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Wait… Wait… Wait!!!!

@babyabbiestar followed me?! OMG OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! ABBIE!!! YOU ARE TOO KIND OMG!!!!

Please go follow her, as well as her art Tumblr @abbie-arts! She makes some amazing Splatoon, UnderTale, FNAF, and other amazing art! Her style is super adorable and she is a real kind and sweet person! Also, she has an adorable OC/Squidsona named “Bean”! She is adorable and she deserves all the love as well!

Thank you so much for following me, Abbie! It is such an honor!!! Stay sweet because you are absolutely amazing at what you do and you are definitely going far with your art! I see you improve everyday and I am happy to see how much love, effort, and determination you put into your works! I’ll always be here to lend a hand, help if you need anything, or even just play Splatoon 2 online!

Welcome, friend! Hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^

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Scandal 503 “Paris is Burning” → Abby and Olivia (4ever)

“This is new for me…but you should know, the view from here…I think you are very good at your job.”

peaceful klance
  • peaceful moments when they’re both sleepy early in the morning, lance making cereal for both of them and passing keith his bowl quietly
  • quiet moments when they’re both exhausted from battle or training and they’re sitting on one of the couches, freshly showered and leaning against each other, sipping from some of those water pouches
  • in the middle of the night, talking about earth and family and hobbies and themselves, their voices the only sounds in the room because space is always so, so quiet
  • landing on a new planet and walking a bit behind the rest of the team, taking in their surroundings because it’s always incredible when they land somewhere and there’s always so many new things to see
  • flying back to the castleship after battle, tired and aching but alive, alive and victorious and giddy and running purely on adrenaline, their bones heavy, and they turn on the video feed just so they can look at each other’s faces when flying back