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Theres a lot of drama in the youtube fandom ( especially regarding Jontron and Pewds) lately so ur blog is kind of a safe space for me. Thank you for running it.

WHOO BOY then i am SUPER GLAD u didnt see me rant n rave like a lunatic over the jt fiasco lmaoooo

I deleted the posts bc i didnt want ppl asking about it weeks later when im done complaining about it (quick overview; jon is a butt and needs to do better) but like, tbh, before that i havent really gotten involved w alot of shit. Excluding my two (2) posts about gg being kind of insensitive, i try to keep my mouth shut on this blog because i DONT want any drama coming my way. Im too tired, too angry, too depressed about shit happening around me; i want my blog to be a nice place where yall can send me cute headcanons and maybe tag me in cute cat videos lmao.

shuffle tag

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you have to put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that appear.
when you’re done tag 10 mutuals.

1. london - jeremih ft. stefflon don, krept & konan
2. 40 acres - T.I. ft. b. rossi & killer mike
3. bad - infinite
4. lane night drive - yo trane
5. idfc (tarro remix) - blackbear
6. #wcw (remix) - devvon terrell
7. body - mino
8. hobgoblin - clc
9. i love you - kim bum soo
10. like me - lil durk ft. jeremih

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U all need to stop

Little Mix deserves everything, rlly u all look so stupid with that shit ‘thanks zayn little mix won x factor and a brit’ lol, srsly? 2017 pEOPLE, 2 0 1 7, is like if i said selena gomez is famous thanks a justin bieber 0 logic ikr. And no, i dont hate zayn bc when somebody isnt agree with your fuckin opinion u all conclude we hate ur fav, lol. Composer writes about experience of his life, why u all create a fuckin problem about Shout Out to my ex?? the majority groups/singers do this shit gODDDD bc little mix do it is wrong or what??? gROW UP U ALL JESUS

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i got tagged!

lthe lovely @coolbeccathings tagged me, thanks fren! Well u tagged my main( @morgimorgz ) but this blog i use most.

Name/nickname: Morgan -> Morgi
Gender: female
Star sign: capricorn
Hogwarts house: SLYTHERIIIINNN
Favourite colour: green and blue
Favourite animal: damn i dunno, unicorns?
Cat or dog person ? doggo pls
Favourite fictional character: Dexter and Draco Malfoy
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2
Favourite band/singer: twenty one pilots
Dream trip: Sweden
Dream job: ?
When was this blog created ?i honestly have no idea, a few months ago i guess 
When did it reach its peak ? it didn’t lmao

ok soooo i tag @eroticgropefest, @glgrdsklechhh4 and @jeansbaz

callout post for tumblr user @neenboy:

1. told me to watch the whole video of justin bieber in japan

2.  I wish my father was here! LA CUCARACHA! SCrrEEEEEECH COWBOY MUSIC HELLOOoO Soss! Timmy Turner, my name is Dougsdale Dimmadale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdaledimmadome! Thank you for locating my long-lost son Dale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome, heir to the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdougsdaledimmadome fortune! If there’s anything I can ever do to repay you for your kindness, all you need to do is ask!!! Doug Dimmadome? The owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome? Not right. Not right? That’s right. Doug Dougmadomedimmadimmadomedimmsdaledomedaledimmsdodimmdougdodimmadomedimmadomedimmadomedimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmadimmadimmadimmsdaledimmadome. The same Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, where they’re showing Crash Nebula? On ice? Yeah! Not right. Not right?! That’s right. Timmy Turner, my name is Timmy Dimmadoodimmadome owner of the SOUND OF COMPUTER DYING Then you can get me three tickets to s– Not right! !O L L E H hcEeeeEERrrCS !AHCARACUC AL LA CUCARACHA! LIMO REPEATEDLY PULLS UP AND PULLS AWAY I wish my father was here! Freezeframe, grayscale CRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLINGGG INNNNNNNNNN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN THESE WOUUUUNNDS THEY

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hey hi sofia im arianne and i like using the brown crayon :// its not useless :/// like when u draw trees :// u need the brown crayon :// pls add facts to support ur statements :///  jk dont fite me; ur rlly cute i lowkey luf u thanks for tagging me !! 💌🌹💫🌙✨ 

rules: complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. when you are finished you have to tag people to do this survey. have fun and enjoy!! 

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tagged by @kakashihotabae thank u bab!

1. who are you named after?

no one i dont think

2. last time you cried?

two ish days ago? i watched the danish girl for the first time and well yea

3. do you like your handwriting?

i like it when im writing then i look back n think what the hell is that word

4. what is your favorite lunch meat?

i dont eat meat

5. do you have kids?

no im a child myself

6. do you use sarcasm?

lolll yea

7. do you still have your tonsils?


8. would you bungee jump?

maybe? prob not tho……..

9. what is your favorite kind of cereal?

we have cinnamon toast crunch in the closet so i guess that

10. do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

loll my shoes have no laces i just slip in n out w ease

11. do you think you’re strong?

i say i am but i am in fact Weak

12. what is your favorite ice cream?

i like cookie dough n sometimes i indulge in that peanut butter cup

13. what is the first thing you notice about someone?

mm their looks i guess?/ what theyr wearing n stuff like that

14. football or baseball?

whats a foot bal

15. what is the least favorite thing about yourself?

i have to pick just one hhonestly my inability to properly communicate sometimes :^)

16. what color pants are you wearing right now.


17. favorite smell?

i lov vanilla n some fruity scents but musky ones = nah not really

18. who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

the only person i talk to over the phone is my mom n its the same conversation over n over again

19. favorite sport to watch on tv?

baseball is like the only sport i watch

20. hair color?


21. Eye color?

some kinda green blue gray color

22. favorite food?


23. scary or funny movies?

funny movies pls like i used to watch scary movies to make fun of them but then my paranoia levels increased by 10000% n i had to stop

24. last movie you watched?

the danish girl (sobs)

25. what color shirt are you wearing?

black gray white plaid 

26. favorite holiday?

any day off from school outside of the weekend n my parents have to work tbh

27. wine or beer?

imm too young to drink either of these but if i do decide to drink itll prob be red wine

im too tired to tag anyone else but if u want to do it then consider urself tagged! 

@dailyphotothings asked:

-so hiii, first off,thank u for doing this 🖤
-brief introduction about me:im 5'2(really short),i have small figure and short black hair.
-my interest includes
art (and im talking about all kind of art forms).there’s something so elegant, mysterious and charming about art that sparks my interest immensely.
-my hobbies are mostly art related, singing,taking photos,enjoying live music,playing vinyls (soo hipster -,-), of course i have non-artsy hobbies as well,like watching anime,fangirling (>v>),spending money on shit i dont need,traveling,being sad,etc
-if there’s one thing that everyone should know about me is that im a grammar nazi TTvTT
-ignorance,traditions ,and rules are things which put me off.
-my perfect date,hmm, it would be something like gazing at the stars together while being honest to each other or enjoying a broadway show/ballerina play together .
(sorry if it’s little bit too long T_T i literally had to restrain myself from writing too much )

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Do you post video games?

I need more ppl to follow that post video games! My dash gets kinda slow at certain times of the day, and I could use some more gamers to follow. so, if you post any of the following, like/reblog to i can check u out!

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
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  • Anything Dragon Age
  • Both Dangan Ronpas
  • Pokemon
  • Persona
  • Animal Crossing

if you dont post these, please signal boost! thanks! (-:


Oh wow ANOTHER commission post (u must be sick oh these)

Difference is i’m just doing chibis now (i dont have enough time for the others and lets be honest theyre my most popular). Also im not in DIRE need of money like before this would just be.. bonus money i guess. Thank you to anyone who commissioned me before btw!! I definitely wouldnt be in uni studying something I love if you werent so kind thank you so much!!

Anyways sap over its $7 for one chib on its own and you can get more chibs on their own for another $5 (max 2 chibis) or a couple of chibs together for $11

Aight thats enough of me, thank u for reading! 

hhhye um. i keep havin to unfollow all the fr blogs i follow for bullshit so um pls reblog this if:

  • u post flight rising / mostly flight rising
  • ur ok with a minor following u
  • u arent against otherkin / ur not gonna defend artists or other people who are because “their art is good / theyre nice to me/ etc etc”
  • u arent ableist/transphobic/homophobic/racist/do i need to go on, just dont be an asshole
  • u reblog often from dramarising (a lot of the things they post seem rly mean n make me rly anxious, sorry)
  • generally if u wouldnt pass the ‘dont follow me if’ section of my about on my main blog, dont reblog this, and unfollow me here as well

dont send me hate about this, dont make negative/confrontational comments on this post, pls boost if u can but be sure to specify that ur boosting if this doesnt apply 2 u, thank u