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57th Annual Academy Awards, 1985

“Garak, I gave you this to read, not…annotate!”

“I improved it.”

“Claudius is not the protagonist of the play.”

“Well, Hamlet certainly isn’t.”

“He’s the quintessential tragic hero!”

“There’s nothing heroic about terminal indecisiveness, Doctor. His death wasn’t a tragedy, it was a mercy killing.”


Mostly an excuse for colour experimention, but also because, having seen other artists’ renditions of tailed Cardassians, I am infatuated with the idea of Garak with a tail.

also I was looking at images of Garak’s tailoring tools from the show and they are such utterly ridiculous pieces of plastic  (“okay so just sort of run it over the fabric like you’re vacuuming it” “what is it?” “it’s a…uh…sonic seam ripper. Yeah. It rips seams. Sonically.”)


Raising My Legson: The Origin Story

(Single Dad Legmon doesn’t know the answer to that question either :’-((( @1lsan )

[trans] 170314 NCT DREAM white day event fan account

1. Mark and Jisung were in charge of taking orders, Haechan and Chenle gave out sweets/gifts, Jeno and Renjun made the drinks (choice of Americano or Choco Latte). Today the artium became like the reality version of Coffee Prince No.1…. [Cr: MARK_990802_]

2. If fan is unable to decide what to drink, Mark and Jisung will play Stone-Scissors-Paper, if Mark wins it’s Americano, if Jisung wins it’s Choco-latte [Cr: 16_qe]

3. Haechan and Chenle would dance and sing. When a fan (or guest haha) comes in, both of them would do a 90 degree bow [Cr: 16_qe]

4. This signature from Jisung writes “Jeno pabo kekeke” [cr: 990802___mk]

5. This signature from Jisung writes “Chenle pabo keke” [cr: happytententen]

6. Mark says, this is their first time to make these drinks, maybe they won’t taste well. Mark also mentioned that he wants to participate in NCT DREAM’s fansigns too [cr: happytententen]

today i’ve realized that the only thing holding me back from doing whatever the heck i want are my insecurities. i can’t pick my course for college because i feel like i am not good enough to actually become something. i want to be an architect but im afraid my drawing skills and designs will never be enough to sustain me in the future. i want to be a doctor but im scared of failing my subjects because im not actually that good in memorizing terms. i also want to be a lawyer but i feel like i have a weak heart and i will never win my cases in the future. i want to be so many things, i can be one of those things, heck i can be all of those things!!! but these thoughts are driving me crazy!!!!