u can sure count me in

reasons why u should be confident with yourself:
  • if you’re an artist: nobody will ever paint, sketch, make art the way you do. nobody will ever hold your paint brush and take care of it and stroke it on a sheet of paper the way you want it. nobody will ever be as unique and beautiful and as distinct as you. your art is yours. not because they don’t “like” it already mean it’s not beautiful. art is meant to be felt by the heart and not judged by the eyes alone. that’s the beauty in art.
  • if you’re a singer: your voice may not be as high-pitched and as long-ranged as the divas and song birds from all over the world, but haven’t you noticed the way you make this cute little notes jump in joy when you sing it? i think it’s beautiful, the way you play with the rhythm. nobody will ever make such beautiful noise the way you do ever again. make it count.
  • if you’re a writer, a poet: have you forgotten that everybody has their own story to tell? im pretty sure a lot of people would love to hear your story. and count me in, because honestly, im one of them. hearing other people’s story and learning a lot from it is honestly the best part of living. it always feels like you’re starting to become part of their lives and it’s just so beautiful. let other people read your stories: write it, show it, and let everybody read it. we’d love it, trust me !
  • if you’re a pet lover: oh dear !! i love pets as much as you, but can u imagine the look on ur pet’s face when they see you bein sad and moping around with sadness because you’re not confident enough to do something? it will make them feel even sadder. radiating positive rays of sunshine and joys and happiness will make them happy! oh dear, start movin your hands and work. trust me, it will make your pet happy if you’re happy!
  • if you’re passionate over something: don’t be afraid to do things that you love with every single cell in your body. dont let other people’s opinion affect your love and passion over something. if you want make-up and you’re studying in a science school and they think that you look funny, don’t mind them, really. they have their opinion. and you have yours. if they can’t respect yours, then that’s their problem. dont let their opinions affect your happiness. they’re just stupid thoughts, anyway. believe in yourself.
  • if you feel like you’re not good enough: who told you so? im sorry you feel like the world is not treating you right, but trust me it happens to everybody. there are times when you just can’t love yourself as much as you did a few days ago. you can love yourself 50% today and 70% tomorrow. that’s alright. it’s alright. you’re doing fine. and im proud of your progress. but maybe u should step up a little bit and wear the stuff that you’ve always wanted to wear. nobody’s going to hate you. im pretty sure some of the nice girls out there would even love it. you’re going to be okay, peach. i love you. :*)

When it comes down to it, you can still count on me

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whaddup can I have a jhope FUCKBOI au w number 31 pls and thank u sugartits

idk why you went on anon mate i know it’s you @freehoseoksdick hope you like it lad and stop calling me sugartits 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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Love Hurts

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluffiness, wedding, happiness, angst, sadness, someone can’t have me!!!

Word Count: 732

Summary: Sam can only watch as Y/n gives the rest of her life to him…

A/N: Ok, more angst with Samuel…did it from his POV, which was strange, but I feel like it’s worked out ok… Hope u like it!! Also, shout out to my awesome hoe @wayward-mirage​​ for reading this over and making sure it flowed!! Ur awesome!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines​​ @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ @sallyp-53​​ @salvatorexwinchester​​ @helvonasche​​ @notnaturalanahi​​ @wayward-mirage​​ @riversong-sam​​ @nerdflash​​ @miss-miep​​ @impala-dreamer​​ @greek-geek481​​ @chelsea072498​​ @deals-with-demons​​ @plaidstiel-wormstache​​ @impalaimagining​​ @deathtonormalcy56​​ @the-latina-trickster​​ @aingealcethlenn​​ @squirrels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999​​ @cubs2019-blog​​ @lucifer-in-leather​​ @straightestgay-voice​​ @professsionalsinner​​ @deantheotherkingofkinks​​ @50shadesofyes​​ @lucis-unicorn @kumaartz​​ @whispersandwhiskerburn​​ @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​​ @colespriverdale​​  @daddysxlittlexsunshine @atc74​​ @wonderange @becaamm​​ @mogaruke​​


My breath was taken away as soon as she began walking down the aisle.

God, she looked stunning.

The white dress. 

The way it made her skin shine. 

The flowers in her hands, making her eyes glimmer more than usual.

It was everything about her. Every little thing that I had fallen in love with.

And watching her walking down the aisle, Cas walking along side her, his own smile wide and bright, I couldn’t help the way my heart raced.

Our eyes connected for a few seconds, and I could swear, in that moment, I was done.

I knew she’d be the one I loved till the end of time.

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Post-It Notes, ch9

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8 | ch9 

IT’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly posting this is making me super nervous because it’s been such a long wait? which im very sorry about? so i owe yall a really good chapter in return for u guys being so lovely and patient <333 

thank you to @sadrien and @reyxa for being the best cheerleaders ever, love you guys <3 also HUGE shoutout to sadrien for beta-ing (ish??) for me. god bless i lov u 

as always, comments and reblogs are very much appreciated!!! (please reblog omg i want 2 know what u guys think!!!) 


Adrien is drowning. The harsh blue of the memory of her eyes pull him in deeper and deeper, and Adrien doesn’t know if he wants to stay above water anymore. He now knows for sure that the post-it notes had been Marinette, but he still almost can’t believe it. It feels like a dream that is too good to be true, but Adrien hasn’t woken up yet.

Adrien is so in love. And he is so fucked.

Adrien sinks into his chair as he spins in it absentmindedly. The words “I love you” scrawl their way across his vision again and again and again. He hugs the note to his chest.

“I love you,” he murmurs, swooning a little as he says it.

“Aw, Adri-chou! I didn’t know you felt that way about me!” Plagg coos as he zips into view.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Plagg, you know I hate it when Chloé calls me that.”

“Adri-fromage, is that fucking better?”

“I hate you.”

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anonymous asked:

are requests open? If so, can I have Genji, McCree, Tracer and/or Junkrat comforting their s/o after a particularly difficult day at work? Not like, overwatch work, but catering or stuff like that? A normal job. I had a really, really stressful day dealing with constant errors in count and just rude coworkers and need something to help me feel a bit better ;u; (if requests are closed i'm really sorry you can just ignore this)

A/N: We all have stressful days, but unfortunately that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. Chin up, Anon, here’s some comfort for you.


  • Genji’s a sweet boy, and is much more emotionally available than his bitter older brother, so he’s aware of how stressed you are the second you get home. He’s going to make sure that your every need is taken care of, you get to just sit down and relax while he does all the work.
    • Want to eat a home cooked meal? Genji’s on it. Want take-out or delivery? He’ll get it faster than anyone else. Want to just relax together? He’s at your side in an instant. He’ll be waiting on you without fail, making sure that you’re as comfortable as humanly possible. Might even break out the Sentai suit if you need a laugh.
    • Genji’s dealt with a lot of stress in his life, so he’s happy to give you tips on how to get through it in one piece. Meditation’s always something that he’ll recommend when the going gets tough, and Zenyatta can be there at a moment’s notice if the stress seems overwhelming. Mental health is as important as physical health.
    • At the end of the day, Genji cares deeply about you, and seeing you stressed like that is no good for anyone. He won’t rest until you’re calmed down and in a place of peace. Work is important, sure, but there’s no sense in stressing yourself to death over it, your well-being certainly takes priority.


  • Jesse’s so sweet that he’ll give you a cavity, you don’t fit the cowboy archetype without having some compassion hidden under all that bravado. He’s not even smoking when you come home stressed, it’s all hugs and kisses from your personal outlaw.
    • Nothing cheers him up like a warm home-made meal cooked with love and care. He might not be the best cook, but he’s pulling out all the stops for your sake. Even if it isn’t the tastiest meal ever, there’s no denying that every scrap of it is filled with compassion. The important thing is that he cares, not that he’s a good cook.
    • McCree’s relaxation methods are more focused on material treatments to his stress (smoking and drinking). Now, he doesn’t want you to start chomping cigars, so he’s going to try some more mentally focused treatments for you. Nothing puts things into perspective quite like watching a sunset with your love.
    • Your sweetheart will do everything he can to make you feel relaxed. The stress of being an international outlaw doesn’t even phase him, but that doesn’t make your stress any less legitimate. He loves you, and he’s going to make damn sure that you know it.


  • Lena is, without a doubt, the most affectionate Overwatch member. If you want someone to smother you with love and care when the stress gets to be a little much, then she’s your girl. It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re overloaded with so much genuine love.
    • Cooking isn’t exactly her forte. Making tea or heating something up, sure, but actually cooking? Let’s not. It’s not out of a lack of care, far from it, she just thinks that a burnt meal from her isn’t going to be the most relaxing thing. She’ll grab takeout or delivery in an instant (literally), and if you really want her to cook she will, but making you feel full of love is a bigger priority to her.
    • Prepare to be hugged for the next hour at the very least, she’s not letting go of you no matter what. She’ll whisper in your ear about how much she loves you, running a hand through your hair, helping let the stress of the day slip away. When you hurt, she hurts, and she’s not going to let you suffer because of work.
    • If you need to laugh or simply feel loved, there’s no one better for you than Lena. Living for the moment is incredibly important to her, the past is meaningful, but it doesn’t dictate the future. Every day is a new beginning, and the worries of the past will slip away in time.


  • Jamison is a rather enthusiastic guy, given the line of work he finds himself in. It’s baffling how someone who’s been close to so many explosion somehow manages to find joy in it. Maybe that’s his trick, find joy in the simpler things, not that explosions are terribly simple to us.
    • Junkrat isn’t a world renowned chef, but if you want something deep-fried or scorched, he’s your man. But his focus is more on making you happy, as opposed to making you feel full. He’ll try and make you laugh, pulling out his wonderful Vaudeville routine just for. Throw in some juggling, and you’ve got a private comedy show to take the stress away.
    • He isn’t the best for some quiet moments, but he can recognize when it’s time to slow down a little and just be with you. There’s some laughing, plenty of love, and a surprising amount of silence, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as you feel good, he feels good, that’s all that matters right now.
    • Nothing pushes stress away like laughter, and Junkrat is going to do his best to make sure you’re laughing the entire evening. There’s beauty in the smaller things. To take a quote from a great man “It’s the little things”.
Night & Day [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anon requested: “Hi I love ur writing so much. Please could you do a imagine where Jason Todd and y/n are rivals when they’re out at night but irl they’re bffs. They find out about each other one night. But can u use prompts 1 and 25. Btw y/n is a girl xxx”

A/N: It took me forever but I finally did it! Forgive me for taking forever to do it!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2048

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”

Prompt 25: “You’ve been undressing me with your eyes all night.”



“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Red Hood groaned when he spotted a familiar figure in the distance, no doubt targeting the same gang he and his accomplices were targeting.

“Who is that?” asked Robin, narrowing his eyes. “Someone you know?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” was the solemn reply before they crossed your path, stopping you. You immediately slid to a stop and a smirk made its way to your face when you saw the familiar helmet.

“Gosh Red, I know you’re jealous of me but stalking me to get my secrets? A bit much, don’t you think?” you said in a playful voice.

“I’m not playing games today [S/H/N], this one is ours. Back off.” Red Hood growled, not in the mood for your attitude and sass. You placed a hand on your chest.

“My, how rude. Is that how you talk to a lady? No wonder you’re still single.” your smirk widened when his accomplices sniggered. “And who are your friends? Mind introducing me?”


“Hey there!” You waved a hand. “The name’s [S/H/N], I think we’ve seen each other around when I was kicking ass.”

“I’m Nightwing.” He was the first to introduce himself, offering a hand. You took it of course.

“You’re cute.” you commented, winking at him.

“Oh please.” Red Hood muttered under his breath, feeling strangely more angry at Nightwing than you.

“Red Robin.” the other hero said, “and that’s Robin.”

“We have a gang to stop?” Red Hood reminded, growing more impatient.

“Right.” You nodded. “Say, why don’t we work together? [S/H/N] and Friends! What do you say? Has a nice ring to it huh?”

“How about no.” He snapped, glaring at you.

“I don’t know Red Hood, we can use an extra person.” said Nightwing, smiling at you. You smiled back, since it’s rare to meet someone so nice during your patrols.

“Seriously? She’s not even that good!” Red Hood exclaimed.

“She must be pretty good if she got under your skin.” Red Robin chimed in.

“She didn’t–”

“Don’t mind him.” you interrupted, “he’s always like that towards me. Never wants to work together, always wants to get more baddies than me even though we all know I get more.“You stretched and said, “tell you what, I’ll back off, but only because you all–except for that asshole,” you motioned towards Red Hood, “have all been exceptionally nice to me tonight.”

You jumped onto another building. “May fate cross our paths again.” And with that, you were gone.

“She seems nice.” Nightwing stated, smiling. However, that smile instantly dropped when he saw Red Hood’s death glare. “Um…” he turned to Red Robin and Robin and pointed at Red Hood, “He looks like he’s going to kill me.”

“He’s overreacting.” Red Robin sighed.

Nightwing continued to look at Red Hood. “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.”

“He’s just jealous.” Robin informed with a smirk.

“I am not jealous!” Red Hood exclaimed defensively, “why would I be jealous, over her?

“He’s in denial.” Red Robin said, smiling as well.

“Fuck you.”

“Definitely in denial.”

A squeal escaped your lips when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. You felt vibration on the broad chest that was against you as a familiar chuckle rang through your ears.

“Jason!” you exclaimed, “don’t do that!”

“Was that a squeal I heard from you?” he asked, that smirk appearing on his lips. You blushed and glared at him, but to him you looked like an angry chipmunk; in short you looked really cute.

Jason felt heat rise to his cheeks but he just tightened the grip he had on you and said, “oh come on, is that how you greet your best friend?”

You rolled your eyes. “Jason, I saw you literally one day ago. It’s not like you’ve been gone five years.”

“Well… I missed you.” Jason said quietly, and if he wasn’t right behind you, you wouldn’t have heard the statement. But you did, and it caused your face to grow red.

“W-What was that?” you questioned, turning to him just to make sure you heard right. You were sure, but you could never be too sure.

“It’s nothing.” Jason mumbled, releasing you and scratching the back of his neck. His nervous reaction told you it was definitely what you heard.

When you opened your mouth to say something, the sight of his bruised face made the words get caught up in your throat.

“Jason… what… what happened to your face?” you asked, looking horrified. 

“Oh… uh… got into another fight.” Jason muttered, trying to look away. You placed your hands on his cheeks and turned his face back to yours, inspecting the new bruises.

Jason was incredibly nervous. Not only did you see the bruises he got last night when that damn criminal somehow managed to bruise his face even with a helmet to protect it, you were also cupping his cheeks and looking extremely attractive with your eyes filled with concern over his safety. 

It didn’t take a great detective to see that Jason was attracted to you. It was so cliche, falling in love with his best friend, but his best friend was also the woman who didn’t mind his crude sense of humor, or his fluctuating self-esteem and bullshit. In fact, you loved those features of him. Of course, Jason hadn’t informed you of his nightly activities yet in fear that he may get you hurt someday.

“You have to be more careful Jay.” you scolded him, using that nickname of his. “I’m worried you may get seriously hurt someday. I don’t want to lose you.”

He smiled at how worried you were. It was just a bruise, yet you acted as if he had been shot. It was another reason why he didn’t tell you about Red Hood; you’d worry yourself to death for him.

“I’ll be fine.” he reassured, “you know I can take care of myself.”

“I’m starting to doubt that…” you commented, smiling playfully as you dragged him to a seat so you could treat that wound of his, both of you oblivious to the fact that you were staring at your rivals.

“Ooo, they look tough.“

Red Hood almost jumped when he heard your voice in his ear. He turned and gave you a glare.

“Not you again.” he snarled, “go away, as you can see I’m busy.”

“You mean sitting around contemplating on your miserable life?” you gave him a grin. It was too fun to mess with him.

Red Hood stared at you, asking himself how someone could be so annoying.

“Just kidding, can’t you take a joke?” You positioned yourself next to him and frowned. “In all seriousness though, there’re a lot of them. You may need help.”

“I don’t need help.” Red Hood scoffed. You raised an eyebrow at his stubbornness.

“Red, come on. You will need help and I don’t see any of your friends with you.” you stated. When he didn’t respond, you couldn’t help but sigh. “I know that I distract you while you fight, but you’re going to really need an extra pair of hands for this!”

“You–I–what the actual fuck are you talking about?” Red Hood sounded flustered, something he rarely became. You took the opportunity to tease him.

“Oh really? Red, you’ve been undressing me with your eyes all night.” you laughed.



“I’m wearing a fucking helmet.”

“… look, I’m offering you help. Take it or leave it, either way I’m still going in there so are we gonna work together or not?”

In the end, you and Red Hood ended up working together after all, though reluctantly from him. You didn’t understand what his problem with you was; sure you two were somewhat rivals but it didn’t mean you two couldn’t be friendly to each other. In the end you all wanted the same thing; to rid Gotham City of criminals.

However, just because you two were working together, didn’t meant there wasn’t a little competition.

“What’s your number?” Red Hood questioned as he took down another criminal.

You shrugged. “Lost count after 40.”

“Liar.” Red Hood scoffed, “you just don’t want to admit you lost.” He took down the last criminal with a punch.

“Nah, I was too focused on saving your ass.” you stated. It was meant to be another joke, but as soon as the last word left your mouth, you saw a gunman you two must’ve missed. His gun was raised, and he was aiming straight for Red Hood.

As Red Hood voiced his response, you yelled, “Red, watch out!”

You didn’t know what possessed you to do it, but you found yourself shoving him away. A gunshot was heard, and you felt the unmistakable sensation of a fast-moving object piercing your stomach.

“Shit–[S/H/N]!” Red Hood shot the gunman that injured you and was by your side in an instant. “Fuck. Okay, you’re gonna be okay. I know people that can help.” He sounded panicked, as if he was actually worried about you. It was strange hearing him like that.

“Ah… this is humiliating.” you chuckled, but it came out as pathetic wheezes. “I am so dead.”

“Don’t say that.” He picked you up, and you bit your lip to stop yourself from crying out. You’ve been shot before, but the pain was always an ugly experience.

“You know… it seems like you actually care about me Red.” you grinned, ignoring your darkening vision.

“Oh don’t get the wrong idea, you insufferable idiot.” he snapped, “I just owe you one. Better repay it as soon as possible.”

“Ha… keep telling yourself that.” Your words were slurred, you struggled to stay awake. “You like me… admit it.”

Red Hood sighed. “You’re talking bullshit. Just shut up and let me get you fixed up.”

“Oh well… too bad, you’re missing a lot.” Even wounded, you still found a way to tease him. “But even if you did confess your undying love to me… which we all know you want to… I would totally reject you.”

“Why?” Red Hood found himself asking.

“Curious now… are we?” Your voice was growing quieter and quieter. “Well… I guess someone should know, just in case I don’t make it.” By now, Red Hood had reached the entrance of the Batcave. “I’m in love with my best friend.”

“Your best friend?” Red Hood repeated, confused. You nodded weakly.

“Yeah… his… his name is Jason… Jason Todd.”

Under the helmet, his eyes widened. That’s when everything clicked; why he was so drawn to you in the first place, why the two of you could never seem to leave each other alone. 

“[F-F/N]?” Jason whispered, the panic in his heart multiplying when he realized that the bleeding woman in his arms, [S/H/N] as she called herself, was really his best friend that he had been in love with all these years, that he had just discovered returned his feelings.

“H-How…?” You felt yourself being laid down, and then you saw your rival reach to take his mask off.

And then you saw the familiar pair of azure eyes staring back at you, filled with worry and fear. You saw the unmistakable white streak that contrasted raven hair, and that large bruise on his face you just treated this morning.

That was the last sight you saw before you black out.

It was several enduring hours before you stirred, eyes fluttering open and wandering around, studying the strange new environment. Confused and frightened, and realizing your face mask was taken off, you tried to sit up, but a calloused hand pushed you back down gently.

“Easy there. You shouldn’t get up yet.” It was Jason. At first you panicked, but upon seeing the Red Hood costume he was still wearing, you remembered the events before you blacked out.

“Y-You’re… Red Hood?” you uttered.

“I could ask you the same question, [S/H/N].” Jason stated.

You two sat in silence before you groaned and covered your face. “What is it?” inquired Jason.

“I basically confessed my love to you.” You shook your head. “This is really awkward.”

Jason couldn’t help but smile. “Not if I return your feelings.”


And the next thing you knew, Jason was kissing you.

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Stress Eating

Request:  an angsty scenario in which jungkook is feeling stressed bc of their busy schedule and starts stress eating and gains weight pretty fast and the fans start commenting mean stuff abt him which makes him feel like he has disappointed the fans?? thank u!!

A/n:  I saw your request last night and was super pumped to write it, although I hate the thought of a sad kookie, everybody has their times and I’m sure he does too :’( without further a do, here’s the angst jungkook scenario I’ve prepared for you! - Amelia

Genre: Angst
Members: Jungkook
Word Count: 2384


Originally posted by jeonggxuk-moved

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Mic Help

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Part One | (Lemme know if you guys want a part 2 :’)

A/N: Some spicy Diggs for you on this fine evening, hope you guys enjoy! Also let me know if you guys want a part two with,,, i dunno,,, thyme and aragon ?? LOL get it bc thyme and aragon are spices,, ok i’m done luv u guys <3 

T/W: swearing, intense makeout session, grinding

Word count: 796


“Y/N, Can I have some help with my mic? I kind of messed it up doing the Lafayette bun.” Daveed popped his head out of his dressing room.

“Yeah, sure! Hold on, let me see.” You walked into the dressing room, shutting the door behind you since you wouldn’t be able to focus with Lin and Alex’s overly loud singing. You walked over to Daveed and reached up to adjust the mic that rested on top of his head, which was difficult considering he was pretty tall.

“Could you tilt your head slightly down?” You were unaware that this brought the both of you two closer than ever, almost closing the gap between your faces as you fidgeted with his mic to adjust it. You bit your lip, something you often did when you were in deep concentration which also drove Daveed mad, especially with you this close.

“There you go! All set!” You smiled before shifting your gaze from the mic on the top of his head to his face, which was much closer than it had ever been. Your voice audibly hitched as you two stared each other down.

“Y/N..” Daveed whispered before pressing your lips together. 

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passengers (2820)

one week before hyperion reaches habitat 7, the pathfinder team is brought out of cryogenic stasis. their first obstacle: shouldering the weight of what they’ve left behind.

scott ryder/liam kosta. 5886 words, sfw, falling in love over improper use of the tempest group chat. written for fun 15 days before andromeda’s launch so everything is Probably Very Wrong

DISCLAIMER: this fic is not based explicitly on the andromeda gameplay that’s been revealed so far, but there are still a few canon bits hidden here and there. if you don’t want to read spoilers then please don’t read.

The first thing Liam Kosta thinks after six-hundred years of cryogenic stasis is: Am I awake?

And then, when it’s apparent that he is: We made it, right? Did we make it?

And after that he isn’t thinking much of anything but thank God, thank God– are the others–? Oh my God, thank God, because no amount of experience in the field could really prepare anybody for something like this, and they’d known that going in.

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pairing; yoonmin.

raiting; fluff, slightly angst.

word count; 1,265.

♡ i swear to god i truly try to write funny things but i just have this big thing for yoonmin being cute af and well, here is this thing i call a masterpiece bc that’s exactly what yoonmin is. based on this praisepjm’s au, honestly eveything she does gives me so much inspiration make sure to follow her. hope u enjoy! remember u can request anything, anytime.

Yoongi is a very moody photographer. He has this asshole reputation among other photographers and even some fans of his work portray him as an untouchable artist. He’s not very bond of exhibitions and he usually ignores all the invitations he gets, and for very important occasions he just sends his personal assistant with an excuse that hosts never believe but just go with it because he’s well known in the photography industry as the grumpy guy. Even with his own exhibitions, he prefers to stay away from all fuzz and unnecessary attention and share his achievements with only the people that truly cares about him. Honestly, he doesn’t give a shit about all the negative comments he gets and actually enjoys being called ‘extremely exclusive’.

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I just reached 400 followers! I’ve only had this blog for a short amount of time and you have all shown me so much love and kindness! What better way to celebrate this love, than with my first ever Tumblr Awards! 


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Off the clock

Requested by @helloanimelover - Hi! Can u do a G Callen x reader with 7,13,17,18,20,21 and 25? Please and thanks :-)     
Prompts - 7 - ‘Don’t think too much or your head will explode.’
                13 - ‘Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?‘
                17 - ‘Was that supposed to hurt?’
                18 - ‘Where did you learn to fight like that?’
                20 - ‘Remove your hand or I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.‘
                21 - ‘One. Last. Time.’
                25 - ‘You are driving me completely and utterly mad.’

Word Count - 904

Characters - Callen x Reader

You stood on the edge curb looking out, you disguise was a lady who was waiting for your date, but he hadn’t shown up yet when a man came up to you.
‘You okay?’ He asked, you turned around and smiled.
‘Yeah, just waiting for someone.’ You replied sweetly.
‘I’ll wait with you then.’ He offered, you smiled and shook your head politely declining.
‘Nah, it’s okay. He shouldn’t be too long.’ You told him, you turned back to the road. He sighed before walking away, then you heard a voice in your head.
‘How’s it feel getting hit on?’ You heard Callen’s cheeky voice come through. You smiled and looked over to the van.
‘Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?’ You directed the question at Sam, this time. He knew how much Callen was annoying you. You heard a chuckle.
‘Not just now.’ He replied, you smiled but sighed. You were going to make a snarky comment but you felt something press against your back, you stood up taller.
‘Don’t say anything.’ The man said in your ear. You nodded, he wrapped an arm around you and you smiled at him, talking through your teeth.
‘What do you want?’ You asked, he was leading you towards an alley. He chuckled and pressed the gun into your ribs.
‘The team. One. Last. Time.’ Was all he replied as he turned into an alley, he pushed you against the wall, he placed his arm across your neck, holding you against the wall, placing the gun back in the holder. You made eye contact.

‘Remove your hand or I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.’ You calmly said to him, he looked at you smirking.
‘What you gonna do about it?’ He teased, you smiled at him before kneeing him, then bringing his head down onto your knee, hearing the cracking of his nose. He looked up as the blood continued dripping down his chin, dropping onto the ground. He smiled at you before wiping his lips.
Was that supposed to hurt?’ He snarled, you raised your arms ready to punch him when he attacked, he stepped forward aiming for you head, you ducked and punched his stomach. He bent over groaning, you heard footsteps behind you, he stood up and grabbing you by the neck, and placing the gun to your head as the other came around the corner.
‘Put the weapon down.’ Callen demanded. He held you tighter and you sighed, it was always you that ended up with the gun pointed at you. You raised both your hands, placing them on his arm, placing one foot in front of the other, balancing yourself. You bent slightly and used all your body weight to flip him over you, when he landed on the ground he dropped the gun, which you grabbed and pointed at his head.
‘Stay there.’ You said, he raised his arms.
’Where did you learn to fight like that?’ He asked cheekily.
‘When you have to stand your ground, you learn what you need.’ You told him honestly, bring him to his knees so he could get handcuffed.

You stood outside watching as Callen and Sam bring in the unsub. You stepped in front of him, you looked at the boys and they stepped away giving you a minute with him.
‘What? Have you not done enough bullying?’ He teased, you stepped forward and he flinched.
‘Trust me I have more in me but I just need to ask you a question. Off the clock.’ You told him.
‘Nothings off the clock.’ He said. You sighed before asking him.
‘What did you mean by one last time?’ You asked him, he looked at you then up to where the camera was.
‘Nothing.’ He said, not making any eye contact.
‘It must have meant something.’ You said, crossing your arms.
‘It was my job.’ He shook his head before replying with the easy answer.
‘Who sent you?’ You demanded, he didn’t say anything, he was silent for a couple of seconds before speaking up.
‘Nothing is off the clock.’ He said, looking you dead in the eye, you nodded as Callen and Sam walked in.

You were sitting at the bar, swirling the drink around in the glass thinking over. He had warned you that nothing was off the clock, but you didn’t expect him to turn up dead the first night in prison.
‘Don’t think too much or your head will explode.’ You heard from behind you, you raised an eyebrow as you turned around and saw Callen standing next to you.
‘I can’t help it.’ You told him honestly as he ordered a drink. He shook his head.
‘Why?’ Callen asked, thanking the bartender.
‘He said something that’s sticking with me.’ You replied.
‘What?’ He asked.
‘That nothings off the clock.’ You said, taking a sip. Callen looked at his drink before shaking his head.
‘It’s probably nothing. He’s dead, what does it matter?’ Callen replied, you nodded your head.
‘I know but he was pretty worried.’ You said, finishing the drink before putting the money on the counter and standing up, putting your jacket on.
‘Where you going?’ Callen asked, you turned back around.
‘To investigate.’ You said, before turning back around.
You are driving me completely and utterly mad.’ He said, before downing the drink and joining you.

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anonymous asked:

maybe rfa + saeran with mc being a fencer?


  • Listen,,, when u tell this poor boy that your main hobby is fencing he FREAKS out
  • “Isn’t that dangerous???
    • Yoosungupreciouschild
  • He doesn’t really understand fencing but wowiegee ur form looks so good!!!
  • He practically becomes an aggressive soccer mom
    • yoosungstopyoutwoaregonnagetkickedout
    • he makes sure you’re always well rested, well hydrated, and well fed before each match!!!
  • ·You can always count on this smol bean who’s always rooting for you


  • “you wear…that…that horrid thing..? You willingly wear that?!”
    • yeszenitskindatherequirement
  • He doesn’t understand why you’d fence???
  • It just seems so boring??
  • His opinion totally changes when you drag him to a fencing match!!!
    • Everything goes so fast he can barely catch when you touch an opponent and he is fascinated
    • Comes to every match of yours because he wants to cheer you on!
  • ·Totallydoesnttryontheuniformoneday
    • “Wow, I can even make this uniform look good”
    • “If by good, you mean ugly, then yes”
    • Thatswhaturhoeassdeservesafterreactinglikethatinthefirstplace


  • You both didn’t know that the other fenced???
  • Omg okay so you two are going up against each other bUT NEITHER OF YOU KNOWS
    • At long last…your opponent wins
  • You take off your masks and oMG IT’S UR GF???It’slikethatParentTrapscene
  • W H A T
  • She’s so happy that you’re doing this!!!
    • So excited to have someone give her pointers
    • spARRING ALL THE TIME! The rules: can be initiated at anytime as long as the person isn’t eating!
  • Your apartment is always mess because you two are always challenging each other


  • This boy is all up for it when you tell him???
  • I will stop at nothing to make sure you are the best fencer in the world”
    • you’re crying because you couldn’t have asked for a more supportive boyfriend
    • 2020Olympicsherewecome
  • he comes to every single one of your matches!!!
    • “Hey MC…is your boyfriend the tall one in a suit…?”
    • “Yeah that’s probably him”
    • “well, slight problem, he has an entire cheerleading team with him”
    • he’sbannedfromallyourmatchesafterthatincidence


  • “mC TEACH ME!!”
  • ho my god this boy is so enthusiastic when he gets to see one of your matches
    • wantstolookascoolasyou
    • This boy can fight but he can’t get the footwork for this down???
  • “your dominant foot needs to turn out! Don’t keep it straight!
    • “Maybe you should put hands on my thigh and show me MC” eyebrow wriggle
    • death stare
    • “Alright, alright, no need to get so touchy”
    • Andyoupunchhim “Don’t let your en garde down, Saeyoung”
    • “Curses, foiled again!”
  • Youfreakingnerdsyoureperfectforeachother
    • He becomes decent but HATES that you’re always beating him
    • Lowkeysmugwhenyouhaveanytechnologicalquestionstoask


  • He doesn’t get this sport at all
  • “So it’s not a real sword? If you’re not killing your opponent, what’s the point of this???
    • “Saeran it’s just for fun”
    • “Killing is fun"
    • ohmygodyouedgelord
  • He gets SO into to it
    • He starts training with you!!!
  • He’s actually really good???
  • No one can beat either of you and you two have a hard time beating each other
    • WHO WILL WIN??
    • ·YOU DECIDE THAT NOT ME sucksforyou


  • You didn’t even tell him
  • You would just randomly poke him with the foil???
    • MCwhy
  • He’s amazed that you do this because you totally don’t seem to be the type for anything competitive
  • Wants you to show him!!!
  • He even challenges you
    • “V, I’m not sure you know if this, but you’re blind”
    • “You afraid a blind person can beat you?”
  • oH IT’S ON
  • “MC…you’d let the blind guy lose..?”
  • “Yeah, fuck you”
  • Youarethelightofhislife

designoza  asked:

hello, i'm currently a junior in high school and planning on majoring towards visual communication/graphic design. However, i'm having troubles in assembling my portfolio. Do you have tips on that and on how to (hopefully) get a scholarship within the major as well?

hello bub!! (✿◠‿◠) OMG we’re legit the same im also a junior who wants viscom :-( so I dont have real experience but I did put up my public portfolio last summer (http://nsduldulao.portfoliobox.net/) sOOO  here are some tips I could offer atm! I will add when I learn more from my cousin who’s going to major in graphic design as well! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • Be DIVERSE as possible! I read somewhere online that having a diverse portfolio gives u more chances of getting in which makes sense bc you need a wide set of skills to be able to catch up (& slay) ur art classes!!! so even tho we applying for graphic design course we should add traditional art projects we’ve done ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ (hopefully i can add to mine soon!)
  • Ok on the diversity note, add observational drawings aka realistic drawings: this is a winwin not only do you get to practice your hand at realistic drawing (which i hate tbh) you can add these to your portfolio! (make sure not to forget the shadows and just make it as realistic as possible!) (*´д`*)
  • Look at different art portfolios: to know how you wants yours to look like + u can set a standard for yours: count the number of traditional art pieces they added, did they add process shots? (highly recommended btw),& more!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩
  • Art for different purposes: this is a Nic tip so idk if this is?? 100% good but in different art projects through highschool, I’ve always found myself looking for inspiration & eVEN learning a new set of skills the simple play project 2 years ago got me into set design which is my current position in my club (from a layout head see the diversity!!) so add your school posters, graphics, set designs you’ve designed, a magazine layout from your projects! going through your school work is a good way to start (especially if you always take on the artsy role in projects which leads me to my next tip)
  • (☞゚∀゚)☞ BE AS ARTSY AS POSSIBLE: I had my career talk already and my counselor said my school history (clubs, positions) look straightforward so its easy to know my strengths (tbh im kinda upset abt this bc its all art realted it’d be good to see smth else BUT its a strength bc I rly want art anyway so!!) it would make sense to accept you since you’re really dedicated & started at a young age and through out highschool! Try your best to aim for the high positions as well

then for the scholarship: I’m not sure since it really depends on the school you’re applying for! so please ask your counselor bc I cant rly help :–((( IM SORRY (つд`)

I hope this was some srt of helpful GOOD LUCK BUB HAVE A NICE DAY! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

475 Degrees

Gotham One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Edward Nygma

Warnings: FIRE!!!! it’s basically nothing

Request: “Can I have a one shot where Ed Nygma tries to teach you to cook, but you’re a terrible cook and burn everything you touch?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,246

A/N: if thIS REQUEST AINT ME anyway i had a freaking lasagna recipe open in my tabs while i was writing this but im pretty sure i still wrote this inaccurately. i dont really know why i chose to write about lasagna but whatever. hope u like!

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It’s been a long time, w/o u my quotes

+i am not your friend
+i am not a furry

‘‘My Mac Daddy Skills are Super Limp’’

‘‘i was just listening to the spice girls and i have to come back to this’’

+i can’t find my titty holder
-Why do i use my time for this

-Guess what
+youre gay?
-yes but
-*whispers in your ear * hexaflexagons

-10/10 date ideas
+If when we met u don’t drag me to a date like that I’ll asume u don’t love me
-*crosses the border into spain * come on babe its time to count down those calories and burn that thigh fat
-ok but when you think about the name ‘‘burn your fat with me’’ could mean 2 totally different things like this could be some innocent workout where youre just getting fit or whatever the fuck but this could just as easily be a ‘lets slice off your leg fat and burn it in a sacrifice to satan bc with the power of love anything is possible. and they say romance is dead’ type thing

+i need all the attention
-bitch accept my love
+i,, eve?
+are you okay
+you just said i love you
-b i t c h accept it

‘‘i have multiple friends i refer to as mom in my contacts and then my actual mom and before i was smart and changed the names i nearlt sent a joke to my actual mom about how i wanted to eat her pussy’’

-Shit they saw the window sex aBORT
-Ripperoni them two
+Dicks? In my window??
-Its more likely than you think

‘‘he gay
the french ones are always gay’’

‘‘I just spammed my mom with middle fingers hi’’

-I’m gonna crawl under a rock and die
-See y’all in hell I guess
+No don’t die
-Too late
-I’m dead inside

-Keiths hard
+hel p i think i saw a blood slurper?
~Keith’s hard
-you ass
+mosquito ::::::::((((

-‘‘Aritmetic love series’’ the only sadism here is the math
+I knew the hexaflexagons had something to do with all of this
-Math is art
~Math is pain
+Life is pain
-Art is pain
~Art is math
#My hair is a mess
~Life is a mess

‘‘Grandma: ‘‘do you want to die, huh?’’
Me internally: yes absolutely I creve death’’

-Tf did I come back to
~we just yelled out the sexual tension
-This is underage I’m gonna go
~i called novi a syrup licking cunt
~and he said he would ‘‘tuck my ass in’’ and then we screamed about how we tought the other was pretty

‘‘I am ready to fight a god.’’

‘‘Texas time I’m coming over to hug you
Don’t question how
Just believe in the yeehaw powers’’

-what rhymes with angel
-wait no
-my name is langel
-it rhymes with
-i like to lick
-what am i doing with my life


-Kiku stop being so fucking edgy jfc
+I’m so edgy I can cut myself on me
-Oh my god

‘‘*gets fucked real hard up the ass * how much sp did you get just then’’

-Rub salt into my wounds like youre up in the Alaskan wilderness, harvesting meat so you can survive the unforgiving winters and manage not to starve. Pound me and grind me untill Im all fine and then wrap me up in plastic before shoving me in a shed for 4 months and slowly eating my remains until Im non existent
+God damnit, you’re turning me on

-Why is your German boyfriend unaware of the existence of trees
+I don’t know
+maybe it’s a German thing?? Maybe they don’t have trees there,,,

-Young love
-I remember when I was young
+I’m a year older than u
-did i fucking stutter

-I’ll just summon a demon on another day uwu
+Eve you are a demon
~Eve is a good demon
-I need to summon an army, baba
-I’ll become the dictator of a country of demons

‘‘Why must you yeehaw’’

‘‘yeehaws from europe’’

-yeehaws from south europe
+yeehaws from north-central europe
~stop yeehaws they’re not even a thing here
-Yeehaws are an European thing now guys
+yeehaws in polish
~No they’re not
+yeehaws in eUrOpeaN
+yes they are

‘‘Also mother asked me if I’m looking for my dream priencess on the beach and yes mom thank you I am gay’’

-I need to go to Walmart today
+Get some wasabi peas 4 me
~Ger some edgy candles for me
+Oo ye

-ya like jazz?
+i ducking love jazz
-That’s rude to ducks
+youre rude to ducks
-Duck you
+id duck you so hard, eve
~God my legs hu- What did i come back to
+oh hi novi why are you awake?
+: )

-if i stay up 2 days with no sleep and then write something 
-how bad can i get
-im already fucking terrible with 1 day of no sleep
-could be interesting
+Ryan you’re gonna stunt your growth
-ive already accepted the fact that im never gonna grow to be a redwood tree

‘‘Been here for 2 seconds and I’ve already destroyed a relationship’’

-Why is post apocalypse Mr. Krabs into bdsm
+why wouldn’t he
~The world is burning,,,,,,,,,,, lets masturbate
-Novi what the actual fuvc
+and they say romance is dead
-It is and you two killed it
+wym we are the most romantic of the romantics sweet and innocent angels
+who did nothing wrong
+get over here you spanish bitch
~I’m already here you American asshole
+we’re proving how romantic we are now shove it up your asshole
~Right after u

+Are you okay
-sorry i turned on a hannah montana playlist and nobodys perfect came on
-this was my shIT

-now baba is really gonna go to jail
-good job novi you idiothole
+shut up Ryan u stupid ass
-you like my stupid ass though
-i just dont like your idiothole
+which one of them
-idk novi why dont you pick you seem to have many holes on your body
+Honestly why are we like this 
-have you decided which hole is your idiothole yet or are you still trying to count them all to make a decent decision
+Ryan is2g
~lowkey laughing because wtf the fuck guys
+Same tbh
-im just sAYING
-novi your name is literally ryan fucker
+I’m not cheating on u w/ another ryan
-theres a spanish ryan i fucking know it
-gonna kill that bitch
+Nah but my psicologist is called Randall
-what an english you did there
+Fuck me up y
-which hole is your y
-im crying o love annoying you
+Well fucc u then
-which hole
+I’m leaving
~I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at your interactions

-yo evvu
+eve my meme bro
-If eve is ur meme bro
-Then what am I
-my bro bro
-meme pardner
~pard n er
-Idk how to feel about this

‘‘idk about you but one of my favorite games when i was 7 was “throw rocks from my driveway at passing cars bc i was raised to be an asshole from birth"’’

‘‘Guys I have resting murder face
I was just chilling looking at my phone and my sister was like ‘‘why do you look like you want to stab someone’’ but ITS JUST MY FACE’’

‘‘Ryan, raised to be a quotable asshole’’

-i am a pure and innocent angel that did nothing wrong
-i was not browsing furries while talking to novi shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
-you have no evidence of this
-: )
-i was curious so i searched for snep on tumblr and of course furries came up?
-so i had to look for scientific reasons only
-it was a check for quality
-nothing else
~Why am I not even surprised

-Why must you do this every time I leave
+,,,,,,, memes

‘‘ok hey the space ponies werent my fault’’

‘‘Everyday I descend more into insanity’’


‘‘i mean ive brought it from ‘i love you’ to ‘hey so like do you ever just wanna scream dick at the top of your lungs in public’’’

-I’m gay
+Hi gay
+I’m Baba
~I’m cant

‘‘,,,,,,i licked it is it enough’’

‘‘mother just asked me if i like jazz and i died’’

‘‘quote me up (quote me up inside)’’

Bonus: I asked for last words and they gave me this

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