u guys are embarrassing

yall know whats embarrassing than meeting/seeing someone from tinder that told u that he was gonna paint ya ass blue and ram it?


christmas eve newsies… based on this crazy cute thing.. i literally had to stop several times and walk away from my computer because it was too freaking cute <3

carved in stone | shawn mendes

requested by saralovesshawn

word count: 1,876

author’s note: gosh i am sorry this took so long and sorry it may not incorporate all the things you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!! i really tried (warning: this deals with feelings about death and stuff so if that’s not really ur thing… reader discretion advised)

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Shawn was always the pragmatic one in your relationship. It was strange considering out of the two of you, he was the one who roamed around the country singing songs about heartbreak and magic and all of that, but true nonetheless. He believed in hard work and patience and a leveled head to get good luck and achievements. You were the one who avoided cracks in the sidewalk and knocked on wood and had a jar of collected lucky heads-up pennies by the bed.

Those pennies are always the first things Shawn sees when he wakes up. He’s more than tempted to chuck that stupid jar out the window for all the good it did you. Three dollars and four cents’ worth of luck, three hundred and four separate occasions where the universe was supposed to be on your side, and yet.

And yet it’s been a year, and Shawn still can’t erase the image of your casket being lowered out of his mind.

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men always call me gross things and say stuff that makes me super uncomfortable like calling me a “cute little girl” and saying that i’m a “pretty young thing” which are both really really fucked up things for a multitude of reasons and today this guy described in DETAIL why he’d like kissing me because i’m tall and then they’re always like “haha not trying to be creepy, just my opinion” so that IMMEDIATELY the blame is put on me if i’m scared or upset and that’s really fucked up and i’m tired of being sexually harassed and then blamed for my feelings afterwards

something struggling perfectionist students should never forget: getting an F from a 50 is better than getting an F from a 0. Even if it embarrasses you, turning in shitty work you’re not proud of is still better than not turning in anything at all