u dont know how much ive laughed at this

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everything wonho does makes me soft !!!!!!!!!!!! everything !!! over the past few months ive really Fallen In Love with him... and i dont know how he did it! the way he talks the way he smiles ! the way he laughs !!!!! The one kinda goofy laugh thats so cute and warm ! how sweet and welcoming he is w/ male mbbs ! that rlly is so important to me! how emotional he can be and all the love he has in his heart... pls im running out of characters but i! love! shin hoseok!!!!!! 💘💞💓💕💖💗💟💜💙💚💛❤

i know how is it possible to fall in love with these boys so fast!!! i was deep in love with minhyuk after like 2 weeks how was that even possible…. 🤧 this is so cute though!!!!! he really does have a beautiful everything… beautiful laugh beautiful smile beautiful face and most importantly beautiful heart :(( u can tell how deeply he thinks about things and it shows with how he speaks about like… life? u know even how he says that he doesn’t like to kill bugs or plants because they’re living things like that’s truly one of his values he really has the best heart :( and he’s soso good to fans and it’s beautiful how he’s welcoming to all mbb  💕 i love wonho !!!!!!! the best boy!!!!!

love night!