u can walk up 2 him if u want

Dating Jeonghan Would be like

HERES THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THIS SHITSHOW ALRIGHT MY DUDES HOLD ONTO UR HATS FOR THIS ONE (also am i the only one who’s absolutely d e s t r o y e d by GOT7′s comeback like just kill me jackson it would be less painful) As usual our ask box is open to suggestions! If you have an idea please pop by we need all the inspiration we can get lol

  • so Jeonghan is basically 17′s mom right
  • well ur their 2nd mom and they low-key like u better 
  • like jeonghan is the hard-ass parent that’s like no hoshi u cannot have candy for dinner
  • and ur over here like
  • I don’t feel like cooking iCE CREAM FOR DINNER
  • *seventeen cheers and Jeonghan sighs loudly* 
  • we all know how much this boy loves to sleep
  • even just laying down is Good Enough for him
  • and of course he drags u to cuddle 
  • even if u have stuff to do like u have 3 papers and a presentation to do 
  • but ur angel needs cuddles and he does not take no for an answer when it comes to cuddles
  • u 2 constantly napping together
  • like even if ur at 17′s dorm if the boys r becoming Too Much Jeonghan is just like…. me and my cutie angel sweetie pie r gonna go take a nap have fun w the demons Seungcheol 
  • *Coups gets devoured by 17*
  • playing with his hair
  • him playing with your hair
  • like it doesn’t matter what length or color it is Jeonghan is adamant that ur hair is better then his and it makes him low-key jealous
  • u start keeping hair-ties on ur wrist for him as well as urself bc he keePS STEALING YOURS 
  • Jeonghan, a pile of hair ties in front of him: I have no idea where they’re going honey 
  • i feel like he’s low-key of the PDA, like he’ll hold ur hand and give u lil kisses but those Deep Kisses r for u and him only 
  • only a lil possessive 
  • he’s fine w 17 being all goofy and touchy to an extent but as soon as he deems it too much he’s like tuxedo man suddenly there w a bunch of flower petals in the air like 
  • don’t touch my darling u are not worthy 
  • Dino: where did the flowers come from I’m scared
  • so he’s p chill when it comes to being jealous bc he knows u only have eyes for him and he trusts u 100% 
  • and vice versa u don’t have to be worried about him chasing tail elsewhere bc he loves u wholly and completely
  • the only person u gotta worry about is Scoups this boy will fight u
  • ex, if ur at the dorm and theres a seat next to Jeonghan he will without hesitation shove his foot in ur gut and launch himself to that seat
  • except u get to sit on Jeonghan’s lap now and ur sitting there like >:)
  • Scoups: D:<
  • Jeonghan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he hates going away on tours but he knows u love watching him perform and pursue what he loves but it doesn’t stop him from feeling guilty that he’s leaving u
  • so he brings u back lil trinkets from everywhere he goes
  • not like Scoups where he brings back 3 suitcases full of stuff
  • just lil things that make him think of u while he’s away and u love everything he gets u bc he has an uncanny ability to get u stuff that u love
  • Dino has u saved on his phone as Mom and Dad and Seungcheol is pouting bc he’s just Leader now
  • while he doesn’t have a problem with PDA he only says “i love you” in really intimate situations bc he feels its such a special word that shouldn’t be overused 
  • U once put his hair in braids n pigtails and Scoups nearly pissed himself laughing and he took a picture
  • Jeonghan uses that against u whenever y'all argue about what to eat for dinner 
  • he usually gets what he wants bc of that
  • His voice gets really deep and raspy in the morning and u love it 
  • i firmly believe he’s a morning sex kind of person like 
  • night time is for sleeping but mornings r for OTHER THINGS
  • his kisses are slow and passionate, even during sex
  • I think he’s pretty vanilla? like he likes u to be on top most of the time but that’s bc he’s lazy
  • on the rare occasion that ur not on top he’s literally making sure ur not able to walk the next day it’s either all or nothing with this boy
  • when he’s in those kind of moods hAIR PULLING HAPPENS ON BOTH ENDS
  • he love love loves pillow talk like after y'all are all cleaned up he’s holding ur hand and tracing pattens on ur bare back with his hands and talking in a low raspy voice and ur like do u wanna fight 
  • sex with Jeonghan is more like love making, it’s slow, almost tortuously slow, the air filled with low moans, muffled whimpers, and gasps for air
  • if u wanna get him real riled up if he’s not paying attention to u, just brush his hair back away from his neck and bite his ear a lil bit, as soon as u even breathe on his ear he’s ready and raring to go in .2 seconds
  • even tho sometimes he can seem a lil lazy he’s constantly working and constantly worrying about his members bc they’re basically his other family 
  • and u understand that and he loves u for it u become his rock and his other half 
  • he calls u his better half, not bc u are, but bc he literally worships the ground u walk on bc u make him want to work harder everyday so that he can wake up to your smile and feel your skin and hair and kisses

the end

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The first time Cas drinks alcohol, on Dean's twenty-first birthday, he wakes up in the morning with a hangover from hell, the feeling of something dead on his tongue, a glass of water with two aspirins next to him, and the very distinct memory he told Dean about the one thing he never wanted to say. He wallows in self-hatred for a while, thinking about all the ways he can apologize to his friend for his slip up. (There is one thing he will never want to lose, and that would be Dean.)[1/2]

But he still feels gross, he needs to take a shower and brush his teeth. He walks to the bathroom, ignoring the pills on his bedside table, and makes his way to the sink. When he sees his reflection in the bathroom mirror, he pauses, as there is a yellow sticky note with hastily written text on his forhead. The note reads “u should call later, i love u too - D”. Cas’s relieved laugh gives him a headache and his lips almost split from the smiling, but he doesn’t care the slightest bit. [2/2]

So he showers, brushes his teeth, takes the aspirin, and only then does he let himself call Dean. His heart is pounding and his palms are sweating, stomach filled up with butterflies and knots.

Dean picks up on the first ring, and Cas can hear the smile in his voice as he says ‘heya, Cas’.

Cas smiles back, even though Dean can’t see him.

They don’t talk long, but by the time they hang up, Dean is already on his way to pick Cas up for their first date.