u dont even follow my fandoms

hi since i just got a influx of followers due to the soda fact post,

do yall need me to tag any triggers? warnings? fandoms that make u unconfortable? you followed me on a whim and now you dont wanna follow me anymore? (to that last question, dont even hesitate and unfollow the shit outta me i dont mind)

seriously tho yalls safety is more important then a extra second of my time you can leave an anonymous ask  or just reply to this post and i seriously!!!! do not mind tell me what i need to do to insure your safety 


hey thanks 4 following me even tho im like,, rlly mean, annoying and anti social, i dont rlly talk much to anyone in the fandom because im v self conscious, thank u for dealing with me tho it really warms my <3

team jnpr with heart hand signs (that are honestly really reaching) to match team rwby, ren is cheating tho

anonymous asked:

I dont dislike Hina or nh Ive always been a supporting neutral towards them. U could have maybe even called me shipper if u must cause yes I used to like them but I never really "loved" them. What made my liking turn to spiteful neutral were the BA & I hate generalizing but in truth, even tho I recognize the BA in our fandom, the nh fandom has more BA than the ss fandom. I know people disagree but it's the truth. I followed both fandoms in the past & the nhs always acted the worst towards ss's

Anonymously tell me why you dislike Hinata and/or Naruhina

thats sadly true. i also used to be neutral. kinda still am.


Hi, hello!!! :p I had been planning to do this for a while but today I finally had some free time, so here it is! My Follow Forever!! 

I want to thank all of my beautiful followers for bearing with me! YOU ARE ALL SO RAD OMG, and you always make me smile. I truly hope that my blog makes you smile, too. 

The bolded blogs are the people I’ve become closest to on tumblr or the blogs that make me very jealous (heeee), but all the blogs are great!

#+a     4littleliars a-littleliartheoryalihendrixed ~  alisonisalivebitches ~ amenhale ~ ariafitzsgerald ~ ariastilinski ~ arizonasrobbins ~ ashbellisario ~ ashbzo ~ ashfknbenzo

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Thank you all again for following me and I love youuuuu!!!!!! I send you all my best energy :)


ok here we go follow forever wooooo!

Friends who dont even blog my main fandoms:

ahogeysbergbath brogendered captainsroger gr0up-therapy nakodilerock obsessedwithanime11 tamagoprince webteens w-is-4-weird waltsherlockwho waterqueer xsnakebitex

OB NERDS (that i love):


accio-cosima alisonisthegreateststar alisonsgotthewineglass alisonsrapewhistle auntiecos aynsleys-scarf calmorrison cheekyniehaus clonesbians clonespiracy clonsima consp1racy cosima-hella-niehaus cosimahellahaus cosimas-boobs cozimaniehauz


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manniing maslanian niehendrix novelconcepts obsnapchat orphanblack orphanblackpickuplines orphellablack prolethean punkpro sanetwin sapphicscience sarahcosima see-beth-jump sharkodactyl stahmatarr stupidsuburbanalison suburbanalison


tater-titty tatianaception tatianamanning tatianathevampireslayer tatsrathat thequeerclone tinytmas tmasclone yeah-ditto-obvs yerawizardsarry youremyfavoritehigh

ok hello yes im gonna make one of those “reblog if u post” things (even though it is currently 2015. im sorry) becaues i just like. mass unfollowed 80% of the people i was following and i want my dashboard back. if u can reblog if ur followin me thatd be aWESOME but anyway here we go!! yea ok so reblog if u post

  • Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
  • Steven Universe
  • Death Parade
  • RPG horror games (literally any. i love all of them)
  • aesthetic shit
  • Madoka Magica
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Touhou
  • Kill la Kill
  • Oyasumi Punpun
  • Mogeko ????maybe

ok yea thats about it. thank u in advance my dashboard is so dead rn rifp

hi guys! (again) I’m back with another follow forever! ^^ since it’s been 2 years since I became a KISSME, I’ve been making this for the blogs that I first started to follow, the one I adore alot and the people I interact the most with (a.k.a my bootyful peeps)~♥

so, now, it’s not any particular “code” as bolded or italic, since all are beautiful, I love all of them, and I really can’t live without any of them!

in random order:
lms33 | inmyownfiction | mirenly | redbullandwings | soohyaoi | captain-rivai | ohhyeaaahh-zimiiin | jaeseopshi | jaeseops-sexy-eyebrow | kevinwooless | elidle | hoonday | soohyun | seoppiesaur | soohoons | seoulful-kisses | twistedxkevin | twistedxaj | ukisspirates | flowerboysandramyun | kiseoperman | kiseopsburden | s-eop | deardodoro | twistedxeli | kebeans | kebin-chan | jaeseopsxsmile | sorsik | kyoungjae | keiops | hana-jo | dekakat | hooniversal | hoontokki | yeppeo-bean | yesimkpoppin | hatsumiyo | dickmyeon | tokkiseop | kaitoudarkmousey | 7kisses4u | elixkim | hmcity | ahhyo | torakun14 | jaehooligans | dangerouseliaisons | bisori | shin-soo-hyun | thatshinsoohyun | kissme247 | 27skylove | kyeopta-kevin

thank you guys for making my dash flow with beautiful u-kiss (and other fandoms) and chatting with me! and thank you all my senpais for answering my messages and help me with easy stuff cx ♥ everything you guys say and do, means alot to me!♥

(please don't be mad if you're not here ;___; i wanted to make this quick, but you know if I follow you, I love you alot, even though I don't write it alot~ or else i wouldn't have followed you in the first place...^^)