u can't see it well but

You’re an angel dressed in armor
You’re the fair in every fight
You’re my life and my safe harbor
Where the sun sets every night (x)

can we please let them slow dance in their pyjamas or something?
lil’ thingy for @sarawh, love u buddy


Patrick and Lupe Fiasco performing at 2007 MTV U Award + Pete (x)

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Oikawa in 8?

this boy has SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSONALITY and yet


I headcanon Bokuto to be the type of person who is a literal furnace and wears T-shirts all year round, whereas Akaashi has perpetually cold hands.

Things I can't wait for/want to see in s3 of voltron:

*character development for Lance and Hunk
*Shiro alive™ and well™
*character development for Lance and Hunk
*more altean pool
*Pidge finally finding her dad and brother
*Shiro alive and fucking well
*the Bulamrians again cause I love Shay a lot
*Lotor being a comedic fuck up
*Langst w/Keith and Lotor
*dad jokes

GOT7 as classic quotes I've said
  • Jaebum: *looking at cats in the pet store* i love you and i love you and i love you
  • Mark: i swear i'm a morning person *presses snooze 17 times*
  • Jackson: well i can't NOT smile at every stranger i see on the street
  • Jinyoung: i can't believe i got a 95 on this term paper. why didn't i get a 100? i'm taking this up with the professor. unbelievable
  • Youngjae: that lady in this picture looks like mother jesus-- wait that's not her name... what's her name again?
  • Bambam: $300? that's not that expensive
  • Yugyeom: do birds have four arms or..?
In preparation for Welcome to the Madness
  • Yurio *mumbling*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: Huh?
  • Yurio *scowling and mumbling a little louder*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: What? You need to speak up, Yuri.
  • Georgi: Well now you've gone and hurt my feelings. I don't think I want to help you anymore.
  • Yurio: Fine! I'll just ask Mila--
  • Georgi: No wait, come back! I'll do it! She doesn't know the first thing about eyeliner!

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hol up one sec... if phil is doing a viewer's pick my outfit vid he'll have to credit the ppl that started the bf picks my outfit tag right? and then he'll say "well.. since i don't have a bf and i still wanted to do the tag, i let u all pick my outfit".. i can't see any other way for him to introduce the vid lmao rip all my dreams are dead

“the tag is actually called *doing weird air quotes with his whole hand* ‘my boyfriend picks my outfit’ tag but i decided to include you guys in it, so i guess you are all my boyfrieds now. *stares awkwardly at the camera for a second* anyway, so here’s the outfits dan picked for me…” 

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Yo hey u fab artist u, I gotta a question. Um, I kinda want to start an artblog but I don't really do digital art, and I think not all of ur art is digital, so how do u get good quality pics of traditional art? When I try to take pictures it looks fuzzy, and u can't really see the lines that well, or its just bad quality and then I don't want to post it. Any tips on how to fix that?

Hey you, fab anon!

It’s great that you want to start your own art blog. I think every artist should do that, even if they think they’re not good enough, because, after a while, your followers and even yourself will be able to see how much you’ve improved and the best part is that they can be witnesses of your growth.

As you said, most of my art is traditional; I love black and white drawings with ink and coloring with comic markers, and, to be honest, it’s a huge challenge to get the digital image to look as good as the original piece.

I don’t usually “take pictures” of them. I use a scanner connected to a pc or a laptop where I edit them using photoshop. I you use photoshop, it’s important to know how to use the infinite editing options that the program offers.

Start with the image adjustments and play with the options there; learn what each of them do to your piece and think of how do you want to turn out. Do you want to change the colors? Or do you want to look as much as possible as your original piece?

An usual problem is that the whites aren’t as white as the paper so you can use ‘levels’ to fix that, even to darken the colors as much as you want, making the contrast more visible. 

To fix the colors (if they’re not as cool as on your original piece) use ‘selective color’ to fix each color separately: reds, yellows, greens… even neutrals, blacks and whites. Be careful to not to change them too much, being subtle is better.

 If you see that your image is too yellowish or too blueish use 'color balance’ to fix it (remember to use the complementary color to do it).

If you’re not happy with the results, I encourage you to keep playing around with the options! If you’re inexperienced I assure you that you will improve in no time.

It is true that some times I take pictures of them, the stickers I make, for example. If you don’t own a scanner you will have to use a camera to show your art to the rest of the world. My first advice: don’t try to use it as a scanner, don’t try to take pictures to make them look like you scanned them, all straight and from above the piece. For aesthetic purposes, you can set the materials you used to create your art next to it, like pencils, pens, markers… 

The key is to try to make your pictures as bright as possible and the colors vibrant. If you can get to make the picture clear enough to to make the strokes of the pen, marker or brush, visible, even better. Because that is what is so cool about traditional art, that you don’t have to fake the texture of the paint or the paper.

The most important things:

Light! Take the picture during day light. Use a lamp if you feel like you need to to fill the shadows from the opposite side of the window, but have in mind that natural light will give you a blueish color on the paper while the bulb light will add a yellowish one.

Editing! If you use your phone to take the picture I’m sure you will have some apps to edit pictures. Try to turn up the exposure and the contrast to make the whites even whiter and the blacks even blacker xD

Filters! If your drawing is a black and white piece you can alway try to use a b/w filter!

And the most important thing: CLEAN THE LENSES before taking the picture! It has happened to me before that the camera was filthy and it took me a while to realice why my pictures were so shitty lmao.

Sadly, in the end, the quality of your camera has a lot to do with the final results.

I hope this will help you! And if you start your art blog, don’t forget to send me the link because i will love to follow it!!

BTS as really cool things I've said
  • Namjoon: u got scissors mayte? *someone hands scissors* thanks, *hands scissors back and they already bent*
  • Seokjin: Who needs grades and school when you look hot like me and can eat a leaf and still be called a gift
  • Jimin: don't fucking call me cute ok I am not a soft fuck who sings Mary had a little lamb ok I'm a sexy ass pistol pew pew
  • Yoongi: ok can u do me a favour? see that door, go through that and fucking let me sleep you uneducated weiner.
  • Taehyung: I get it, you got your cool bloody movie collection, well guess what! I got a stuffed animal collection and I will not hesitate to send u selfies w/ lia te lamb.
  • Jungkook: ok just because I'm younger than all of u doesn't mean I can't get dick before u, I mean u can get pissed before me but ive been a god at sexual shit since I was pushed out between my mums legs probably 2 years ago.
  • Hoseok: I am not edgy, I am a happy dingdong who can body roll like a tumbleweed ok try me I will beat ur ass in just dance.

au where jeongguk is on the flight back to korea after having been on exchange for a semester. as much as he enjoyed the experience, he is extremely excited to finally be going back, even if he is slightly dreading the journey. on the way there he had been seated beside someone who didn’t realise that he wasn’t particularly interested in talking, they kept trying to start a conversation regardless of his lackluster responses. this time however, he thinks it’s going to be a better flight because he is seated beside a boy who simply smiled at him before going back to his book. sweet, sweet silence. as it is a night flight, jeongguk decides to put on a movie and hopefully he’d doze off. just as he is about to enter dreamland, he feels a weight on his shoulder. confused, he turns and sees that his seatmate has fallen asleep, head leaning against his shoulder. too shy to wake him up, jeongguk adjusts himself so his seatmate wouldn’t have to crane his neck awkwardly. there’s that. now, back to trying to fall asleep.

“good morning sir! i hope you rested well. are you and your partner ready to order breakfast or should i come back later?”

okay but with something as simple as “percy has shown me the kind of man that i want to marry someday” taryon did So Much™????? like.

  • from a shipper’s standpoint i’M SO FUCKING HAPPY because i’ve been non-output!shipping percy/tary and poly-OT3ing tary/percy/vex since Taryon Day One, so liKE. Y OOOOOO.
  • from a Percy fan standpoint, thank fuck for one more not-directed-at-percy quote to prove to percy that he is becoming the good person that he only ever wished he could be, and that he naturally is.
  • from a semi-out queer person standpoint, that fucking took so much courage and self-faith. considering what happened with tary and his father in the past to make tary even leave the family in the first place, considering what his dad was trying to guilt him into doing, that was fucking H U G E. that was taryon owning his identity for himself, and then telling his father to just deal with it coz that’s not ever changing. that shit means SO MUCH TO ME because i’m preparing to march at Pride for the first time ever, which i’ve been reticent to do because i’m not out to my family, just my friends and a few cousins. the thought of coming out to them scares me half to death because much as i complain abt not feeling like my family really cares about me or likes me much, i fear their rejection, i dread my dad turning on me completely simply because i am bisexual. so to see this character - WHO I’VE LOVED SINCE HE SHOWED UP BTW - truly accept it for himself OUT LOUD is just. well, it makes me cry, let’s start at that. it just. it means SO MUCH TO ME to see that happen.

so yeah like. thank you for that, sam riegel. idk if you knew that that was what you’d end up doing by having tary say that, but you did That™ and i’m just. so thankful.

i rly appreciate that neither Marinette’s nor Adrien’s crushes came from any instant-connection, love-at-first-sight nonsense.

i love that Marinette didn’t even know who Adrien was, despite his face being everywhere and his father being her favorite designer. maybe she’d seen his photos and his name around, but the pieces never clicked together, the info never stuck. 

because she’s interested in Gabriel Agreste’s work, not his family life or the people wearing the clothes he designed. 

and even though all those ads never caught her eye before, she has them plastered all over her room because now they represent a person. someone she’d met and misjudged until that moment he opened up to her and showed genuine vulnerability. his loneliness, uncertainty, regret, hope, kindness.

she still doesn’t know him all that well, but not many people do. she still idolizes him somewhat. but her feelings don’t come from seeing his friendly, controlled public facade—they came from seeing him drop it.

i love that Adrien is friendly and excited when he meets Ladybug, but he’s mostly just happy to be outside and meeting people and doing things. that’s what has all his attention: testing his new abilities, trying out his superpower, getting to know his partner a bit, rushing right into action and confrontations without hesitation (or strategy, or thought).

—and then, during that first fight, you can see his perception of her shift from “new partner! new friend!!” to “this is the most incredible person i have ever met” when she takes charge and coordinates the attack to its conclusion. aka, when he sees her creativity, her quick thinking, her courage, how all of her uncertainty turns into such intense clarity of purpose and determination, and it captivates him. cat-tivates?? stop me

(i also love that the first thing he says next time they meet is a flirty pun.)

watching their first fights together is seeing Adrien freefalling into a huge vat of cheese and sappiness loving Ladybug faster and harder with every passing moment.

it’s just really refreshing how absolutely personality-based their feelings are, how well they work together, how much they respect each other, and how unproblematic they are in general?? they make mistakes and cross lines, but they generally learn and recover.

like damn can more writers realize that writing for a healthy romance doesn’t have to be boring or conflict-free please