Boyfriend AI?! (Closed rp with angelwithadevilsgrin)


Echo sighed as she clicked through the different dating sites her friends and coworkers had set her up with. They said she needed to get out there and meet someone, not just go from work to classes to home (not always in that order). As she crossed one more site off the list, an ad at the corner caught her eye, pulling it up to find a different site. “Find your perfect match?” Like she hadn’t heard that before. “Well…it says the first try is free so….I guess it could not hurt.”

It started off like any other dating site, but instead rather than separate the questions about herself from her preferred aspects in a partner, it seemed to mix the two. First it would ask what her favorite movie was, then her favorite height in a partner. “Um…well I guess I would have to go with Lilo and Stitch. Then um….well taller than me I guess?” Most questions about the guy she left pretty obscure and open for interpretation or simply left completely blank. She didn’t exactly have much of a list for experience with guys. “Oh, accents are pretty cute. Open to cuddles a definite must.”

When she was done it showed what she assumed to be a profile match. “Wow…that was fast.” Echo also assumed that the next question must be asking her when to set up a date. “Hmm…tomorrow I have the day off so that should do fine.” Clicking finish, the site sent a pop-up saying thank you, then nothing. There was no browsing or anything. “Huh? Well…this is a strange site….” Shutting down her laptop, she admitted defeat and resolved to just forget it and try again some other time. It was late and she needed to get some sleep.

The set just ended and there is nothin left of me but I have these recollections:

- Danielle growled into the mic
- Danielle mentioned Julian and being 19
- Este asked ppl to get on each other’s shoulders and then beamed when they did like a god smiling at her kingdom of plebeians
- Ariel was in the corner bobbing his head and looking like a dad at a middle school dance when they play usher and the dads can’t find the beat
- I swear to god Grahame smiled during one of Alana’s maracas drum fits but maybe it was a facial spasm well never know I guess
- Este brought up CJ cuz it was his bday and summoned the bootay for my song 5 in his honor

It was just a blur but idk what to feel anymor who am I WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN THIS TOUR IS OVER FOR ME

*side note: a security guard pulled me over the railing and deposited me in front of Mac demarco and I said “your set was really good” Bc I’m a dumbshit that shouldn’t be allowed to speak