u can't unfollow friends

Watching Fandroid GAME:
  • Random Player: Heyy Fandroid add me as a friend or I'll unfollow u.
  • Fandroid: You can't treat me like that! NO!
  • Fandroid ten seconds later: Well... I don't wanna lose a follower. I love all my followers. *adds them*
  • Me: STOP GUILT TRIPPING THE ROBO CINNAMON ROLL. If you want him to add you as a friend you gotta EARN that right, like a GOOD person.

hi hi hiya i finally reached 4,500 and last time i made a follow forever it resulted in a 9 gif photoset of choi seunghyun that took literally 5 hours to write 300 urls in so this time im keeping it short and sweet and i mean look how cute that picture is (( and yet it took me 15 minutes )) ok ok ok here i go 

#-D: 87nn / basedjongup / b-igbang / bigbangmyheaven / biqbanqs / bigbbong / daesng / daesungimnida

E-M: fckgdragon / gdragonswag / geedeeholic / g-swagon / hellyeahgdragon / hyukko / hyung-lover /  jilirious /jiyongkun / koreandreamm / myhusbandisabingu

N-Z: no-8 / onekets (ese) / oppachoi / panda-smack / revelie / rimchan / saegmaeng / takemysoulback   tabi-dreamer /  seungsuka / seunghyeun / seungrichan / seungriz / spinomon / teayang / teayong / top-oppa / topkun /  unfbigbang / yghigh   

 when i said short and sweet i meant this short i follow like 50 blogs /sighs