u fine boi

dan, about his hair: sometimes i feel like i prefer it to being straight ‘cause its kind of hard to control when it’s straight because my hair doesn’t want to be straight — insert joke
me, putting my glasses on to read into things: hm

got a new tablet. had an idea which may or may not be one of my favourite things i’ve ever done.

Why’s Jaune there? neptune’s ‘teaching’ him how to be cooler.

can the people who are like “y'all are fucking weird for liking killing stalking” or condemning it in general stop, like y'all sound dumb as hell. you don’t call people weird for liking horror movies like texas chainsaw massacre or the saw movies so why is this different 🤔 it is tagged as horror and suspense, what it’s about is literally in the goddam title. it’s a HORROR & SUSPENSE story. you don’t have to like horror but don’t call people weird for enjoying it. so blacklist or move on 🙄

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