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What are your camp camp ships?

ohhhh boy! I’m a huge multi-shipper.

any time i’d answer with drawings of all my ships, but exams are coming so i’m a little wracked for time. 

perrison (preston/harrison), neison, dadvid and momgwen (the platonic ships), gwenvid, jaspvid, danvid, neris/nikki (idk the ship name :/ ), jwen (jen/gwen), jeniel and my precious maxpres.

not gonna lie, i ship some harder than others, but as a whole, i appreciate all ships in camp camp. other than… max//vid. I don’t speak of that ship

this is how clarke griffin chooses to see herself in a “perfect world”, in her perfect world. no warpaint, no braids, no grounder clothing. just the perfect simplicity of the girl she used to be. because clarke doesn’t want to be your fucking wanheda queen of death grounder bullshit. she just wants a chance to go back to being that girl – a healer, not a killer or even a ruler.