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Um, hey. I don't know how to say this without sounding rude so I'll apologise in advance. But you don't get to choose whether or not other people are triggered by your posts. They can't choose to not look at something if they haven't seen it yet - at least if it's not tagged. I'm glad that you're accepting your body (Which is beautiful btw) but you have to be aware of the damage that you could be doing by showing that. You've been in that hell - don't trap your followers in it. Thank you 🌹

listen dude i am not going to bring myself down by constantly being reminded to tag pictures of myself as self harm. it’s a personal subject to me, i don’t want to be reminded of it every time i try to literally live my life, i absolutely don’t want it showing up in fucking tags & search results, and that’s that.

i am TELLING YOU how it is:

im gonna post pictures of myself on my blog

for reasons i keep fucking explaining to yall i am not going to be tagging pictures of myself where my old scars are visible as “self harm” or “trigger warning”

thats it thats how it fucking is. if youre so high risk to yourself that seeing out of context scars is a threat to your wellbeing, you can click the ‘unfollow’ button and never see that ever again! thanks & if i get one more fucking ask like this im deleting i swear to god this is not the fucking topic yall

You’ve come so far,

You’re all cleaned up,

You made a mess again.

Shiro Week Day 3: Break/Mend (im real heckin late lmao)


in time for the holidays, just wanted to say a few things to my trans/nb friends:

ur pronouns are correct. ur gender or lack of is correct. you’re not faking or confused or anything like that. ur name is beautiful & you are worthy of love. u will transition if that’s ur goal.

to my guys, u are a man. ur a Man, a dude in all the ways u mean to be. ur clothes are snappy, ur hair is slick & i love you man.

to my ladies, u are a woman. a Woman, an absolute gem of a gal. ur face is beautiful, ur clothes are snappy too and i love your hands. i love you too.

to all my fellow nbs, ur pronouns are real. they’re just as vaild as anyone elses. u are slick & sharp and i love you okay? so much.

to those who are friends/family of trans/nbs, here are a few things to help:

  • call them by their name, just. you have no idea how nice it is for people to call you by your name. really just …. use their name.
  • use their pronouns, work it into conversation. “i saw this and thought ‘o man he needs to see this’ — works wonders 
  • ask if you don’t know what to say or ‘how can i help you feel better?’

and if no one else will validate u then my friend pop right into my messages and i’ll do what i can to help. ur so much more than their wrongness, ur so much more than that. ur so beautiful & i love you

Osome's Song
Me, over Sakihi Miyu (sorry hon)
Osome's Song

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