u cant stop the beat

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i wanted zhan to get up when jian yi showed his dick, not laugh or do anything but look at him in the eye and say that he wants to talk for real. jian yi would be embarrassed and that would be fun to watch lol and that would be hot too, bc he's naked and looking directly at zhan's eyes. idk.... i cant bear to see zhan hurting him anymore, thats just not funny. zhan looks like his bodyguard, he shoudnt hit him like this, omg... there was so much blood in the other chapters? where is daddy zhan

what if zhan was like ‘can i touch?’ HA but yeah i totally agree, old xian god fkn please stop using violence as a punchline

if u cant beat em join em i guess? zhan probably had a whole training montage to get this jacked up