u guys are idiots

I want a fic in some kind of soulmate au where neil and andrew aren’t actually soulmates, either they have one who died and never met them or don’t care to find them or never had one at all

and even years after they’re together people (Matt and dan, for example) dismiss their relationship and make well-meaning comments like “when you find you’re soulmate you’ll understand” and like “are you sure this is the best idea, what happens if one of you find your real match” etc etc

and they don’t g e t it, how neither of them gives a shit about fate or whatever, how their relationship is built on trust and consent, on I choose you, I choose this, consciously, every day and moment and kiss, and how important that is. how much more meaningful that makes everything for neil (and for andrew, too)

there’s nothing holding them together but their own free will, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. they couldn’t have it any other way.


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Teen Sis, Huh?

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Can I request a raph x reader where she’s Casey Jones’s teenage sister? She lives with him and one night after hanging with her friends she gets home and sees him and raph arguing about something stupid? She didn’t know about the turtles. When she sees him she isn’t freaked out and she’s just in awe over him and how huge he is.

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 932

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things have changed for me

This is nowhere near as good as the perfection from @jiilys and @alrightpotter but this was still super fun to write.


James Potter to but does Buzzfeed know which friends character it is in five random questions: approximately how many jelly beans are too many

James Potter: because I bought all of the bags in the store

Sirius Black: enough to fill a car?

James Potter: I think it’ll be enough to fill Claire

Sirius Black: “riding claire” wasn’t even funny the first time prongs

Remus Lupin: wouldn’t it be “riding in claire”??

Sirius Black: #exposed

James Potter: #blocked

Peter Pettigrew to i’m lizzie bennet and sirius black is way hotter than darcy: I don’t think this is going to work

Peter Pettigrew: and even if it does, will people even watch it?

Sirius Black: people watched it on the middle

Remus Lupin: you’re the only person on earth who watches the middle

James Potter: does anyone even watch our regular videos

Peter Pettigrew: true

James Potter to Lily Evans: you coming to help film?

Lily Evans: nope

James Potter: :(

Lily Evans: pathetic

Lily Evans: of course I’m coming to help

Lily Evans: I wanna get my hands on some peach jelly beans

James Potter: they’re gonna be stuck to the other jelly beans

James Potter: (if this works)

Lily Evans: peach jelly beans with obstacles

Sirius Black to but isn’t james potter more of a state of mind: prongs way

Peter Pettigrew: ???

Sirius Black: where are you

Sirius Black: duh

Remus Lupin: remember when you texted like a human being

Sirius Black: nope

Remus Lupin: me neither

Sirius Black to WAY PRONGS: srsly jim way

Remus Lupin: we’re standing here around a car looking like idiots

Sirius Black: u always look like an idiot

Peter Pettigrew: guys we’re right next to each other

Peter Pettigrew: you can just say ur dumb insults to each other’s faces

James Potter: sry m8s I picked Lily up and she wanted to stop for lunch

Sirius Black: oooooooh

Sirius Black: ooooOOOOOHHHH

James Potter: not like that

James Potter: we just had tacos

Peter Pettigrew: oooOOOOOH

Peter Pettigrew: dang it

Peter Pettigrew: im too late

James Potter: better luck making fun of me next time pete

Lily Evans to James Potter: I can’t believe those jelly beans actually melted and stuck to the car

James Potter: I can’t believe you ripped a chunk off and started eating it

James Potter: thanks for filming, by the way

Lily Evans: just call me Freddie Benson💋

James Potter to Sirius Black: she sent me a kiss emoji

James Potter: what do u think that means

Sirius Black: maybe she meant to hit another emoji

Sirius Black: like the nose bc u stink

Sirius Black: idk ask Remus

James Potter added Remus Lupin to the chat

Remus Lupin: christ

Remus Lupin: its like three am

Remus Lupin: i need my beauty sleep

Sirius Black: its not working

Peter Pettigrew to not like that, we just had tacos: WE’RE ON BUZZFEED

James Potter: ??!!!

Peter Pettigrew sent a link to These Crazy Hilarious YouTubers Filled A Car with Jelly Beans to See If They Would Melt

Sirius Black: they called us “crazy hilarious”

Remus Lupin: a woman in the comments said “they get paid to do this?” though so I wouldn’t say we’re famous yet

Peter Pettigrew: if we got paid to do this I wouldn’t have to work at starbucks

James Potter to i’m sorry for being right, sirius: i’m adding Lily to the chat  

Sirius Black: this is moving fast

Sirius Black named the chat JAMES POTTER WETS THE BED

James Potter named the chat WELCOME EVANS

Remus Lupin named the chat stop

Remus Lupin: come up with some better jokes padfoot

James Potter named the chat Group Chat

James Potter added Lily Evans to the chat

Lily Evans: wait

Lily Evans: why is ur chat name “group chat”

Lily Evans: who does that???

Lily Evans named the chat Freaks and Geeks

Sirius Black: i like her already

Lily Evans to James Potter: uggggghhhh

Lily Evans: talk to me

James Potter: bout what?

Lily Evans: anything other than vernon dursley

James Potter: whales have no sweat glands

Lily Evans: fascinating

Lily Evans: gotta go eat with the fam

Lily Evans: i’ll take a swig of wine every time vernon says “actually”

James Potter: you’ll die in five minutes

Lily Evans: make sure they bury me in prada

Lily Evans to James Potter: i habve a new pshilosophy

Lily Evans: ill flip a coin dfor every desicion so i don’t enmd up high strung like petunia  f

James Potter to Lily Evans: where are you

Lily Evans: crowns pub

James Potter: i’m coming to get you

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: why was lily sleeping on our couch

Sirius Black: so thats what the unearthly screaming was

Sirius Black: did u sit on her or something

Remus Lupin: no

Remus Lupin: (yes)

Remus Lupin: i hadn’t had coffee yet

Remus Lupin: it was dark

Sirius Black: uv still gotten more action than James

Lily Evans to James Potter: thank u for picking me up

James Potter: don’t mention it

James Potter: i would have taken the couch, u know

Lily Evans: i know

Lily Evans to APRIL THE GIRAFFE HAS GIVEN BIRTH: guess who I just met

Sirius Black: no

Remus Lupin: i can literally hear u laughing from ur room padfoot

Remus Lupin: that was not remotely funny

Sirius Black: i’m being joyful

Sirius Black: u already look twenty years older than u are

Sirius Black: u wouldn’t if you laughed a little

James Potter: can we stay on topic pls

James Potter: who did you meet?

Lily Evans: so I flipped a coin to decide whether to get a burger or go out to lunch with Petunia

James Potter: that is an easy decision??? u didn’t need to flip a coin

Lily Evans: but it worked out

Lily Evans: I went to lunch with Petunia

Lily Evans: (it was so fancy)

Lily Evans: and I met some YouTube exec who said they needed some “good, cleancut kids” to make videos and work with them and stuff

Sirius Black: and you didn’t lead with this?!

James Potter: excellent job lil!

Remus Lupin to Sirius Black: so he’s already calling her “lil”

Sirius Black: better than “lily evans, love of my life and future wife”

Remus Lupin: so what’s with the whole coin thing?

Sirius Black: jim said she went out to dinner with petunia and vernon, got smashed, and vowed to flip a coin for all her decisions

Sirius Black: and now she’s sober and is too stubborn to change her mind

Remus Lupin: already calling him “jim”, huh?

Sirius Black: ours is a forbidden love

Peter Pettigrew to WE HAVE NO IDEAS: so what are we going to do for our pitch

James Potter: look at the name of the chat

Peter Pettigrew: but we have to come up with something

Remus Lupin: he’s right

Sirius Black: how about “girl decides to flip a coin for every decision”

Lily Evans: exploitation

Lily Evans: i like it

James Potter to Lily Evans: so come over around seven so we can start filming

Lily Evans: I flipped a coin and it says eight

James Potter: flip that coin and see if you’d like to come to dinner with me

James Potter: (but like, only if you want to)

James Potter to Remus Lupin: REMUS WHAT HAVE I DONE

James Potter sent Remus Lupin a picture

James Potter: she’s going to think im some “nice guy” who thinks he deserves sex just bc they’re friends

Remus Lupin: james, chill

Remus Lupin: tbh that might be better than her first impression of you

Lily Evans to James Potter: I don’t need a coin for that decision ;)

Lily Evans: pick me up in twenty?

James Potter: sounds like a plan

James Potter to Remus Lupin: YES

James Potter to Sirius Black: YES

James Potter to Peter Pettigrew: YES

Remus Lupin to I’m not a regular buzzkill, I’m a cool buzzkill: hey, we’re ready to go

Remus Lupin: Sirius has literally poured a pot of coffee into his mouth

Sirius Black: its true, i did

Lily Evans: we’re on our way

Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin: “we’re on our way”

Peter Pettigrew: WE’RE

Remus Lupin: can we be mature about this

Remus Lupin: lol just kidding james must be freaking out

Sirius Black: wonder if they’re gonna tell us?

Peter Pettigrew: idk be cool

James Potter to are you driving a snail? it’s been twenty minutes: we’re pulling in

Lily Evans: we brought bagels!

Sirius Black to WITHOUT JAMES: she is wearing HiS SoCKs

Remus Lupin: they can’t possibly think we don’t know

Peter Pettigrew: omg

Remus Lupin: we should probably act surprised when they tell us

Sirius Black: what is right

Sirius Black: what is wrong

Sirius Black: i don’t know anymore

Remus Lupin: chill

Remus Lupin: I can see sweat dripping down your face

Peter Pettigrew: don’t u think they see us texting under the table

Lily Evans changed the chat name to why are we texting

Lily Evans: are you guys taking a vow of silence

Lily Evans: james already filmed a bit of me flipping the coin to decide my outfit and what to get for breakfast

Lily Evans: maybe my next decision should be deciding whether we should have an actual conversation

Peter Pettigrew: their on to us

Peter Pettigrew: oops I didn’t send that to anyone

Peter Pettigrew: haha

Lily Evan to remus we’re out of biscuits: alright, I finished editing our video!

James Potter: you angel

James Potter: too good for me

Lily Evans: I know

Lily Evans: I’ll get it ready to present to the YouTube exec too

Remus Lupin: thanks Lily

Remus Lupin to WE HAVE BEEN OUT OF BISCUITS FOR THREE DAYS: we need to talk about our pitch

Remus Lupin: more specifically, what we’re wearing

Remus Lupin: bc sirius, you did not need to order me seventeen boxes of clothes

Remus Lupin: james, you did not need to send me twenty pairs of shoes and fifteen watches

James Potter: we’re like robin hood

James Potter: except without the stealing

Lily Evans to James Potter: the pitch is at four, could you swing by my house about two hours before

Lily Evans: its more fun getting ready when there’s someone with you

Lily Evans: and then we’ll drive there together

James Potter: I’m starting to think you don’t know how to drive

Lily Evans: I do

Lily Evans: I just prefer going with you

Peter Pettigrew to never gonna give you up: that went well?

Remus Lupin: surprisingly

James Potter: I think we got the job?


Sirius Black: greed is a sin pete

Remus Lupin: says the man who actually tried to create a swimming pool of money

Lily Evans: drinks on me!

Sirius Black to are u sure u still want to pay, lily?: u guys have been on like two dates

Sirius Black: u don’t have to act married

James Potter: it’s called being in love

James Potter: u should try it sometime

Lily Evans: you’re in love with me?

James Potter: oh no

James Potter: shit

James Potter: I did NOT mean that

Lily Evans: you didn’t?

Lily Evans: that’s a shame, because I’m pretty in love with you

Sirius Black: gross

SF9 reaction to you wearing only their shirts and undergarments

a/n: this is only my opinion, no harm done (requested)

notes: ayy u guys are horny lol

Inseong: he’d smile like an idiot for sure, making you twirl in front of him like you’re a model because in his eyes, you are. Dammit, he’d just admire you so much pls-

“Wah, y/n, you’re so beautiful.”

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Youngbin: loves yoU IN HIS SWEATERS. compliments your body and hands on your thighs like, all the time. I mean, the boy loves skinship what else do you expect. He’d probably say stuff like-

“Don’t you think your body’s too beautiful to be mine?”

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Jaeyoon: this cUPCAKE ok. “you look nice in them.” He’d say. But then he’d be like-

“Dont stain it ok I love u and all but-”

“I know u salty ass.”

“I’m just sayin’ (•_•)”

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Sanghyuk (Dawon): extra extra extra. Like, you guys are watching a movie? He’d make you rest your legs on him. You’re cooking and he’s watching you from the counter? He’d stare at your butt and say,

“I can stare at you all day.” *is referring to your ass*

*you thought he was talking about your whole physique* “Aw, thank u Dawon.”

// or

he’d be like-


“if u don’t like it I could just take it off dawon—”


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Juho (Zuho): Most horny out of all the members, (I could tell). Makes you sit on his lap while he rests his hands on your hip bone. He’d be like-

“Hey, y/n?”


“Why are you testing me?”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): he’d come back home to you cooking for him - you wearing his clothes while you grilled some beef so he’d tip toe to you and kiss your cheek, resting his head on yours because he’s THAT tall, and say-

“I didn’t say you could borrow my shirt, did I?”

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Taeyang: like for example he just came back from a long day of practice so he’s very tired then when he comes home to you sleeping on the bed in his clothes the first thing he would do is take a bath then cuddle in your arms on the bed while staring at your peaceful face until he falls asleep thinking about stuff like how he’s so happy to have you :’)

*snuggles to you closer on the bed* “Good night y/n…”

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): for example, you initiate skinship by intertwining your hands together and he just squeals inside. His thoughts are probably like,

*omg she’s touching me omg* 

but his words would be like,

“i know you love me.”

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TWILIGHT ZONE (an slbp fic featuring the convulated inner workings of the tortured mind of Fuma Kotaro.)



 (SETTING: Fuma Kotaro is about to meet his end by the hand of Saizo when an unexpected party intervenes. This ficlet is a meagre attempt to capture the few moments encompessing this incident. Based on the Fuma Kotaro Ninja ES)


One word 

One word I said


It came out as a breath, gushing from my mouth, formed between two lungs like a parayer, sighed out in relief, In worship, In dispair.

 A multitude of conflicting emotions. A cesspool of swirling indecision.As always I am a mess, a disgrace.

Stars collide,planets spin off kilter ,a supernova prepares to meet its’ incendiary demise and I wait for the inevitable to come to pass.

I gaze worshipully at the grim beauty of my beloved, the Prince of Darkness, the Grim reaper. Aaah! What wonderful luck!! The ruler of Tartarus has come to usher me to the underworld himself. I sigh like a love lorn damsel, enchanted by his ruby red gaze. Dull embers burn in his eyes, glimmering with  blood lust . It cuts me to ribbons and i shudder in ecstacy. Once again i stand enraptured by his sweet cruelty.

 My dark prince  encompasses the  entire world for me. The sum total of the void i wished to exist in.i bow my head in submission to my beloved, offering my neck to his blade.my heart rejoices in the knowledge that this filthy existence would meet it’s end by his blessed bloody  hand.

No dawn no day , no dusk no night, i am always in this twilight , a cursed creature of the twilight zone.

 I exist in a greyscale, neither black nor white. Light or dark, no one claims me as it’s own. Am i forever doomed to be but a shade? An orphan of the shadows.

I wish to join my beloved in eternal darkness. Oh how presumptious for a pitiful creature Iike me!! I wonder at my own boldness. I wish to be a son of Nyx- the eternal goddess of perpetual and frightening night. And here to usher me to Tartarus is my own Demos. 

Such mysterious beauty my beloved has. He holds me spell bound in his dark majesty. The grim reaper.  The eternal black hole at the centre of my universe. Absorbing all light. Casting no shadows. Drawing all who pass him into his orbit of destruction . I too wish to collapse into him . Be one with him.

A treacherous thought whispers through my mind, echoing  with doubt,  telling me that this incessant desire to die by my beloveds’ hand  is infact a glorified plea for release, not a wish to achieve nirvana as i claim. A release From this mortal body that binds me to this plain of existence. 

I wish to simply sieze existing. 

I wish to Erase all evidence of the filth that i am. 

A waste of space. An afterthought of someone’s half formed wish come into unwanted existence. 

Then! Oh maybe then! Just maybe!  These blood curdling screams might stop. This constant throbbing pain in my head might end. It’s like a volcano erupting in my skull, spewing poisonous lava and sulphurous gases, making it so hard….oh so hard to breath. Mocking voices cutting through me like molten lead poured into my ears; Telling me of my worthlessness,  urging me to kill, to make myself worth existing . It gets better when the blood flows through my hands, when i feel a life slip by , it gets better for a while. Just a little while. 

I am Hateful Unwanted Unacceptable. Won’t darkness personified accept me? I am a ninja doomed to be unaccepted by my own. Forever an outsider. 

Aah!! Beloved!! 

my soul calls out to my prince to end  this now. I can take no more. In the final hours of my existence i am grateful to meet my end by the grim reaper himself. Finally accepted, embraced into the blessed cold arms of the dark. A sinner like me, who has no chance of forgiveness or retribution. Will i no longer be in twilight? I relax myself , take a deep breath and feel myself drowning. My lungs begin to fill with salt water, the voices a painful memory of the past, the pain about to end . The orchestra of my life reaches its truimphant mournful peak.

I hear a distant voice, stopping my execution,  pleading for my life.i remember whom it belongs to. Its a glimmering memory in the grey of my existence,  so vivid, so bright; yet strangely distant. A memory made in another life time, or a few moments of existence taken from someone else’s life, loaned memories of respite.

Memories made In another chasm of space, a separate dimension of time.

Memories made with the creature of light i had taken to haunt recently. Like a moth drawn to a flame i was pulled in by her strange gravity. Spurred by her kindness i stalked her.trying to puzzle out why she would be kind to filth like me.

 I am not meant to be near a creature of light. So pure, so perfect. I will be exorcised in the presence of her grace.Will i burn and turn into ashes  under her incandescent gaze? I cannot help but wonder.

I never knew day light could be so violent. Eviscerating. Incendiary.  Luminiscent.

No  dawn no day i am a creature of twilight. With nowhere to escape.

Saizos’ blade is stopped by my Goddess.My prince , my saviour, why won’t you put an end to my pain? this constant blood letting is in vain.My pleas for mercy reach a grotesque height. Why would your hand be stayed by a creature of the light? By this goddess who barely knows me?  

I attempt to hide myself within myself.i curl around my body like a wounded animal. Sorry attempts at making myself invisible. 

My prince and my goddess pull me in seperate directions.where should i go? Why do i suddenly wish to exist in light?

I scream and i scream and then  i scream some more, till i have nothing left in me anymore. Still i scream hoarsely writhing in pain. 

When i come to, I am being held in her arms, cradled by her gentle embrace. The world lurches spinning out of control. Galaxies collide . Supernovas die and my soul is set on fire that cannot be seen by any mortal eye. Gentle fingers card through my hair, setting my head ablaze. Sweet voice cooing at me, i anticipate molten lead. What fresh dimension of hell will i be introduced to now?

From deep within the recesses of my mind a cruel memory mocks me…

she said 
my beloved son

and then eviscerated me with her whip 

because I love you 
she said.

Kill or you are worth nothing.

She hit me and told me i was loved. 

It was ultraviolence. 

It was the only love i knew.

I stiffle my sobs by biting my lips so hard they bleed. Gingerly, i taste the rusted iron running in my veins . Not you, not you too…my gentle goddess. I start rocking and repeating to myself like a sacred mantra, my lifeline keeping me from my descent into utter insanity. Not you too.  I prayed desperately, urgently . For some reason I do not want her to hate me or hit me.

I wait for the whip that never hits me. I squeeze  my eyes hard ,desperately trying to keep the tears from spilling out. 

Pitiful,pitiable ,ugly what a filthy dog i am,  not fit to sully my prince or goddess. 

My body is wrecked by my  ugly shuddering sobs.I squeeze my eyes harder and wait for the slap that never hits my cheek.

She is Celine the goddess of moonlight so calm and peaceful. Blessed by Iris the goddess of dawn, harbinger of truth and beauty . Her gentle light envelops me.

I never knew day light could bring so much peace.

A gentle kiss falls on my brow .

I open my eyes to her incendiary luminiscence, half afraid of being blinded.

One word she says
One word only
My whole world stills 


One word
she repeats


She says

And my lungs forget to form prayers.

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Me: chill. remember to breathe.

“We can’t stand each other, alright? We are like cats and dogs, day and night, toothpaste and orange juice! I’m running out of opposites- help me out?”

stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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for @donghyuckstudies hope you like it!! it was a challenge writing for haechan but i hope i did the cheeky lil donghyuck justice! enjoy :-) was inspired by ur username for the prompt LMAO

-the schoolbell rings and u rush to ur desk at the very back of the classroom

-class is about to start when the teacher says HEY GUYS STOP TALKING look we have a new student, dong-

-HAECHAN!!! this guy holding bunny ears up and the cringiest most forced smiley face uve ever seen corrects the teacher

-without further adue this annoying kid rushes to sit next to u at the back of the class

-u chuckle a little cause wtf just happened and get back to ur work

-but this kid taps u with a twinkle in his eye and just says HI

-and ur like uh hi and hes just winking at u nonstop like a meme or something

-u get back to ur work

-hey do u have a pencil

-hey do u have paper

-hey do u have an eraser

-ur just like omg here take my whole bag

-the next day this boy has the nerve to forget everything again so u give him everything bc hes harassing u and hes like thanks!!!

-during break he gets up bc everyones like OMG HAECHAN and you realize that hes become friends w everyone and they’re all snickering in the corner but when lunch comes he ditches everyone and comes over and begs you! to eat w him

-so he breaks you down bc hes attacking u with paper planes and making sound effects until you fly one up his nose and hes falls off his chair laughing w the plane in his nose…

-you two arrive and he pays for ur meal and you two sit down on a bench in the courtyard. ofc he grabs half of ur sandwich for himself and hes like u know i paid for it lol pay u back when im a rich beautiful kpop star!!! and starts belting fcking random operatic notes

-u ofc put the rest of ur sandwich into his mouth to shush him

-instead hes like omg chagi~ thanks for feeding me and stares at u lovingly

-u cringe too hard and turn away and this kid is ofc like OMG DONT BLUSH!!! and then u kill him

-one day he takes u to sm bc in his words hes a VIP and you should feel honored that hes letting u into his rockstar life

-donghyuck is actually serious and singing like an angel and dancing and sweating and repeating it again and again and you just watch bc you’ve never seen him be like this

-you see him troll his hyungs in between and chase them/randomly scream lyrics but as soon as the music drops hes immersed in the music and he actually looks… cool

-he’s so focused and after the hyungs leave he’s ofc like OMG BYEEE DREAM OF ME to them but you stay with him till ten pm and he just is practicing the same moves over and over again

-when he’s finally done you wait for him since you guys live in the same direction and he  bursts out I WAS COOL WASN’T I but it comes out like a croak bc he strained his voice from the constant practicing + trolling the members and you just laugh so hard but you also wonder how he manages to stay so carefree amidst all the work

-ofc you dont say this but instead ur like NOW IT CAN FINALLY BE QUIET and he smiles to himself

-suddenly you feel this weird rush of concern because you’re not used to seeing haechan differently. and now that he’s finally shut up it’s awkward and when he’s not making ugly ass faces he actually has the cutest smile?

-but you two just walk in silence and say bye but he mimes it bc he cant talk LOL and his mimes suddenly become charades??? so you push the idiot towards the direction of his dorm bc he needs to rest

-the next day he doesn’t come to school and ur wondering if he faked being sick or something. either way, the whole day is super quiet and u cant believe you miss his voice and bothersome presence..but u do

-so ofc after school you run as fast as you can to his dorm w a ton of shitty junk food (his fave ofc) and check to see if he’s actually sick

-you ring the doorbell and the other rookies are laughing so hard bc they see you holding a pizza and burgers and fries

-they go like LOL ONLY DONGHYUCK’S GIRLFRIEND WOULD bc ur literally carrying a feast with you and yuta and jaemin are just eating fries that are falling lol

-donghyuck comes out and he looks so shocked and his eyes widen and he just bursts out laughing and comes over to help you with all the crap you brought him

-ur so happy to see him and his laugh is all high and randomly ur heart just starts pounding like no other. YO WHAT KIND OF FATASS DO YOU THINK I- you cut him off and just hug him bc he’s okay

-except he’s not bc u feel that his face is super warm so maybe he’s actually sick? You let go and his whole face is red and this idiot is suddenly speechless

-UH STOP WITH THE GERMS—-but you hold on bc you would die if anything ever happened to him

-LISTEN IDIOT-just SHUT UP JEEZ-and you guys continue insulting each other while hugging… and the other members keep laughing bc u guys look so dumb

-you pull away after like what felt like an hour LOL and then you’re like.. eat all the food its cold now bc you dont know what to say and u feel all shy???

-so he just starts eating mindlessly and stuffing his face with pizza and burger

-suddenly he spits it out and is like. dude…. this is all cold

-and you guys just both stare at each other for like five minutes

-both u idiots start laughing bc WTF is this situation LOL


-and ur just done with his shit so ur just like YEAH I REALLY DID

-he wasn’t expecting that so he just reverts to this shocked face and he turns red and you just go up to him and squish his face and ur face is red too

-he inches a lil closer and gives u a lil kiss on the cheek before he cant take it anymore and yells UR WELCOME LOSER!!!!!! but u can tell hes dying inside and then he suddenly starts running around the dorm bc hes SO embarrassed and cant cope

-u tug him by the hood of his jacket to get him to stop but instead he pulls u with him and u both fall onto the floor (moral of story: u guys are both idiots)

-since then u guys are as per usual always together and constantly sending each other ugly selfies and making fun of each other

-when he does hold ur hand u he holds u so hard so that u cant escape and he just goes like MUAHAHAHAHA bc…. dumb

-and then u run and then bc hes holding ur hand he just… has to run with u and then u guys collide into each other LOL

-ur always there when hes practicing bc even though he’s sarcastic and cocky he’s the most hardworking boy you’ve ever met and u know he loves having u there

-when u sit there watching u just wonder how the hell u got so lucky to end up with this idiotic perfect weirdo

based off of close as strangers by 5 seconds of summer

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