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i remember watching this episode for the first time thinking it’d be really good because of the fact that it started with true american but then it ended with my heart being ripped out so, what’s good, new girl writers? wanna repair my heart in these upcoming episodes?


Would u guys wanna hear about these three aus I have that I came up with today???

•wedding au in which Laurent teams up (begrudgingly) with nikandros in order to stop his (since childhood) crush Damen from marrying Jokaste

•A bar au in which Laurent gets a job as a bartender and he meets Damen and it’s basically just flipping thru moments in their relationship from the bar (it’s kinda angsty but cute?)

•Freak Friday au where Auguste is getting married and Damen’s family have been close and known the DeVere family forever but Damen and Laurent keep fighting so ~magic~ and they switch bodies and only selfless love can change them back


“Well, that was cheerful,” Lothar said, letting the atmosphere around the campfire settle heavily. The bone of meat in his hand was no longer quite so appealing. He wished he hadn’t laughed, hadn’t taken Garona’s statement as teasing - the truth was more horrifying and he wished he didn’t know it. Wished that it hadn’t happened at all.

He finished eating in silence and cleaned off his hands before unfurling a wing and starting to comb his fingers through the feathers. He’d grown used to doing this around campfires over the years, in the presence of other soldiers where there was little enough privacy for things that mattered, let along grooming, but it was slightly strange to know the others here weren’t soldiers. Khadgar didn’t seem to care about the presence of others, however, and had draped a wing forward over his shoulder to do the same.

Lothar ignored him. Like his sword and armour, his wings were equipment that needed regular maintenance. It wasn’t vanity on his part - their mottled brown colour meant that vanity had never been a true consideration and their massive size meant that even frequent grooming felt like fighting an uphill battle sometimes. And indeed, the pile of loose feathers and fluff he was pulling free was growing. By the time he was finished it would probably be large enough to fashion a whole set of wings by itself. It should have been impossible to lose so many feathers regularly and still have so many left, but logic didn’t seem to apply.

“You still stare,” Garona said. It wasn’t - exactly - challenging. But neither had her first statement been, either, despite the words.

“Look,” Khadgar said, apparently ignoring the repeated implication of desire. “I just wondered if you wanted a hand with your wings.”

Lothar raised his head to look at him. That was… forward.

Garona was frowning, looking between Khadgar and her own wings. They… should have been beautiful. They were an iridescent green colour, even more striking than her skin. But they were ruffled and patchy, missing feathers and the long primaries on the right had clearly been cut so she couldn’t fly. Lothar had itched to preen them, too, when he’d helped her armour up. But unlike some people he had a sense of decorum and knew which lines not to cross. Though at least Khadgar didn’t have the dubious power difference - technically he and Garona were both Lothar’s prisoners, though neither of them acted like it.

“You do that for each other?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Khadgar said and Lothar had to give him credit for keeping a straight face at such a blatant lie.

“Family, usually,” he corrected, because help was all well and good but it helped nothing to give Garona the wrong impression.

“Usually, yeah,” Khadgar agreed. “But in Dalaran we all helped each other.”

Maybe not a lie after all, then. Light, now Lothar had to imagine dozens of little mage children all trying to preen each other because they had no parents. As if it hadn’t been bad enough already. Was it better or worse than wondering if Garona had ever had anyone help her? Had ever, even, known how to do this herself?

“It’s hard to do it all by yourself,” Khadgar went on, earnestly. “You can’t really reach properly, especially the ones on your back.”

Garona lifted her chin, just slightly, like a challenge. Like she might have bee wary, but wasn’t going to let it stop her. “Yes,” she said.

Khadgar brightened, and moved around the fire to sit down in front of her, slightly off center. It wasn’t usual practice, but it was probably safer and kinder than trying to sit behind her. He stretched his own wing out and tilted forward, bent flat until it lay in her lap. Garona twitched her wings out, hesitantly, like it wasn’t a motion she was practiced with.

“Wings pick up an awful lot of dirt and dust,” Khadgar said, gently starting to shift the outer feathers. “And they’re pretty easy to bend and break. So you want to clean them out and make sure they’re lying smoothly-” He sounded normal, like it wasn’t the first time he’d had to explain wing care to someone. Lothar hadn’t been that eloquent when he’d been trying to teach Callan and his son had learnt mostly by example.

Garona started to carefully mirror him, sharp tipped fingers gently carding through the grey feathers in her lap. Lothar, feeling strangely like he was supervising, left them to it and went back to his own wings.

“What do you do with them?” Garona asked, breaking the comfortable silence. “The feathers?”

“Whatever you like,” Khadgar asked, blinking up at her. “Some people just throw them out. Some keep them - make things. Jewelry, clothes, blankets.”

Cally had done that. She’d come from a poorer family than him, had been used to making do with shed feathers for warm cloaks and quilts. She’d been fascinated with his, even when he’d reminded her that if she no longer needed it - that if she was cold they could have fur or thick woven cloth. She’d stitched her wedding dress with his feathers, had worn one of his primaries in her hair - it had stuck up ridiculously, so high she hadn’t been able to walk through the church doors without bending it.

“I have seen people wearing them,” Garona said. “For Orcs, they would be trophies of things killed. But your queen wears her mates feather in her hair and it did not seem likely.”

“Yeah,” Khadgar said, a little uncomfortable with that, “that’s pretty common. People swapping feathers when they’re married. Not just married people - friends. Or, I don’t know, just if you find a pretty feather. It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

They kept going and switched wings. Lothar was pleased to see how much better Garona looked, with her feathers neatly aligned and their iridescence vibrant.

“Want me to do your back?” Khadgar asked. “Or you do mine first? I know I’ve got a few bent feathers there.”

He turned, wings spreading outwards to show off the wing joint. Even from a distance Lothar could pick out a few spots of trouble - the problem was, unless you wanted to wear a backless shirt, you had to put up with fabric rubbing at the joint, which tended to bend the feathers out of shape. And those were the ones most difficult to reach. Garona’s hands were tentative as she tried to help, but Khadgar couldn’t exactly point things out to her, though he was twisting his neck over his shoulder to try.

Lothar sighed. “This one,” he said, rising and moving closer, slowly enough that if Khadgar had any objection - any at all - he’d have time enough to voice it. There was none. He reached out, uncomfortably aware of what he was doing, and guided Garona’s hands. The feathers here were soft and small, almost downy. It had been a long time since he’d done this for anyone.

One of the longer outer feathers was crooked, and Lothar tried to straighten it, fingers finding the bend. The shaft was cracked, bruised black where the blood had pooled and stopped. He considered it, then plucked it loose.

“Hey!” Khadgar yelped, more startled than hurt.

But Garona drew back, just a fraction. “Why did you do that?” she asked.

Lothar nearly gave a very sarcastic reply, but remembered her own bare wings just in time and felt only vaguely ashamed. “Broken feathers don’t heal,” he said. “And damaged flight feathers are dangerous. If they give out while you’re in the air, you’re in trouble.”

He dropped the feather and stepped back, retreating to his spot. And it was a retreat.

Khadgar picked up the feather and inspected it. Then he wiggled it, right in Garona’s face. She bit at it, almost reflexively, and then glared at him. As offended as - well, as a cat that had ended up with a mouthful of feather.

“It’s not a nice one, but you can have it,” Khadgar said, once he’d stopped laughing. “If you like.”

Garona looked touched, though slightly dubious about the whole thing. She tucked it into her hair, though, next to the tooth comb.

Lothar went back to ignoring them, ruffling his wings to fluff the feathers up.

“You don’t offer him help?” Garona asked, with the same almost challenging chin lift.

It wasn’t really directed at him, but Lothar lifted his gaze back up, resigned to not being able to escape. Khadgar met his eyes, and his gaze was challenging. “Well, Commander?”

It had been a long time since Lothar had had anyone help him. Taria would, if he asked, but they were seldom in the same place and both were busy people.

But it seemed strange to decline after reassuring Garona that it was normal.

“Knock yourself out,” Lothar said. And if he extended his wing fast enough - hard enough - to smack into Khadgar and send him staggering back a step, well. Such things happened.

The glare Khadgar gave him said he knew they happened on purpose.

It had only been a gentle nudge compared to the force Lothar could have put into his wings. They were large and powerful things, weapons in their own right. Where some people could barely carry themselves - and some simply couldn’t - Lothar could fly for miles fully armed and armoured. And more importantly, he’d been able to carry Callan in flight right up until his sons fledgling wings had come in and he’d been able to fly on his own.

i came up some ideas involving second years (+ some Dia) for the pacific rim au but i can’t decide which one to use so here have all of them

Version 1:

  • Chika and You are co-pilots but nobody’s sure if they’re just really good gal pals or actually dating. Or if they’re both trying to woo Specialist Sakurauchi Riko. 
  • There’s a betting pool for this that most of everyone in the Shatterdome has joined in and it’s getting kindof Intense.
  • Riko has no idea about this but Chika and You do and they’re making it worse
  • (Kanan drops by ChikaYou’s room looking both amused and exasperated, showing them a tablet she got from Mari that holds the betting pool Discource. It hasn’t stopped beeping with notifications since lunch. “Can u two pls stop doing kabedons to each other where everyone can see bc it’s driving the base insane”)

Version 2:

  • ChikaYou platonic life buds and co-pilots
  • You accidentally (literally) runs into Dia the first time they meet and she ends up making the paperwork Dia was holding fly everywhere and some of it fall into a puddle of water and gets ruined.
  • Dia scolds You about manners and running in hallways and You is both terrified and flustered bc this obviously important person is angry at her and she’s sorry but also she’s very gay and holy shit Dia’s so very pretty??? 
  • (You sends a SOS to Chika through their ghostdrift “Chika please help me there’s a really pretty person scolding me what do i do???” “oh wow u useless lesbian” “Chika plea s e”)
  • Anyway, You does not really make a good first impression.
  • You is crushing so hard but the first impression embarrassed her so much that she cant bring herself to talk to Dia who looks terrifying when shes being stern so she ends up hanging around the science lab, specifically avoiding Dia’s area, but like, cheering up the other scientists bc You is a bright cheery addition to anyone’s lives
  • Chika wants to be a good wingman so she bribes asks Kanan for Dia’s schedule so You would know when to show up.
  • Mari and Kanan are very amused at You’s completely unsubtle attempts to see Dia and Dia’s denseness. They keep trying to highkey (bc lowkey absolutely does not work on Dia) nudge Dia into noticing You. 
  • Dia did notice that You keeps showing up but she hasn’t connected the dots to You having a crush on her yet.
  • then at some point, You comes by the lab and Dia casually hands her a thank you gift (for cheering up the scientists even tho u distract them from work sometimes but hey morale is good so thanks) and You’s just. oh shit she noticed me????????? Cue more internal screaming and Chika bursting into laughter despite the very serious conversation she’s having with Riko
  • Dia and You finally end up actually talking to each other after this

Version 3:

  • Riko’s a ranger who passes the Academy with flying colors but for some reason, couldn’t find someone she’s drift compatible with. She spends her time helping around with the trainees bc she doesn’t have a co-pilot until one day she meets Chika who’s newly transferred to the Shatterdome. It’s instantly obvious that the two of them are drift compatible.
  • Kwoon Fightmaster You who keeps dropping by the lab to see Dia. Dia’s very unimpressed first (”Watanabe-san, would you please move away from the table, you are disrupting my work”) but at some point she gets fond of You and her cheekiness and starts anticipating her visits.
  • They end up dating when Dia finally gets it through her dense head that You keeps dropping by because she’s flirting with her.

my least fave thing is when people are like “stop talking about how you met Taylor…stop talking about how you got a package…”
I’D BE AT WORK “hi I met Taylor Swift can I take ur order”


JB x In Hyeong - Darling Don’t Be Afraid (FULL FMV)