u deserve all good things

to say you hate the targaryens when baelor breakspear existed is, quite frankly, racist and wrong



I wanted to thank everyone for following me :”) n all my friends who I love n everyone who has ever sent anything or looked at my blog with or without liking or reblogging anything

I appreciate you all 💜💖💙💙💞💖💜💖💖💙💞💖💜💓💘💘💓💓❤️💛💕💕💖💚💙💙💖💙💜💓❤️💓❤️💖💓💛💛💘💛


Hey y’all going to VIP can you do your girl a good one and hug Phil lester tight af then not let go till he does, to transmit some of my love?Also smile at Dan like you wanna tell him his smile is the most precious thing ever.

Just project the love from me. :”0000

*tears up thinking about it*


Happy Birthday Jung Daehyun ♥


object of unknown origin. kinda like you.


Hannah I’m love you so much honestly, you’re one of the sweetest, most amazing people I’ve met and I honestly am so fucking happy we became friends. I can talk to you about anything and I kno you’ll hav my back and not judge me and you can make me laugh so hard I almost die. I hope you have an amazing, fantastic day today and I hope you have an amazing, fantastic lIFE bc u deserve all the good things in the worldt. Happy birthday hannah I lov u!!!! 💖💖💖💜🎉💜🎉💖🎉🎉💜🎉🎉💖

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i wuv woo and ur the bestestezt person i know and ur so cool and good and awesome and amazing and kind and ur going through so much and youre so strong for making it this far and im super proud of you and i hope youre having a good day and i hope you heal and recover so you dont have to be in so much pain and just know im always rooting for u and hoping for the best for you because the world has mistreated u far too much and you deserve all the good things in the universe 💚💞❤️💝💟💖💗💜💕🖤💜

ODJSOGJWKF WAOH ANONY I LOVE YOU?!?!? I LOVE YOU!!! 💓💗💕❣️💞❤️💜💗💛💙🖤❤️💗🖤❤️❣️🖤❤️💟💙❤️💙💞❤️💓❤️💕💙💕❣️💓❤️💜❣️💕💙💕💘

i feel like i keep getting worse at this art thing lmao but here’s adam jensen for this rly cool loser, who has a birthday tomorrow

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hello lia!!! my darling angle!!! (yes is spelt that right) just wanted to tell u that i love you a lot and that i hope you're enjoying life right now despite whatever hindrances you might encounter?? u really deserve all the happiness and good things the world has to offer and im always here if u need someone ok!!! sending all my love ur way 🌬❤️💐💖

are you less than 90 degrees? because you’re an aCUTE angle (oh my god i hate math lnvlfjghlfhglf) aaaaaa my life is actually kind of okay right now?? which is really weird…. i’m suspicious… but thank you so much :’) hopefully things are going well for you too because you deserve only the best!!! heart emojis were made for u gabrielle 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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this sounds kinda weird but it makes me so happy to see u all happy and productive and proud of urself bc of this hiatus??? like I love and support u SO MUCH and whenever u post abt being excited abt ur writing it makes me so happy bc u deserve to be happy and yeah this is random lol but u deserve all good things in this world okay byeeeee

ok so I’ve been staring at this on and off since I woke up (literally like….nine hours ago) just wondering how to reply because this is genuinely one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to me?? Like the very fact that you see me posting and actually read it and it makes you happy too??? that’s so insane to me I’m so ?? I genuinely screenshotted it to look at when I’m sad why I am a loser lol
I feel like a big ball of feelings wow I love this I love u 

but ye this hiatus has really lifted all that pressure off me to constantly be writing and to churn out writings like a machine - because that’s just not how I work u feel?? like I write a paragraph, leave it for a week while I write something else, then come back to it and I do this like, twenty times to complete something !! I’m the weirdest writer ever I can rarely just power through one project !! Why am I like this !! BUT it’s all coming along fairly well and starting to find aspects of my work and style that I like/don’t like and I’m being quite picky now about I plan things out so it’s kinda happening !!