u deserve all good things

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tbh thank u for calling out TWERFS and anti-ace ppl bc I have bad mental health as a trans person and u deserve all the good things ily my dude

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH that’s so sweet, thank you! God you have no idea how much i needed it today ~🐱


i lov u !!!! sm !!! ur such a rad person n i enjoy talking to u !!! ur so sweet n funny n i lov ur art its so cute i hope u hav an amazing day bc u deserve it n all good things bc ur gr8 


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hello guyS it me cara and im  vvv v v  little away from my goal but i really feel like doing my ff now so yusss

//clAPPING EVERYWHERE// I DDID ITT!!!! first a bIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOLLOWING ME LIKE YOU GUYS R SERIOUSLY THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER, AND U ALL DESERVE ALL THE GOOD IN THIS  WORLD <3 I’ve had a lot of times where i thought about deleting my blog but srsly I was so wrong and I will never do it because I have spent such good times here and met amazing ppl and i just lov u all so much like  come here let me hug you all and keep you alll in my pocket bc u r too cuTE YUSS OKAY I NEED TO SHUT UP AND LETS GET THIS FF STARTED

❀  - precious fave 

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I just really want jongin to live a happy life, I love him and I care so much about him, I just hope he knows how incredible he is and I hope he enjoys all the beautiful things in life and smiles everyday, and even if he breaks down, he’ll know he’ll get through it because he’s a strong person and amazing stuff will keep popping up in his life, he deserves all the good things tbh ;u;


:\ /:

(ALSO this is queued BUT I JUST READ ABT THE LGBT & LATINX & LOUD THING !!! and I prob don’t have internet on July 1st aka TODAY !! but I hope everybody is having an awesome day AND U R SHARING NICE SELFIES AND STUFF BC WE R BEAUTIFUL AND DESERVE GOOD THINGS !! I LOVE U ALL