u dont understand how much i ship them

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its been a year since that chapter came out when ayato gave hinami his jacket and i still get so freaking giddy over that scene u have no idea

omgomgomg i love it so much and i love how subtle it happened? like one chapter he’s wearing it and the next, you see her wearing it– like no big panels or anything to focus on it. so it makes it seem like it’s something completely normal for them and i think that’s so sweet??? (i also have this headcanon that that’s ayato’s favorite jacket because he seems to wear it quite a bit recently and he wears in in their novel story as well)

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(anon from before) ive been told im boring for not multishipping them like thats fine i love these husbands so much they are never boring to me

Like hold up
Ppl say that but i guess they dont realize how much there is to mch ??
Because mch has a plethora of layers to their relationship- it’s phenomenal
Ive never had such inspiration before when it comes to a ship- like, writing them comes so naturally and easily to me, that i cant imagine how it could possibly be boring ??
You are perfectly fine trust me- because we know that mch is not boring, and how amazing they are for each other, down to the very core of their characters so like ??
I absolutely understand how u feel and ppl can call me or others boring but thats fine they make me happy and inspire me so idc

This got a lot longer than i wanted i just love mch

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Think about some rude people picking on Yams after a match and telling him he's a scaredy pinch sever and that he sucks then yams almost cries but the Terushima goes up to them and juST GETS REALLY ANGRY BECAUSE WHY WOULD SOMEONE MAKE THIS ADORABLE HUMAN BEING CRY AND YAMAGUCHI IS LIKE THANKS AND TERUSHIMA JUST WINKS AND GIVES HIM HIS NUMBER YAMS JUST STANDS THERE BLUSHING AND I JUST SCREAM YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I H8 U GUYS FOR MAKING ME SHIP THIS (jk love you lots keep being awesome)