u can touch this

At this distance, Gansey could feel Noah’s breath, inexplicably warm against the cold of everything else. Time seemed a phenomenon from another world, something that couldn’t touch them now.

The undefined question hung in the frozen, shrinking space between them.

june @ronanisronan drew this scene from ‘but cold’s not bad at all’ and honestly? i’m still crying. :’) thank u so much, june!! it’s perfect. 💛

Idk why I haven’t posted it yet since it’s been done for a while, but here’s my picture for a bnha fan project! I chose the movie theme, so I did something based on a poster for Train to Busan!

Good morning gay sex is completely healthy and natural and gay people shouldn’t have to feel dirty or ashamed for having or wanting sex. It’s healthy and natural for a girl to fantasise about having sex with another girl, or for a boy to fantasise about having sex with another boy, and they aren’t predatory for doing so ✨

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I headcanon that Yuuri pulls out the Yoga mat whenever he's mad at Viktor~ he puts on really form fitting clothes and does REALLY "flexible" poses but a look on his face that says "u can look but can't touch" and Viktor DIES everytime

how cruel.. yuuri


dont worry, im here for u 💕  

Happy (very very very late) Birthday to @kyrakupetsky !!! 
The gal’s a real good pal and this was a good excuse to draw her adorable punk bunnies (can you tell who my favourite is lmao ?) 
Anyhoo this is yet another chance to tell you that you’re sweet and awesome and definetly an inspiration and I love you !!

Over time Laurent becoming more comfortable with casual displays of affection. Like kissing Damen’s hand or abstent mindedly twining their fingers while they walk or pour over paper work. Laurent standing on his toes to give chaste kisses to Damen’s forehead or cheek in greeting or goodbye. Laurent resting his hand lightly on Damen’s thigh during meals and council meetings for comfort. Just. Laurent accepting and reciprocating casual affection is my k i n k