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Nozomi phone backgrounds ( ´ ♡ ` )

(happy belated birthday Nozomicchi!!) 。.:*♡


I forgot I’ve made some sketches for @im-toxicixy‘s AU

dat one AU where u can ship cinnabite <:3c I love her AU (check her blog if u dunno about it >:3c)
the first pic was like my headcanon for Cupid Kinky cuz i have no idea if they would be like that xD

But it was fun to think about it tho

how larry broke up according to ex larries:

one direction: *goes on hiatus*

harry, a day later: louis i think we should break up :/

louis: oh :/ can i ask why?

harry: well the past 6 years with you have been great, but now that the band is on a break i think i’m gonna start seeing kendall now and also im gonna become more famous than you soon so i just really cant be seen with you anymore cause now im an asshole who hates the fans and i only care about myself

louis: wow well if thats really how u feel harry than i guess we should break up

harry: oh and one more thing,

louis: ??????

harry: have fun with babygate and eleanor lmao peace out ✌️


He was angry, he was confused, he was lonely. But most of all he was scared.

hidden in the folds by aleekae

(a tfc!wing fic fully worth reading. be prepared for a roller coaster of emotion and more than a few ruffled feathers.)

the-night-painter  asked:

(Ok this isn't exactly fluffy, but) A thought: Anne teaching Max how to fight with a sword.

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD THOUGHT OM G and oh my godd thank u for actually sending in medicinal fluff like. that was the most draining four hours i’ve experienced in ages i am Depleted and this is Healing me

because like now im thinking about how gently anne would adjust max’s grip, her stance, how softly she’d murmur “i’ll show you” – and then how fiercely she’d move once her blade’s in hand, even though it’s just practice, she can’t help but strike like she’s prepared to clean blood off the blade afterwards. and max would marvel, at all of her, this patience and care other people would swear she doesn’t have in her, and that glimmer of the raw, brutal, deadly skill she’s so infamous for. and she would love anne for it, for all of it, and she’d kiss her, and anne would drop her sword and take max’s face in both her hands.

“hope you’re not planning on trying that in a battle,” anne would say. “he’d run you through.” 

“perhaps,” max would purr. “but perhaps if I could distract him long enough, my pirate would see, and kill him out of jealousy.” 

“might work,” anne would smile back. “but i should teach you how to do it yourself, just in case i’m not there.”

and then they’d train some more and kiss some more and live happily ever after THE END 


— look at how happy he is!! look at how much he’s enjoying himself likes yes baby you go baby you’re my moon!!! and my stars and the galaxies we haven’t even discovered yet!!!!! 🌌💙🌌💙🌌💙


jackbum heart 

More Ja’far (sinja) rambling

I have been waiting for this for months, so many months dammit

Ja’far’s feelings in one sentence. This is exactly what I wanted. It sucks it’s only one thought from Alibaba though. I thought that since Ja’far always told Alibaba he can count on him if he wanted to talk, he was going to talk with him at some point. It’s sad.

I guess that Ja’far was truly worried about having to fight with the main trio and support Sin, who seemed to not be himself lately.

And Ja’far knew everything, yet Sin still wanted him out of his office when Arba was around. Well, Sin was isolating himself and considering what he’s thinking in chapter 317 it was all for Ja’far’s well-being.

And here is where my heart breaks again:

Aladdin mentioning the desires and hopes of each one. “Wanting to make your people happy” is the only think Ja’far wants? Isn’t it cute yet sad? Because he knows Sin is suffering and feels lonely when he could rely on him but he chooses not to. Even tho Ja’far wants him to. Well this is mere assumption but still, it does look like it, always.

And then this:

Aladdin says what probably Ja’far always tells him? Or what he always wanted to tell him? (Look at his reaction) That he isn’t alone. I hope this not left like this. C’mon Ja’far was always by his side, I think he deserves some recognition from Sin himself. I really hope so.

And lastly this again. Rejoice at Ja’far calling him “Sin”. All this “president” thing was really upseting. This is definitely their best interaction in months. But then again, hope this isn’t all. Also that phrase kinda suggests Ja’far always knew he could see destiny so I really doubt he doesn’t know about David at this point? He knew about Arba so he must know about David….or so I think.

Anyway, let’s hope things improve a little before they become terrible again and if they become terrible, that they improve in the end.