u got some humor there

im doodling a page of budding tumblr artist style stereotypes its very fun pls send me asks describing som cliches u know of

Seventeen as Game Of Thrones Characters:
  • S.Coups: Eddard Stark - a dad that can't relate to his children, lots of Honor™
  • Jeonghan: Petyr Baelish - swindle swindle like a spindle, owns a brothel
  • Joshua: Brandon Stark - saw something he wasn't supposed to & got shoved out a window
  • Jun: Jamie Lannister - likes 2 play with his sword
  • Hoshi: Syrio Forel - "Dancing Master", but he fights with a blunt wooden stick ..?
  • Wonwoo: Jon Snow - mopey emo boy w/ a good looking puppy
  • Woozi: Tyrian Lannister - small & rlly bitter about it, will try to fight you anyway
  • Dk: all that bright sunshine over in Bravos, probably
  • Mingyu: Ghost - the good looking puppy
  • The8: - Daenerys Targaryn - ready to fight 24/7, likes dragons a little too much
  • Seungkwan: Samwell Tarley - master of body gags, often scarifies own pride for comedic effect
  • Vernon: Bronn - Chill, just really along for the ride
  • Dino: Arya Stark - local child seeks revenge on the Adults