u cute little man

  •  Okay this is going to be long as fuck because it’s Jae aka the loml, my sunshine, my ult, my cutiep- anyway, it’s going to be long. 
  • So 
  • SO 
  • He may look all cocky and stuff on stage but he’s actually just a fluffball
  • He’s just really cute okay? Ok. 
  •  I mean look at him 
  • Look at those dimples and tell me he isn’t the most adorable human being you’ve seen in your entire existence 
  • He’s cheesy so pick up lines are a must™ with him
  • You met at the library/café/somewhere quiet
  • Because he wanted to relax a bit
  • And you “accidentally” bumped into him 
  • And being the cutiepie that he is he got worried about if you were okay or not 
  •  You became friends bc you had a lot of things in common 
  • And honestly Jae’s just friends with everyone 
  • At first he didn’t really realise that he liked you (a lot) 
  • He started to feel that something was off with him when he started to get a little too bothered by other guys talking to you 
  • Basically, he was just jealous because he wasn’t receiving your attention
  • But this one day he was over at your place and you were doing some assignment 
  • And he kept staring at you while you were focused on working
  • Because he just couldn’t help it 
  • And then something clicked inside his brain and he was like
  • “Man, I love them so much?????" 
  • For his birthday you bought him this couple bracelet thing 
  • and told him to keep one and give the other one to his s/o when he found one whom he thought was the one
  • So he took your arm and put on you the bracelet and you were like 
  • "jae wyd, quit playing around I’m being serious”
  • “I’m being serious too, I already found my other half, I did a while ago, when they bumped into me”
  • And you were there almost crying because 
  • how could such a beautiful human being had fallen for you   
  • Fast forward to the relationship
  • He was the first one to say “I love you”
  • It was an accident 
  • like you two were just casually talking and the words just spilled out of his mouth
  • The poor thing was so flustered and nervous thinking that he had fucked up
  •  But you just hugged him and reassured him 
  • and obviously told him that you loved him too 
  • And he flashed that killer smile of his 
  • a really genuine one
  • Ok moving on. 
  • Cuddles. 
  • He’s clingy
  • Hugs
  • arm around your waist
  • over your shoulder
  • backhugs
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • hand holding
  • he doesn’t care 
  • But he needs to touch you 
  • (not in any kind of sexual way)
  • t helps him calm down
  • Dies whenever you fall asleep on his lap/shoulder 
  • Because 
  • “theY ARE SO CUTE" 
  • Brags a lot to the other members 
  • If the relationship is official (if the fans know, in other words) then he’ll post cute pics he took of you without you knowing with cute captions 
  • The fans will ship you two so much
  • Because you’re goals
  • Cooking with Jae
  • Or admiring him while he cooks if you can’t cook
  • Either is okay
  • Sings you to sleep
  • Is a loser for you wearing his hoodies 
  • Is just a loser for you in general 
  • He’s just so boyfriend material
  • He makes me swerve and I’m already a Jae stan
  • Please protect my big ball of fluff
  • He’s just a cute dork
  • Pls don’t appreciate him only because of his body 
  • Or else I’ll fight you. 

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I want this hairstyle back @ sm get working.

Look at him

He’s so cute I can’t

My precious little bean 💚

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hey so this is rly rly super duper late but ummmm? i saw ur selfies aaaaall that time ago and fhdjdj soft nd gay is just the mood. u cant b cute AND have a cute name AND be cute™!!! u just cant!!! im a little in love oh man... anyway have a lovely day ily u deserve the best

i’m fucked up by how cute nd sweet you are oh my godddddddddd i hope u also have a lovely day nd all the days after that too

Cool Blogs - masterpost

mostly astroblogs

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@bombasstrology - i enjoy stalking this blog every blue moon but they’re cool af

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*non astro*

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~ that’s it !! love u all. -Jody ~

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why do you mean by "Laby is french upstaged"?

being Laby’d is a very complicated phenomenon wherein u are a perfectly cute little French man and u are for some reason always getting blocked and/or photobombed by random objects in photoshoots

like the time this disrespectful ass pole decided no bitch, it’s my time to shine~~

one time they were like fuck it here’s a bird

pretty sure that’s half of him but who knows

speaking of half of him, theres no other half to this picture this is it

if this one doesn’t make you say COME ON in a gob bluth voice i mean…..

they just can’t let the man live, i don’t know why. i have #FREELABY t-shirts printed and ready to go.