u can take that one to the bank

Keeping Sweet Rewards, Sugary.

Alright my fellow babies, from the time I’ve joined tumblr I’ve seen this topic occur probably the most. I have commented on 2 posts about this but this is a general run down of things.

1)Cash Leaves NO trace.
People underestimate the power of it. Sure yes, direct deposit is cool but if its not done right, if u don’t pay attention.. It can land u into some serious trouble. 8

2)For A Rainy Day
When u have decided on what you wanna put away, study your banks well. In the us, as around the world, each bank has a limit before it gets flagged and authorities are informed. Here in the us, its 10k. Deposit 2-4k one month and do NOT return until month ¾ especially if your paycheck is already being deposited there. Try to keep your number of bank accounts to 2/3. Its easier to maintain and again, doesn’t flag. Put the rest away in your home, if u can. Get a safe and keep that secret with u forever.

3)Lifetime/Investment Gifts
Cars, houses, condo, apartments these fall under this category. If he rents you a condo or apartment, do not move too up, too fast. Take it in steps. Make sure he pays for at least 8 months. As for buying of these things, LEASE. Lease the fuck out of these things especially when u can’t provide a direct source of income.

4)SAVE! Put up 40-50% of earnings. The sad truth is we can be dropped at any time left looking confused like that Mr Krabs meme going around now and most of us don’t want to do this forever.

5)The most important rule of all: LIVE WITHIN YOUR DOCUMENTED INCOME!!!

If at the end of the past 2-3 years your annual income has shown to be 60k pre/post taxes, that is what you need to show off for awhile especially when once again, no documented source of increased income. Limit the Mercedes Benz and high rise condos for now, figure yourself and strategy out.

Move in steps! You cant go from Rachel on friends to one of the characters in sex and the city in a month. Slow your role.

Xoxo Queen

SEVENTEEN as CARATs through April 24

Waking up early & Waiting for ‘Love & Letter’ Showcase to start 

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One more hour to go

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When it FINALLY starts

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SEVENTEEN looking flawless af

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Seungkwan & DK duet hit you in the face like

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Mixed Units got me like

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Talk break

tbh none of us understood a word but we all were like

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When SEVENTEEN said that they’ll do a human tower if they win but CARATS were like NO NO NO it’s too dangerous

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But then again asking them to take their shirt off instead

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Pretty U MV comes out 

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That MV is art , pure art . New favorite aesthetic 

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When they actually performed the song

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JeongCheol Moment 

Jeon Wonwoo Singing got me like

/I’m Mingyu/

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Listening to the Encore stage 

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End of showcase

That was the best one hour and something in my life

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V APP Love & letter countdown started


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See people complimenting SEVENTEEN

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Remember all the ver that this album has

-Yeah I’m fine , I can afford that , i think ? i guess gotta starve , who needs food

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But then again no time to feel sorry for your wallet/bank account cuz gotta watch the MV again & get to that 1M in 24h

We are in this together ./HSM in the BGM/

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& also me to SEVENTEEN 

SEVENTEEN & CARATs relationship be like

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honestly writers everywhere have no idea how much they’re losing by not wanting to write gay romances because as much as i care about writing and development and whatever i just really Want to watch and read about same gender romances with cliched tropes… like u don’t need to be creative… give me the most obvious, predictable, overdone romantic plot you can possibly imagine but MAKE IT GAY and my money is yours, no questions asked. i will watch your dumb terrible cheesy movie about the two girls or the two dudes everyday. i will tell everyone to watch it. it’s super easy just take the script of some famous romance and switch the names. you’re one pronoun change away from the entirety of my bank account


so my freshman year of college is finally over and i can start taking commissions again!! i spent a LOT of money on art supplies and food this year (like a looot at one point i only had $10 in my bank account and i was like How Did This Happen) and as some of u may kno i’m currently in the process of transitioning. i’ve got a doctor bill i still need to pay rn and of course i could use money 2 put towards testosterone. i’m also trying to save up for top surgery, and i’m going to have bills to pay in a few months because i’ll be living on my own! BASICALLY here i am out in the real world and there’s a ton of money stuff happening so tldr: I NEED MONEY ! so, on 2 the business stuff: 

the prices listed above are for pieces featuring ONE character. for icons, sketches, and linearts each additional character costs $1. for full-shaded images and pixels each additional character costs $2.

  • **only USD!**
  • payment through paypal only.
  • contact me here if you are interested or if you have any questions and i’ll get back 2 you asap!!
  • i’ll provide payment info once you message me
  • you don’t have to pay until i’ve confirmed that i’ve started the drawing. i’ll let you know when i’ve done the sketch (i can send it to u if u like), and you can pay or cancel the piece at that time!
  • if you want some other kind of drawing that isn’t listed here (lineless, some sort of traditional art, etc), let me know! i can do whatever you like and we can discuss prices based on what it is you want.
  • also i can do nsfw art if you want!! or gore! or anything! 
  • i can do any species, theme, pose, etc…srsly i’ll do pretty much anything, just ask!

**NO REFUNDS after you receive your art! i’ve provided enough examples for you know what you’re paying for and what you will receive (you can check out my art tag for more/higher quality examples). i can fix flaws, but that’s it. i will not redo the entire piece. if you want a wip - such as a sketch - before i get started finalizing the piece, let me know.**

ALRIGHT i think that covers everything. thanks 4 reading, i’d rlly appreciate any commissioners and if u can’t / don’t want 2 commission me signal boosting this will help me out as well!! :D

actuallygrimes  :  This is what we drink on stage because otherwise we musicians just end up advertising for bottled water without even thinking about it. If u can, remember to bring reusable water bottles to the show like this one so u don’t have to buy water! 😛 better for the earth, and ur bank account – and takes power away from companies like nestle who are attempting to privatize water. They don’t believe water is a human right. Tap water in the USA is safe to drink 💖💖

@actuallygrimes: This is what we drink on stage because otherwise we musicians just end up advertising for bottled water without even thinking about it.  If u can, remember to bring reusable water bottles to the show like this one so u don’t have to buy water! 😛 better for the earth, and ur bank account – and takes power away from companies like nestle who are attempting to privatize water.  They don’t believe water is a human right.  Tap water in the USA is safe to drink 💖💖