u can haz

just imagine working at a company.. and they say.. “why arent kids buying our microwaves???? we’re "Hip”!!“ and u, head of marketing, come up with this great idea.
kids like memes….. but kids dont like microwaves……. what if.. we put a rage face on a microwave..!!!!
then all ur commercials look like a shitty 2007 ytp, no1 at work seems to understand, but u just tell them "only kids will understand” they nod and give u a standing ovation bc u, the guy under 30, have this mindset that u know exactly what every single child likes and by god ur going to profit off it
ur commercials r such a success for no reason that u decide ur going to make up ur own hashtag and put it in an ad
“Hey kids, r u tired of ur DINNER being cold as MEATBALLS?? get a parent or guardian to look in the enclosed instruction booklet and buy this microwave so u can make LOTSA SPAGHETTI!! and kids, dont forget to go on ur twitter app on ur iphone and text YOLO and LOL with a hashtag #mememicrowave!!! Oh, and, u CAN haz cheezburger! FOR THE WIN!!”
a living fucking nightmare