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Who is CrackerBarrel!Tom, you may be wondering…and what exactly is Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a chain of U.S. restaurants.  They are known for their Southern style atmosphere and food selections. Their locations consist of a “country store”  and a restaurant (you have to go through the store to get to the restaurant).  The first one opened in Tennessee in 1969 and now there are over 600 of them in 42 states. Each store is decorated with a variety of memorabilia that give it an old fashioned feel.  Opinions about Cracker Barrel vary from person to person. Yours Truly enjoys their breakfasts, but doesn’t find much else about their food to be life-changing.  

All right.  Enough with the boring stuff.  On to CrackerBarrel!Tom.

When you walk up to the entrance of a CB, you will find their porch filled with big rocking chairs. CB!Tom would obviously have to test out several of them, finding the perfect one while you rolled your eyes at his antics.  Then he would pull you down into his lap and whisper something about needing one of those rocking chairs for your bedroom.

Upon entering the premises, CB!Tom would flitter about the store, making adorable gleeful noises over the array of old fashioned candy, the little gadgets, the toys, etc.  He would have to show you all the knickknacks, each one cuter than the last, and he would get teary eyed over the sentimental home décor and little plaques that say things like “Bricks make a house, but Love makes a home.” 

When you finally drag him away from the store and into the restaurant, he has to run over to the huge fireplace and insists upon taking a selfie of the two of you sitting by the hearth. He wants to stop and play with the over-sized Checkers game, but you convince him not to because you’re getting grumpy because you’re hungry and you’re trying to be a good girl today.  He snorts (in a British accent, of course) at that and you pinch him.  On the way to your table, he Oh’s and Ah’s over the décor, commenting on this and that.  

Your server, Marcia, calls you both “Hun” and very patiently answers his endless questions about the menu.  He eventually decides upon the Eggs In A Basket breakfast and you order the pecan pancakes.  When Marcia brings the little bottle of syrup, his eyes light up in delight and he sweet talks her into bringing a few more so that he can take them home.

While you are waiting for your food, he discovers the little triangle peg game and proceeds to give it his full concentration.  You are holding back giggles when he can’t seem to leave less than three pegs on the board and he mutters something about not being good at maths.  You swipe the game from him and proceed to leave only a single peg on the board on your first try.  He half-heartedly congratulates you and then proceeds to pout until you move from sitting across from him to sitting beside him, whispering in his ear about how the rocking chair could be used until he’s blushing painfully and sternly informs you to go back to the other side of the table before the two of you get kicked out of this “family restaurant.”

Marcia returns with your food and puts his plate on the table and more adorable gleeful noises ensue when he sees the food.  He is reticent to actually eat it because he doesn’t want to “spoil the aesthetic” and you finally have to reach over and threaten to pop the egg yolks if he doesn’t. He wants to try your pancakes and you negotiate for one of the toast centers in exchange for a bite or two of the pancakes.  Meanwhile, a little girl at the table across from you has been flirting with him and manages to escape her chair while her parents are tending to her brothers.  She walks right over to him and lifts her arms for him to pick her up.  The mother rushes over just as he and “Annie Mae” are exchanging names, apologizing profusely.  But he assures her that it’s no trouble and that Annie Mae is welcome to sit with the two of you for as long as she likes.  That lasts for about three minutes and then she’s ready to slide off his lap and finish her apple sauce that she left.

He leaves Marcia a ridiculously large tip and hugs her before you leave.  You have to restrain him from buying a bag full of the vintage candy on your way out of the store and the big double doors are just closing behind you when he darts back inside to pay for a rocking chair…

Oh yes I am beautiful~ Ichiya beautiful~~~

[I dunno what you two are talking about but I’ve had a very strange day of a bad headache and weird shaking(explains why the picture is so shitty lmao)]

red-hemlock replied to your post:(Okay, serious talk. I need advice because I’m…

(Exactly what the mun before me said bruh, heck do all three of them even, just in case. Especially a warning before the read more. D= It won’t please everyone of course but in the end it’s your blog, and you ARE keeping viewers’ comfort in mind.)

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//I suppose the best thing to do would post it under a readmore, or add all the trigger warnings you can. A post in advance to warn viewers might be wise too (Also hey, how have you been dear?)

(I hadn’t thought about a warning before hand, I’ll keep that in mind.

But still I’ve done all of that(albeit the extra warning) and still gotten several people upset, telling me what a terrible person I am. Idk what else to do short of just not putting content like that up.

I think to just be on the safe side I’m going to rewrite the more problematic parts out. uAu;; Would probs be simpler in the end.

And I’ve been okay sweets, how about you? I’m really happy to see you getting active again ;u; ))