u get me people

Hi guys! You can guys delete this comment if you want but I just wanted to apologize for not replying to messages in a timely manner these past few days - school just started for me and I was also busy finishing my new ~*precious Corvo*~ themed Tumblr theme for myself. I’ve always appreciated the excellent theme makers I know here on Tumblr for their excellent designs and hard work, but it was only until I started writing my own theme that I truly realized the extent of the creative effort and time that goes into making themes for Tumblr. A shoutout to jyuubi and vaniccio is in order for being the inspiration/reference for parts of this new theme I’m using (more detailed info can be found on my credits page) and a shoutout to aesfocus for providing excellent advice and input based on her experiences with theme making as well.

I kind of miss my old theme already (also jyuubi’s, sob) so maybe my next theme will be pastelly and colorful again ;-; I just wasn’t, uh, sure if I should design a theme with precious Corvo in it to be full of rainbows and magical colors um. The theme before my old one was also mostly monochromatic, though, so I guess I’ll sort of cycle from monochrome to color. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten to code something or if something isn’t working for you. I’m still learning, but I’ll try to fix it. Thanks!


when his members (chanyeol, sehun, suho, kai & baekhyun) appeared on the VCR to wish him happy birthday

when sister talks to lopez and he tells her that her spanish sucks, the joke there is that she speaks perfect spanish while lopez always speaks horribly mangled broken spanish

and i still think thats one of the funniest scenes in the world

  • anyone: so what's the deal with mads mikkelsen?
  • me, feeling the darkness creep up my spine as a cold sweat forms on my brow and all the angels of hell start screaming "THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW WHAT YOU DO ONLINE!" and five hundred generations of my ancestors roll over in their graves due to the shame my blogging habits bring to our bloodline: lol uh idk he's from sweden or something?

Sorry for the watermarks but I get a little paranoid ehehhhhh >.> These are my Sebastian Stan photo ops. The first one is the absolute best of them all, for obvious reasons.


 welovefinetees​ just posted their brand new spider-verse collection and it is amazing. All the products on the website are officially licensed and designed by fans for fans, the sizes vary from XS to 3XL and the people at welovefine take special care to include models of all shapes and sizes! Take a look at their website to see more fandoms including: star wars, adventure time, bee and puppycat, homestuck, ghostbusters, marvel, steven universe, how to train your dragons and many more! (。♥‿♥。)


“cute, sexy, and handsome” main vocal


Mystic Messenger Opening Song: Mysterious Messenger (English) (๑꒪▿꒪)*

I have been playing this song non-stop! If you haven’t heard the full english version, you should! (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙

i’m so sick of straight people trying to force their straight agenda into everything

Public Apology Annoucement

To all of you who have been misled to believe that I, for some STRANGE reason, “ship Jikook”, whatever this Jikook thing is, I am deeply apologetic. I honestly have no idea what this Jikook thing is, and if anything I may have said or done has led you to believe that I am a “Jikook shipper” I am deeply, deeply sorry if I have offended any of you in anyway.

Cause wtf is Jikook. Idk what Jikook is I mean–

wait, I can explain–

hold on–




…okay, so maybe I kind of know what it is.

Just a little bit.

Like low low key.


…here have some more.


That being said, this is kind of like a thanks to my followers as well. I’ve never gotten so much love in so little time in all of my history on tumblr pretty much ^^ We can all be trashy together I love all of you and all the support you’ve given me <3 

And you know what,


P.S. Why are all off “Jimin’s wives” so rude. Damn boy, control your hoes. That’s the second one I’ve seen harassing the interwebs within a month >.> jimin would never love you back >.>