BUT YES !! PLEASE LOOK AND TELL ME IF ITS GOOD !!!




also @panic-at-the-disco-fangirl and anon thanks for the asks!!

no more please! this was fun though let me know if you guys want more! :D