u cutie pies

okay okay so aofuta coffee shop au alright

  • futakuchi is a cheeky barista that is known for flirting with boys, girls, and anyone in between or afar (he’s also known for being a smart ass to his coworkers, but that’s besides the point)
  • one day, a super tall guy comes in and orders something sweet
  • futakuchi teases him about looking like a grumpy bear (r00hd3, futa; it’s not aone’s fault it’s just his face gAWd) and adds in, “you’d probably look cute if you smiled every once in a while”
  • in response, tall grumpy bear (aone if i wasn’t being clear b4) looks to the floor and blushes lightly
  • and futakuchi might have laughed if his face didn’t go flush bc shit tall grumpy bear is actually kind of cute? ? ? ?? 
  • so he turns away from tall grumpy bear because why is he blushing this never happens to him wtf
  • and he is met with an irritated kamasaki that is like wtf are u doing give him his drink
  • whiCH IS NOT THAT EASY RN KAMASKI STFU but he turns around and gives the guy his drink, anyway
  • grumpy bear leaves and futakuchi calms down, though he thinks about mister grumpy bear quite a bit for the rest of the day
  • and he may or may not hope that grumpy bear makes another appearance throughout the week and may or may not have to mask his disappointment when grumpy bear doesn’t show up again
  • so futakuchi just about gets this guy out of his head when, of course, the guy shows up again
  • this time, futakuchi makes sure to get his name
  • and aone is the only thing he can think about for months to come
  • but, before those months, he’s forced to suffer another week without aone coming in
  • so, when aone finally comes in again, futa asks aone where he goes to school
  • he slowly gets to know aone through these once-a-week encounters and always teases him with, “so, you came back to see me, huh~?" 
  • which always makes aone blush
  • which, in turn, always makes futakuchi blush (but not turn around bc he gets a little used to it)
  • and this goes on until kamasaki is like jfc just ask him out wtf r u even doing futakuchi
  • and so he does (not without a "and what would you know about romance, kamasaki?” beforehand ofc)
  • and this really cute and slightly awkward fumbling relationship forms
  • and it’s cute
  • aofuta is cute
  • so CUTE

so this is me passing this off as my advent edit for the 13th (aka halfway there) but its also cheating bc its a day late but!! isnt that a perfect little summary of me. anyway!! 

i restarted my blog last year in january to clean things up / get a fresh start and this year (while sucking in every other category, practically) has been better than i could’ve imagined here. i improved in my writing and editing skills, made some amazing new friends, and got working on some new projects im taking with me into 2017!! ultimately, a success.

so here’s my little thanks to all my faves, thank you for brightening my dash every single day!

first off, some needed special shout-outs:

@zomonro​: my legit first ever follower, and you’re still here with me!! amazing!! sara, you’re one of my fave mutuals and every time you pop into my ask box it makes my day infinitely better. so glad you found my blog even in its baby days!!

@gr33kg0ds​: bashley, what would i do without you honestly. even before i remade i loved loved loved your blog and when you followed me back i D I E D and now im so happy we’re friends!! this pjo project is gonna be a journey but i know you’ve got my back so i’ll be ok <3 legitimately never change you’re perf and i love u

@robinscherbatski​: kasserole, you are so kind and thoughtful and your writing is to die for. i’m so grateful for the friendship we’ve developed, i don’t even know how to express it (and we’re writers, you’d think i’d have a way with words!) hoping we get to collab and chat even more into 2017!!

@nicholashemmick​: TWINNIE <3 you’re such a joy to talk to and i admire how woke you are and how you always try to improve yourself and make social change in a friendly and educational way. you’re also just a cutie and i adore you

@sciencefreaksmeout​: weirdo. why do we still follow each other. whatever, too late now.

@merrykristoff​: jazzy jj!! even though we both died this semester im looking forward to discussing another season of the 100 and seeing you brighten my dash every day. thankful we’re mutuals, thankful for u <3

@aarya​: alex i get the feeling we’re going to become V good friends in the midst of this pjo project, and im looking forward to it 100%. i appreciate your level head and #aesthetic, and we’re gonna have a blast in 2017. mark my words!!

@acomet-pulledfromorbit​: cate, im so glad you popped into my ask box one day and never left. i love every conversation we have and appreciate all the advice and reassurance you give me, whether it be about copyright law or making icons. it’s always needed and my day is filled with joy when you appear to chat!

equally lovely and beautiful people:

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