u dox

if the chipmunks and chipettes had blogs
alvin: like 90% selfies. if his selfie gets less than 1000 notes he contemplates deleting for two days. always giving advice whether it’s wanted or not. most of his text posts sound fake but they’re literally all true

simon: lots of news and articles. he unironically likes puns. nice about asks unless they’re mad dumb then he breaks out vicious sarcasm. occasionally posts really dark memes that make his followers worry

theodore: “food porn”, lots of recipes. he cried over a mug cake. posts really nice positivity posts and good morning messages. probably Reblogs a lot of long posts but it’s ok because his tags are so sweet

brittany: greatest aesthetic blog ever. pink, roses, highlight, fur. her selfies are legendary. genuinely funny blog. if u send a nasty ask she’ll literally dox u and then talk about her nail routine

jeanette: probably a lot of harry potter headcanon posts. writing memes. she’s really nice to all her mutuals and always checks up on them. lots of social justice stuff. she’s scared of discourse

eleanor: not scared of discourse. healthy mix of food, cute animals, musicals, and queer stuff. probably your favorite mutual. lots of sports gifs. the body positivity blog to follow.

anonymous asked:

huh saw an ugly ass white boys blog who thinks thinks like modern feminism and antifa are embarrassments to modern culture and im just 🤔god please just say ur a white nationalist so u can get doxxed and expelled

hoooooo oh man

And ill say it publically sherri:

What exactly do u think ur gonna tell me that will solve anything? U doxxed me. U bullied me, im just letting ppl know. I will not talk to u because u do not deserve any respect from me. U deserve nothing from me. Idc what u think of me or ehat ur one friend thinks of me. Its all out in the open that u did, in fact, doxx me. Literally, all…out.
…the…open. so go fuck urself. Seriously. Take a tree branch and stick it up ur ass. Cuz i will never give u any attention in a message. Ever.

anonymous asked:

you know the minor lokin doxxed was mortemiisms - saidfocus - alderaanheir , the same girl your posted a callout on last week lmao. you cant be mad at her for doxxing and then post a call out from another person doxxing her

“u cant b mad” fam shut ya mouth, she still doxxed a minor… like who CARES who that minor was. it could’ve been any minor and like she needed to be called out, she was a fucking weird ass problematic bitch

bloodsoakedpearls  asked:

Lemme get this straight. U said u were gonna do it but didnt but in the screenshots u say u did do it??? Like sherri. The evidence is ALL RIGHT THERE. Im soooo sorry that ur not soulmates with eric n u felt like im victimizing u but sweaty, u doxxed me. No ones believing u otherwise.


anonymous asked:

hey!! in your post about scoping (w sephora as an example) on insta, you can see ur dp at the bottom right corner!!! just telling u so u wont be doxxed which i doubt it but just to b safe!!!

oh shit thanks! I think it will be fine I don’t want to delete it 😅

anonymous asked:

Lmao @ u saying the ppl doxxing communismkills are cowards when that fuckin racist bitch is the biggest coward hiding behind a keyboard of all hahahahahahahahaha

The sheer level of irony you had to have felt while typing and sending this anonymously should have knocked you flat on your ass honestly.

  • lion: *openly supports doxing, misgendering, harassing, and institutionalizing trans children all the while bonding over mutual harassment of a trans child*
  • lion: *makes frequent callbacks to their ‘nickname’ on their blog, as well as their first name*
  • anyone in the world: *googles the 2 names and finds a facebook and various other accounts using the same 2 names* (smth a lot of employers do if u didnt kno!)
  • lion: doxing piece of siht !!!! *deletes facebook* I DIDNT KNOW my 2 v distinct names would SHOW UP to other ppl!!! DAMN U GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!