u cute little man

This dragon boy needs a cute but also kind of cool name…

these two are so pure i had to keep them in the folder i keep away from 89% of everything else on my compute

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today I felt pretty down and I realised my dog had been gone for a while in the garden,, so I went outside to find her and she'd been snuffling around in the flowers and had petals and a butterfly on her head and just looked really confused abt it. Im not great at sending reassuring messages but I hope the image of my pupper made u feel a little less wonky <3

this IS SO CUTE oh man thats so cute thank u wtf thats so genuine good vibes it made me smile aaa

Cool Blogs - masterpost

mostly astroblogs

@trueastrology - my mother

@blossomastrology - aesthetically pleasing fairy

@fairieastrology - fucking bombass qt

@feministrology - real af, chill + inspired me to make my blog sooooo

@skeletonwarstrology - mariano will fight u but like in a good way

@kickassastrology - man just a cool blog

@stylishstrology - my babe luv u

@cutestrology - man ur literally a cute ass adorable little honey bun

@astrologythings101 - faithhhh is like the mom of the whole astrology community tbh

@littleshopofhoroscope - em is a frikin smiling shit emoji but i love her to death

@werewolfastrology - best advice everrrr given from larissa

@bombasstrology - i enjoy stalking this blog every blue moon but they’re cool af

@hollastrology - simmm! super cute and A+ astrologer

@astrolocherry - SUPER informational for u guys looking to sift through “the signs as” posts

@astrologychica - just a cool and vv friendly person

@astroshy - danielle is face and blog goals

@astralnightz - frickin salty ass KING

@astro-lohgy - so sweet and social

@astro-ethan - meme master

*non astro*

@pale-p-u-n-k - gr8 face and content

@notcurnallyenclined - jas you’ll always be on my cool blog list mostly bc ur a cool person u piece of anime trash

@cluodpal - adorbaaallle face and content to match

@unareina - aesthetically pleasing mom

@hokaay - my personal blog haha I love u @ me

@straightwhiteboystexting - currently laughing like 24/7 bc of dis blog

@helpfulstars - ur everyday help blog run by a big bunch of astrobloggers

@beyonce - bc she’s the inspo of my blog title bitches

@heavierdirtysoul - my favv top fan blog and believe me there is a lot of them

~ that’s it !! love u all. -Jody ~

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why do you mean by "Laby is french upstaged"?

being Laby’d is a very complicated phenomenon wherein u are a perfectly cute little French man and u are for some reason always getting blocked and/or photobombed by random objects in photoshoots

like the time this disrespectful ass pole decided no bitch, it’s my time to shine~~

one time they were like fuck it here’s a bird

pretty sure that’s half of him but who knows

speaking of half of him, theres no other half to this picture this is it

if this one doesn’t make you say COME ON in a gob bluth voice i mean…..

they just can’t let the man live, i don’t know why. i have #FREELABY t-shirts printed and ready to go.