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Imagine Tendou and Suga as college roommates who constantly antagonise each other. However, sometimes at 3am one of them would wake the other up and say “let’s go on an adventure.”

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Please can you draw one of those 'when mom isn't home' with Coulson playing the trombone and Skye slamming the oven's door.

Kind of inspired by this.

the first time


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i feel like the addition of otherkin is going to cause some conflict. the whole idea of otherkin kinda digs at trans people. no one's going to take trans people seriously if theres someone saying their angelkin -- even if theyre not related and kin is not gender, it's not something which can be taken seriously (im trying to be as respectful as i can, sorry)

[Different Anon] Does otherkin have to be a field..? Like idk im just really uncomfortable with it being included because a lot of otherkin people seem like theyre just trying to pretend theyre queer too bc they think theyre a cat or something

Alex Says

First - want to know a secret? A person who isn’t willing to take trans people seriously because of new pronouns / non-binary genders / otherkin is really saying they don’t take trans people seriously at all. They’re just looking for an excuse so they don’t have to learn pronouns, switch a name or actually respect trans people. Surprise! Some people are secretly jerks.

Secondly - otherkin is not a profile field, its one option in one profile field. You are not queer if you are otherkin, and real otherkin know this. It just happens that some otherkin are LGBT/MOGAI, and therefor allowed on the site.

Thirdly - Otherkin are not ‘digging’ at trans people. They are not claiming to be oppressed at all, they are not claiming that otherkin is a gender, and they are not claiming that otherkin is even in the same category as trans people. The vast majority of commonly circled otherkin posts are actually trolls - learn to tell the difference.

Fourthly; I have never once met a legit trans person who has talked to a legit otherkin and had issues with them. In the words of Dmitri, who is talking to me on Skype - “in EVERY situation I’ve come across otherkin folks and trans folks are just like “nah we’re cool” and cis people are like NO UR NOT OTHERKIN INVALIDATE U I CANT TAKE U SRS ANYMOAR”.

(Which sort of sounds like what you’re both doing, just a bit.)

Fifthly - Being otherkin is largely considered to be a spiritual belief / experience and while I understand that a lot of people don’t share spiritual or religious beliefs, you should not be attacking or disregarding what someone is saying because they believe something different then you. Spiritual beliefs are very, very sacred to people - at least respect that enough to leave people alone.

Sixthly, the “idea” of being otherkin has been in existence for basically the entirety of the internet, and has been recorded in various groups since Tolkien wrote LOTR (seriously, first recorded otherkin were elves), so its not a new thing, or a tumblr fad. Like most things, it was probably around for a lot longer, and we just never had words for it.

Seventhly - there is a difference between not believing, and causing conflict or disrespecting someone. Honestly; a person who is disrespectful to trans, religious or otherkin people is not someone who we would want on our website. You are free to believe anything you want, as long as those beliefs don’t cause harm to another user.

Eighthly; Check out otherkinfaq - their blog handles these sorts of things much better and more often. A lot of myth debunking over there.