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this week on “why AA is the only Good avengers universe left”
  • the team has game nights
    • specifically, card game nights, because steve is an old man/dweeb who loves Pinochle
    • everyone hates Pinochle
    • but, everyone loves steve more than they hate Pinochle, so they play it anyway
    • (and apparently, steve is undefeated)
  • the government tries to control the Avengers under a “New Powers Act” and, quote:
    • Tony: “Some government pencil-neck giving us orders? I don’t like it.”
    • Steve: “I’m with you.”
    • WOW!!!!!!
    • they agree with each other…….they Support each other
    • thnk u @god i never thought i’d live ot see the day…….
  • the government aka shady, self-imposed liaison Truman Marsh tries to get rid of Hulk (and replace him with Red Hulk)
    • cue the team expressing unfailing support of their friend
    • cue the team taking Hulk aside and encouraging him not to let “critics like Marsh” get him down
    • cue the team working together seamlessly to save the day even with added pressure from the government
    • cue me weeping
  • last but not least, Steve and Tony continue to be shamelessly married
    • what a world

Tony: Welcome to Stark Industries Airlines, where the drinks are cold and the flight attendants are…

His annoyed husband Steve: Tony, fly the ship!

I was looking for more Brutasha stuff when I came across Avengers Assemble, There are 4 episodes in particular (Season 1 Ep 11: Hulked out heroes, Season 3 Ep 10: The Inhuman Condition, Season 3 Ep 14: Seeing Double and season 3 Ep 20: U-foes (The latest episode upon posting)) 

In SEEING DOUBLE Natasha and The Hulk go on what could only be considered a date at the beginning of the ep and at the end of the episode it is Natasha that is able to stop hulk from being the Winter Hulk in a scene reminiscent of the lullaby scene in Age of Ultron, 

In THE INHUMAN CONDITION Both Natasha and Hulk believe that they are something they never asked to become like Bruce with the hulk and Natasha with the Black Widow much like the inhumans that go through teragenesis without knowing they were inhumans to begin with, There are also countless scenes where they are saving each other this episode also contains the Fist Bump. 

I highly recommend these four episodes for any brutasha/Hulkwidow shipper 

I also truly believe that the writers of Avengers assemble may be hinting at a Natasha Hulk relationship which could be a great way to help kids that are too young for the films to accept the pairing for when they finally get to watch the films.

anonymous asked:

what about blonde pretty boys who are also princes?

I get the distinct feeling that you all aren’t
listening when I say I don’t like blondes –

The more Tulio denied it, the deeper the flush
became. A telltale sign of the absolute lies he
spat out. However the Prince part gave him pause. 

… Well now that’s just … Well I mean. If they
are rich who am I to say no to that.