u dont need to be one of those people

i think one of the saddest things on this site is how many people tag their posts with “shut up [blogger name here]” like no dont shut up, make your personal post and own it, laugh at your dumb joke in your tags, elaborate on your issue in your tags, make puns in your tags, its your damn blog, post whatever the fuck you want man, you do you

Important ! please read

If anyone of you thinks that taking revenge on someone makes you a better human or a muslim then you are mistaken my friend. Allah will punish those who do wrong with people and if you do the same then you will be punished as well. Allah (SWT) has promised that every human will reap what he/she sows in this world. I have seen many people on tumblr who start to abuse other people so much that they fill paragraphs with it just because they are out of knowledge and they need guidance. So does this abusing make you better. The answer is NO because this is not what we are taught.This little piece of meat in your mouth is the source of all fitnahs in our societies and believe me if you abuse other person just because he /she abused you then you deny the existence of Allah (SWT) (nau zu billah) because you don’t think He can punish them or He will give you justice. How can you possibly abuse others when you don’t even know how much this will hurt them and believe me if it hurts them a little bit more than Allah will punish you more. i mean don’t you have brains. you are ready to pounce on other people as soon as they say something wrong. Learn to deal with negativity, and most importantly learn to deal with a little bit of positivity and humane nature that is left in you. and also for your kind information if you are abusing someone here on the internet and they do not  know it then you are also backbiting as well. STUFF IT IN YOUR BRAINS AND STOP ABUSING PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG. If you do wrong to them then there remains no difference between you and them because YOU ARE REPEATING THE SAME ACTION and it is not going to bring even a little bit change in the behavior of people and hatred and killing and shaitaan will only become stronger ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT 

thank you for reading. have a good day/eve


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sometimes u think youre weak and no good and stupid and a failure bc you dont succeed at school or your home life sucks or people are mean to you but im here to say that those things dont define who you are. they dont matter. the words you write, the way you make people feel, being a friend, being there for someone, being accepting, promoting equality. those things matter. you matter. you are making a difference and i care about you. you are not worthless. the world needs more of you <33 im here

Do I…know you? Sorry, haha this just seems like something one of my friends would say (like you actually know me or something) But regardless thank you v, v much, friend. This is…this is just really really sweet, yeah? And it means so much to me, wow. Thanks for taking the time to send this to me. It means the entire world to me that you would do that. You’re incredibly kind and I just…thank you so much. I really needed to hear that. ily xx 

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i kinda do that too but like… i just wander away/stay by myself and close up and i feel bad because i dont want people to think im ignorin em its just like… cant do this right now its not no one’s fault or anything

yeaaah i understand We all need some time to breathe or lord knows what could happen

Im like an ipod battery I can only go so much without a recharge;;;;

mightyenaofficial replied to your post:imo da2 had the best plot, if you dont mind…

yeah 2 was rushed apparently but a) everyone is bi and b) hawke is the best. origins has good characters too once you have them around for a bit but like… 2 has varric tethras and thats all there is to say on the subject really. what more do u need

i dont know any of those people but i think hawke is the protag and everyone being bi is. tight. i think im going with that one tbh unless i can find origins for real cheap 

sOOOO today was fun. a bunch of male doctors talked down to me like “lmao tough the bronchitis out” and “haha uh u dont need one of those mask things, this isnt contagious” like 1) sorry that iv been sick for 3 weeks and have only been getting worse im truly sorry for not being as big and strong as  a BIG TOUGH MAN and 2) i know that but i was trying to be POLITE and not cough in your FACE??? at least they gave me some pills this time??? haha oh WOW I SURE DO HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear [that person u don't talk to anymore :( ],

dear person that i dnt talk to/rarely talk to

i feel like i lost a friend. i know i havent. i know thats how u roll. i know ur probably stressed w life and school and u have newer friends and you basically focus on 1 or 2 things at a time for a rly long period of time b4 changing e v e r y t h i n g but i feel like u get me and i get you and im just one of those people who needs constant/occasional interaction in order to ensure that u dont hate me/dislike me/lost interest in me. its not how u roll and im sure you still think of me as a friend but i know that if u had to choose between me or your newer friend (s) youd choose them and it breaks my heart


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u know those are just guidelines right like .... duh nobodys exactly one and a half heads to chest or something but you dont need to shit all over people that work really hard to learn some fuckin perportions that are realistic and not cartoony ???? like ugh

i think you’re misunderstanding something because i was talking about being more anatomically correct?

i guess “people don’t follow formulas” could come off like that if you take it completely out of context

having a standard “format” for every human you draw is not a reliable strategy for figure drawing in any situation

eehhhhhhhhh “_____livesmatter” why cant u make up ur own hashtag tho??? here ill make up one

#End Transphobia Now

#We are Important

#Trans visibility 

#No More Trans Deaths

#Protect Trans Lives

#We Deserve a Future

#More Important Than Gay Marriage

#No More Suicides

#You Are Loved

dont worry, i am a creative person. ask me to make up one for all of your “_____ Lives Matter” needs so u can stop piggy backing off of and ignoring the black people who exists in those communities

i aint seen a single “Black Trans Lives Matter” or a “Black Queer Lives Matter” but ok

ya no fuck off, thats the last one of those ___lives matter posts ill reblog tho

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just keep you head up dont let anyone tell you , you are not good enought coz you are , you are a fighter and a suvirver ... dont let anyone put you down ignore what they say and keep up with your life cuz u r the one who controls it not those people who are fuken assholes and want to se you down show them that you dont care and that you are much stronger that all those words that they say <3 message me if u need to talk thits my fb AYLLEN ESTEFANY im online 24/7 :)

These things make me feel so much better, thank you!!(:

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remember wen that blog made a list of shipping blogs and put you guys on it that one time haha what's up with these list posts? no one cares

Oh my god, the one where we were like….we shipped slash/femslash so it was like ‘don’t follow them if u don’t want this problem’ or whatever. Dude like that list is the reason I have some of my mutuals. Lol.

I dont know why people feel the need to make those types of lists cause its stupid. Unless you’re warning people of tumblr users who are actually harmful then there should be no don’t follow lists. But I gotta admit that was a fun day and honestly my proudest moment on this website lol.

hey everyone!

hey everyone, listen i know eating disorders are very very dangerous trust me i have one and im not trying to tell anyone they need to try and get one becuz they are hell, but i am here to help people (and myself) loss weight, and give them tips that no one ever gave them or me becuz everyone is always saying how bad it is to loss weight, ITS NOT if u feel u have to loss a pound or 2 DO IT, but do it in a healthy way PLEASE, purging,binging and not eating is very unhealthy, i do all three of those things so dont yell at me and tell me i dont know what im talking about becuz i do. i will post stuff about anorexia becuz i find it dose help until it gets to the danger zone. if u have anything u want me to post or to help u with let me know im here for you. <3  


I sick of living, like u would think that poeple gave a shit, even  a little bit. Im always the third wheel and everyone thinks my life is easy. well to those people who think that. live in my shoes one hour and you will know why i hate myself so much, yet i dont do anything to end it.

Amen to the god who doesn’t care about someone who needs him right now, in the darkest moment of her life.

why does tumblr only focus on problematic movies i have nEVER seen a post commending one…like spread info on movies that people should be educated on and sure, show what we need to know thats wrong about movies promoting violence and hatred throughout the media but u cant fucking complain about them and then go out to see movies like American Sniper and 50 shades because newSFLASH your SUPPORTING THE MOVIE U HATE BY BUYING A TICKET FOR IT.  the amount of hypocrisy i see on this site is ridiculous.  seriously, dont continue to give those movies so much attention and discuss some movies you enjoyed and why THOSE were cool.

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btw saying that stuff about mentally ill ppl needing help is ableist af. some cant get help because theyre not a rich white cis kid like u, some people cant even afford meds, but u can afford uggs. dont say shit about otherkin or mentally ill ppl

Oh there those words are. Ableist. Cis white kid. Uggs is a new one though. You say cis white kid as though it is an insult, I don’t believe it is.

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yeah but they weren’t friends for personal reasons

u can’t force 2 people to be friends after they undergo a huge personal issue that stopped them from being friends in the first place

it’s not ur business