u go lamp guy



TOKEN: “Dude. What are you doing.”

CRAIG: “Eating gummy bears, the fuck does it look like I’m doing you dingus.”

TOKEN: “Right…”

TOKEN: “You…see no problems with the bears….???”

CRAIG: “They tasted…bad. But I’m hungry, so who cares haha.”

TOKEN: “I expected this from anyone except you.”

CRAIG: “What the fuck is that supposed to mean.”

TOKEN: “Those are Vodka Gummy Bears dude. How the hell do you not notice that.”

CRAIG: “Shit. Haha, whoooopsie.”

TOKEN: “Christ, everyone is going to have a field day when they find out The Craig Tucker is drunk.”

CRAIG: “I’m not drunk you tit.”

TOKEN: “Walk in a straight line.”

CRAIG: “….”

CRAIG: “….Nah. Not today mom.”

CRAIG: “I’m just gonna give these to you. Hahaha….”

CRAIG: “Along with like, drowning your entire water supply.”

TOKEN: “I give that jackass ten minutes.”

TOKEN:One. I give him one minute before he breaks his own arm.”