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🔷 Irises

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Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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exo react ↬ you crying when they punish you

anon asked: Hey, may I request an Exo reaction to you getting upset and actually crying when they punish you? (sort of a spin off from the previous ask you did) thanks!

a/n: something important to note is that there’s a difference between truly pained tears and euphoric tears; i took this req as the former. everyone in a sexual relationship should know the difference, and when your partner expresses that they’re uncomfortable or they’d like to stop completely, s t o p !! if you’re in a d/s relationship, the safe word/s should always be respected, even if “stop” isn’t.

⇴ xiumin:

minseok, far used to tears rolling down your cheeks during his intense punishments, would be a bit shocked when you used the safe word, too. i think he’d apologize for doing too much or being too harsh on your delicate body, but he’d also be very mature in the situation, asking what exactly you’d disliked so much, so that he could make a note to never say/try it again. in the morning, he may surprise you with your favorite breakfast, or something sweet as a way to make it up to you.

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⇴ suho:

regardless of what had caused your tears, junmyeon would be so sorry, he wouldn’t want to consider continuing. he strikes me as someone who may beat himself up, even after he’s earned your forgiveness (which he’d climb mountains to earn, by the way). in the moment, he’d softly apologize whilst wiping away your tears and helping you to redress, but in the morning, he’d gift you a bundle of flowers and the large breakfast he’d cooked himself, during which he’d verbally express his apologies once again.

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⇴ lay:

yixing would vocally be the most sorry for causing your tears! he’d insist upon drawing you a warm bath and gently bathing you himself (if you were alright with that), and covering your face and shoulders in soft kisses. even after all of this, he’d still ask for forgiveness once more before bed, or ask you how you were feeling now.

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⇴ baekhyun:

at the sight of your tears, i don’t think baekhyun would clearly see that you were upset straight away. he’d put on a playful, kitten esque smirk and go, “awe, does my jagi need to cum that bad?” but once your response completely differed to whatever he had expected, he’d plaster on a face of genuine concern and remove his arm from across your stuttering hips. in the spur of the moment, he’d blurt out an honest, “i’m so sorry! i had no idea—” and would continue to do so in the midst of insisting you shower and rest your head.

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⇴ chen:

jongdae’s teasing demeanor would melt away in an instant. unfortunately, and correct me if this is wrong attempting to wash off any sort of vag safe menthol rub only worsens the pain, so all he would be left to do would be to untie you and hold your hand until it wore away. he’d probably be all nervous chatter trying to take your mind off of it.

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⇴ chanyeol:

chanyeol would probably be the most panicked if you were to burst into pained tears, as his intention had never been to do anything you didn’t truly like. he would stop whatever he was doing immedietely, and begin to frantically ask if you were alright. he’d also begin to apologize profusely whilst trying to comfort you in any sort of way he could, offering to help you get dressed or order some takeout; anything you would want, really.

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⇴ d.o:

kyungsoo would be most angry with himself for causing such a reaction, as he prided himself on knowing exactly what you could and could not take. he’d be more-so angry because he felt as though he’d gone incredibly too far. after he’d quickly pushed his own thoughts to the side, he’d turn extremely soft. an ice pack, a nice bath, something to eat—whatever you asked for, he’d be willing to get it for you. like mimseok, he’d also ask what had been so painful, which he’d mentally add to the list of things you couldn’t handle.

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⇴ kai:

jongin strikes me as another member who may beat himself up if he were to make you so upset/uncomfortable. he’d already been unsure about the d/s roles to begin with; this would only make him think back to that, and how agreeing to it may have been a mistake. like everyone else, he’d softly express his sorries whilst tending to you, but i feel as though he may want to refrain from sexual things for a good week or so while he thinks everything through.

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⇴ sehun:

sehun’s eyes would soften the moment you began to look upset. coupled with the tears springing from your eyes, he would be worried enough to stop his ministrations, rather than push you further. with downturned lips, he would ask if it had been something he’d called you that had elicited such a reaction, or maybe the lack of release you were getting. since i feel as though he isn’t very adept at apologies, out of love, he’d cater to your wants and needs for a change, even if you wished to simply shower and go to sleep.

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