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we played this at a classics crew date so, fuck marry kill with the first & second triumvirates maddie

first triumvirate: 

fuck caesar. i feel like any longlasting relationship with him would’ve resulted in my death and also i’m really extra about caesar so this is the way it has to be. remember when he crossed the rubicon and started a civil war like a boss ass bitch? i’m into that. being stabbed 23 times? not as much.

marry crassus because the dude was so fucking loaded, he was buds with caesar and he hated pompey which are good qualities in a husband. 

kill pompey. friends with cicero which is straight up unforgivable. seemed like a tool. started a civil war. also not that i frequently jack off to busts of roman patricians but his bust is fucking ugly. a two at best.

second triumvirate (ho boy): 

fuck mark antony. if anyone is surprised by this, you haven’t been around my blog for long enough. my boy and i have a lot of things in common, mainly being drunk sluts with suicidal tendencies. plus, he possibly married cleopatra and she manipulated him into killing himself so i don’t think that would work out very well. 

marry lepidus… u know what… i feel like he’s the sort of guy that u could walk all over. u could get away with doing whatever the fuck u wanted to do and he’d probably just leave u alone before dying peacefully. dream marriage. 

obvs i would kill octavian because there is nothing i like about him, he was a limp fish of a man and used other peoples’ successes for himself (i mean i understand this is ancient rome and everyone did this but he took it to an all new level). dedicated like ten years of his life to demolishing mark antony into the dust. he was also devious af so i feel like you’d always have to watch ur back if u were anywhere near him, and u’d probably slip up one day and he’d kill you so. no thanks.

suits and ties | jimin

genre: smut
warnings: momentarily sub!jimin, the dom, then sub….. oral, uhhh………… some public stuff (only briefly!!!) and then ur typical things
words: 4.7k (i’m so sorry)

a/n: …………… i don’t know where to begin. this is….. i have no excuse. i’m very awkward? and found out that this has been sitting in my draft folder since may???? so i didn’t think i’d ever finish it but… here i am. i apologize if it ain’t that great! but i think for a first it’s not bad sO.

“Babe, do we really have to go?”

“It’s your business party,” you laughed, fixing Jimin’s tie for him. “Besides, we won’t have to pay for the food or alcohol there. Could it get any better?”

Upon hearing this Jimin chuckled softly and snaked his arms around your waist, holding you close. His body pressed firmly against your own, while your hands rested on top of his chest.

“Can’t we just stay here? I don’t know if I want my babygirl to leave, especially when she looks this incredible. People might stare,” he hummed, voice low as his hand began making its way down your back, over the curve of your ass.

“I know I look good in this dress, which is precisely why we should go to the dinner. You gotta show everyone that you’ve got yourself a trophy,” you laughed, and a smile appeared on Jimin’s full lips.

“Fine, alright,” he said, letting go of you — not before pecking your cheek softly first, of course. “But we’re heading up to the room as soon as possible, okay?”

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lol so @peyelle told me to make a gemsona so… i made a moss agate!!  she was a pd gem and Majory Fucked Up keeping the rose quartzes in line (lol clearly) so she was reassigned to yellow for reconditioning/training (its a shock she wasnt shattered but u know how sentimental bd is lolll). she really struggles with blaming pd’s death on herself so she overcompensates by putting on an Extra Tough front and being really hard on other gems for their flaws (sound familiar?? lmFAO can u tell who i relate to in the show aaaahahahah) 

also heres a height chart for your reference

i did try to make her aesthetically similar to holly blue since yanno, both agates and all. i hope u guys like her lmaooo/////// i feel embarrassed posting this //////////////////////

ok reminder that yixing committed cultural appropriation throughout his entire mv and was antiblack for his recent clothing and seeing some of u guys say that ur still gonna support bc he “”worked hard”” or screaming ot8 when a fan is upset is just plain dismissive of his inexcusable behavior esp when we’re in the year 2017 and a grown man doesnt know the difference between right and wrong or know how to educate himself…. also not acknowledging when ur fav fucks up is shitty and embarrassing

kang daniel as your soulmate

imagine having daniel as ur soulmate where u randomly switch bodies

  • for awhile, u have no clue how ure supposed to find ur soulmate
  • youre in high school the first time it happens
  • youre taking a test, trying to make ur way through the questions when all of a sudden youre just not
  • its like u were transported somewhere because suddenly youre in some sort of dance studio, spinning on your back, while dozens of strangers cheer you on

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If you ask me the worst thing about this seb drama is the seeing posts like “sebastian stan defence squad!!! the haters just don’t know bae like we do!!!” and clicking on the op’s blog to find that they’re above the age of 25

carved in stone | shawn mendes


requested by saralovesshawn

word count: 1,876

author’s note: gosh i am sorry this took so long and sorry it may not incorporate all the things you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!! i really tried (warning: this deals with feelings about death and stuff so if that’s not really ur thing… reader discretion advised)

Your name: submit What is this?

Shawn was always the pragmatic one in your relationship. It was strange considering out of the two of you, he was the one who roamed around the country singing songs about heartbreak and magic and all of that, but true nonetheless. He believed in hard work and patience and a leveled head to get good luck and achievements. You were the one who avoided cracks in the sidewalk and knocked on wood and had a jar of collected lucky heads-up pennies by the bed.

Those pennies are always the first things Shawn sees when he wakes up. He’s more than tempted to chuck that stupid jar out the window for all the good it did you. Three dollars and four cents’ worth of luck, three hundred and four separate occasions where the universe was supposed to be on your side, and yet.

And yet it’s been a year, and Shawn still can’t erase the image of your casket being lowered out of his mind.

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Like armys just love to go on exo post and say this company/brand should get with bts and maybe they won't flop.. like bitch Samsung got over 500k pre-orders for the galaxy s8 with exo phonecase, that is more than the amount for people in the bts fanbase try again. They beg on every news article even @ing vogue and gucci.. they want what exo has.. thing is we don't have to beg because brands come to exo

they need to stop and this isn’t even a bash at armys bc i bet the normal armys in general are sick and embarrassed of this behavior bc in all honestly it is NOT a good look 

Just….no one asked…why r u guys doing this to urselves man….one sec acting like exo is irrelevant and below you then u go and do shit like this….it’s just plain embarrassing 

lee daehwi as your soulmate

imagine having daehwi as ur soulmate where u have the date u meet written on ur wrist

(as requested!)

  • ur soulmate clue isnt really visible for awhile just bc ure like. a tiny kid for the first majority of ur life lol
  • for awhile u just have a smudge of ink on ur wrist so,,, u dont rlly have a choice but to let it be
  • once u start to get older, the markings on ur wrist start to become more and more clear

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Messing Around - Part 1

“Hey, here’s a thing

Featuring; People

DAY 1 - The Plan

“Alright so, here’s the plan!” A.A pulled a scroll out of her left sleeve, laying it across the table as Spark, Hawn and Char-Onan watched with curiosity and excitement. The paper had flashy titles with small sketches of the group and their victims in different positions. 

“Just before we start, Spark and I will be supervising all of this, just in case anything goes wrong. Plus, whenever we get a chance to talk to them, we’ll be building up Spark’s part of the plan. Alright?” They simultaneously nodded.

“Tomorrow, we’re going in slow, so that as the days progress, we can catch them by surprise! Therefore, Char-Onan is going to spend the day with them, just relaxing ya know? The calm before the storm.” She pointed to the first image, showing the fire dragon and the werewolves all cuddled up, sleeping together peacefully. The dragon gave a nod of approval, letting A.A continue talking. 

“Spark’s going to be there too, she’ll be acting more of a cat rather than her normal self during the days so that these lovely boys can get riled up into thinking more of a dog type of way.” 

“I hate how this plan is going but A.A promised me not to pull another one of her tricks on me for the next few months so… That’s a thing” Spark noted.

“Then the next day, Hawn’s going to be following them around, shining her lovely light to their surroundings. It’ll catch their attention and bring them to me. I’ll be able to spawn some nice toys for them to play with.”

“Erm… A.A, that kinda sounds… you know?” Hawn commented, her soft and echoey voice seemed to carry a bit of sin into A.A’s ears. She’ll keep note of that for later.

“Anyways! On the final day, Spark and I will just be having a little talk near the werewolves. Hopefully, they’ll be so riled up that they chase Spark down and I’ll be able to calm them down with some nice treats. Courtesy of Pyx.” The trickster pointed with her thumb in the direction behind her, the group looked up to see Pyx give a polite wave before returning back to work. 

“And that’s it, girls. That’s our plan. I’ve been meaning to put this together for a while now since Jon and I made a small theory about the werewolves. See if they’re secretly little cute puppies in the inside.” 

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Kang Daniel as your twin and your a Idol as well

A/N: Soooo i was shook when i saw this cuz I never thought that I would receive a request but i am grateful!!!! so thank u beautiful person!!!! and i am sorry for being SUPER late. And I uploaded a thing on my blog where i separated requests and asks incase of future requests. Btw i made this as a bullet if that okie~

  • Okay sooo first off
  • bless u for sharing the same genetics as my kang baby
  • sooo u decided to go into the kpop industry when u first saw ur twin daniel dance 
  • while he was a trainee under mmo and u were under Big Hit (yasss big hit fam)
  • u debuted under a seven member girl group Moonlight (im terrible at group names,( im sorry)
  • ur group became a HUGE success 
  • during ur debut stage, Moonlight won for a whole week on every broadcast performance 
  • and won every rookie awards for that year 
  • Daniel cheered u on but u wished that he and the mmo boys would debut soon
  • Moonlight’s number one fan
  • even went to the fan sign with jisung 
  • but when he was on pd101 u were his biggest fan
  • u pressured the whole company to vote for daniel or at least the mmo boys 
  • even bang pd who was DONE with u
  • when he won as the center u cried more than when u won on ment countdown the mama rookie award
  • u hugged him and then smacked him (plss dont hurt my husband)
  • when he debuted, people would interview u both of how it is having the other as a twin
  • u both would expose each other 
  • show baby photos or reveal embarrassing stories 
  • but u guys would 100% support each other 
  • when u guys hang out, daniel would want to take selfies and talk about what u guys are doing in ur respective groups 
  • the wanna one guys loves to hang out with u
  • seongwoo made u his best friend (upgraded his kang)
  • daniel: everyone is a snake 
  • always know when the other one is stressed or depressed 
  • daniel would text or call so u cant let out all of ur stress and rant 
  • u would give him advice and give him words of encouragement
  • during Halloween u wore the outfit daniel wore for his audition during pd 101 with a short pink wig 
  • and he wore ur debut stage outfit which was a white long sleeve crop top with black shorts and white boots along with a matching wig
  • the picture u guys took became iconic 
  • your members were shook 
  • wanna one were shook
  • wannables were shook
  • netizens were shook
  • Bang PD was shook 
  •  i can see daniel as an annoying brother,but really he would be a sweet brother who would protect u and love u