u guys hate me probs

              EXCLUSIVES   &   MAIN  CALLS  —  since i  lost  my  last  call for  exclusives   &    mains   ,     please  like  this  if  you’d like to be part of my list !     but  please  ,    please  take  note  that  i  will  be  heavily  selective  when  it  comes  to  exclusives .    the  rules  i  have  for  being  exclusives   is  that  i  at  least  talked  to  you  ooc   &   you  have  an  in-depth  knowledge of  my  muse’s  backstory   &   that  we  plotted   &   threw  hcs  @   each  other .    i  have  interacted  with  you  in  the  past  as  well   &   we  share  dis/cord   or  sk/ype  details  or  you  must  be  part  of  the  d/iscord  group  chat !      for  mains  ,   my  only  rule  is  that  we  should  have  at  least  talked   ooc    &    you  know  my  muse  thoroughly  .  also  ,   if  your  muse  shares  the  same  muse  with  one  in  my  exclusivity  list  ,   i  cannot  accept  you  !   sorry  !  i  will  be  holding  three  characters  for  the same  muse  for  mains   &   will  prioritise  those  for  my  exclusives   (   &   will  only  be  interacting  w/  them !  ) .     WHY  AM I  DOING  THIS  ?     there’s  nothing  about  being  an  elitist  with  this   ,    but  i  have  been  barraged  with  the  same  muse  over   &   over  the  last  few  weeks  that  it  really  killed  my  muse  .     so  i  wanna  start  off fresh !    please  don’t  take  this  as  me  being  an  elitist  or  in  any  ways  against  you  or  your  muse .    please  understand  this  since  i  am  easily  overwhelmed   &   am  only  human  !    so  if  you’re  interested  ,    please  click  on that tiny  heart   &   comment  if  you  would  like to be mains or exclusives !
                         under  the  cut  is  my  list of  exclusives  &  mains . 

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tag games

tagged by: @hopejinji thank you so much!! this was really fun ❤️

🎀 - Are you named after someone?
sadly no TvT
🎀 - When was the last time you cried?
a few days ago cuz produce 101 is so stressful ya know I’m gonna cry again in 2 days
🎀 - Do you like your handwriting?
🎀 - What is your favourite lunch meat?
i literally had to go google what lunch meat was lmao but cooked meats?
🎀 - Do you have kids?
no lol pls
🎀 - If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?
of course why not HAHA
🎀 - Do you use sarcasm?
so much it doesn’t even seem obvious
🎀 - Do you still have your tonsils?
ok i went to google again HAHA no
🎀 - Would you bungee jump?
🎀 - What’s your favourite cereal?
nothing beats honey stars
🎀 - Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
nah im a lazy bug
🎀 - Do you think you’re a strong person?
no HAHA a little? I’m mentally stronger
🎀 - What’s your favourite ice cream?
mint chocolate yay
🎀 - What’s the first thing you notice about someone?
eyes and hair ahahaha
🎀 - What’s your least favourite physical thing about yourself?
ah this is a hard one HAHA i guess my legs are too long (lol just kidding i love my legs and my body)
🎀 - What colour trousers and shoes are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing pjs now HAHA i only wear school uniform and pjs during the weekdays tsk
🎀 - What are you listening to right now?
never HAHAHA I’m trash bye
🎀 - If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
why would i want to be a crayon again XD but i guess black? 
🎀 - Favourite smell?
🎀 - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
I’ve never talked in the phone for ages i don’t remember HAHA but i think it was my brother or sister
🎀 - Favourite sport to watch?
swimming, diving or rhythmic gymnastics
🎀 - Hair colour?
dark brown
🎀 - Eye colour?
dark brown
🎀 - Do you wear contacts?
nah i lov glasses
🎀 - Favourite food?
🎀 - Scary movies or comedy?
comedy i aint goin horror
🎀 - Last movie you watched?
WONDER WOMAN the movie is awesome omg go watch it guys
🎀 - What colour shirt are you wearing?
im wearing my school’s PE tshirt HAHA
🎀 - Summer or Winter?
summer? idk its always summer here anyway
🎀 - Hugs or kisses?
🎀 - Book you’re currently reading?
the comic book for Your name 
🎀 - Who do you miss right now?
no one rly 
🎀 - What’s on your mouse pad?
i dont use mouse pads XD
🎀 - What’s the last tv program you watched?
produce 101 (im literally watching this show all the time sue me)
🎀 - What is the best sound?
jungkook laughing honestly hes my entire world
🎀 - Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
🎀 - What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled?
london oml i died on the plane but i watched a good number of movies and there was a bts playlist so life is good
🎀 - Do you have a special talent?
i’m good at sleeping anywhere << lol same and also dancing? idk its the only thing im good at
🎀 - Where were you born?
malaysia wheee

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