u cute little man

Cool Blogs - masterpost

mostly astroblogs

@trueastrology - my mother

@blossomastrology - aesthetically pleasing fairy

@fairieastrology - fucking bombass qt

@feministrology - real af, chill + inspired me to make my blog sooooo

@skeletonwarstrology - mariano will fight u but like in a good way

@kickassastrology - man just a cool blog

@stylishstrology - my babe luv u

@cutestrology - man ur literally a cute ass adorable little honey bun

@astrologythings101 - faithhhh is like the mom of the whole astrology community tbh

@littleshopofhoroscope - em is a frikin smiling shit emoji but i love her to death

@werewolfastrology - best advice everrrr given from larissa

@bombasstrology - i enjoy stalking this blog every blue moon but they’re cool af

@hollastrology - simmm! super cute and A+ astrologer

@astrolocherry - SUPER informational for u guys looking to sift through “the signs as” posts

@astrologychica - just a cool and vv friendly person

@astroshy - danielle is face and blog goals

@astralnightz - frickin salty ass KING

@astro-lohgy - so sweet and social

@astro-ethan - meme master

*non astro*

@pale-p-u-n-k - gr8 face and content

@notcurnallyenclined - jas you’ll always be on my cool blog list mostly bc ur a cool person u piece of anime trash

@cluodpal - adorbaaallle face and content to match

@unareina - aesthetically pleasing mom

@hokaay - my personal blog haha I love u @ me

@straightwhiteboystexting - currently laughing like 24/7 bc of dis blog

@helpfulstars - ur everyday help blog run by a big bunch of astrobloggers

@beyonce - bc she’s the inspo of my blog title bitches

@heavierdirtysoul - my favv top fan blog and believe me there is a lot of them

~ that’s it !! love u all. -Jody ~