u can ask me ill tell u

so i’m seeing th gr8 comet for my birthday and i want to do some nice shit 4 the cast, esp w everything thts been going on

im gonna bring a jar or smth nd i would like it for ppl to send me (via pms or asks it doesn’t rly matter) things u wanna tell the cast!! u can talk about what the comet means to you, what u love about the show or specific cast members, the impact of certain songs/moments/experiences etc etc

ill write it down nd put it in a jar, give it to Someone at the stage door? yes? yes.


hey everyone i decided to do blogrates and i know the last time i did i didn’t finish them (which i still feel bad abt) but i wanna try again!


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oreocookiesmonster99  asked:

Actually, what your friends does with ~His~ Riddler does concern me seeing as where I am a fan of Comics.

listen up babes. riddler being not white aint gonna effect the comics. there’s this new thing called moving forward.

and if anything, it’s gonna make people happy. representation matters and honestly its none of ur business what leo does with his character design anyways??????????? no one asked for ur opinion here darling.

in short, this doesn’t concern u.

koolkidice  asked:

Do you write for People of Color? Most scenarios I read describe the reader as a short, white (or sometimes asian) girl with long straight hair. When I find blogs that write for Poc it's a fetish. Thank you!

hello!! when i write i don’t really write for anyone specific i try to leave it as open as possible in terms of gender, appearance, etc. unless its specified! (because i relate heavily to the whole being someone of color and getting the description of someone white) so if i get a request with specific anything i can definitely write it, but i try to be as unspecific as possible

name playlists

i feel like shit for being so mia (only kinda shit tho bc my time has been put to very productive use) but anyway here i am 

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thats it dont let this flop bc ill be so embarrassed, blacklist syeda does things if u dont wanna see this

what’s the stitch? | pt.1

on ao3

from the high school senior that brought you wanna chat? comes another chat fic that no one asked for

just so we’re all on the same page, alya has the fox miraculous, nino the turtle, and chloe the bee. i latched onto this team of miraculous holders a while back and now i’m just throwing up random stuff. initially i wasn’t going to write more than a small snip of this but @breeeliss​ is a horrible enabler (<3)

i’m still working on the dynamics for them, especially since they’re still getting to know each other, so sorry if it’s rough

anyway let’s do this


Cat: What does this do?

Bee: what in fresh hell is this

Turtle: yo wassup this is rad
wait lemme see…


Ladybug: Chat what the hell did you do

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anonymous asked:

do you have tumblr friends? can you tell me a little about some of them !

im overly friendly and consider everyone a friend tbh jkshF but here are my fav ppl on here!!! ill write about them under read more (thank u for sending this!<3)

@lovfx @1attes @tyrande @iluwonho @chrysoda @bipjm @giribouy @zhangyixking @goldpoc @10jimin @yiixingsgf @goddessofbaekhyun @1ovelettres @chenlezhong @fourminute @parkjoys @jisookim @movebybts @rapgodjin

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dkskdfg im sincerely sorry for just all up n dissapearing on you all
(especially now that i come back to 200 followers wha t)
my laptop is wrecked- has been for months as well as my phone
not only that but school?? is a pain why does it exist
anyways i am really- extremely sorry- i dont think i can even express how sorry i am asdsdfds

i unfortunately dont have any proof leftover from our relationship and the callout for magnus was deleted when i deleted but, ill just tell you the story and u can choose to believe me or not (if u dont hardblock me)

magnus and i started dating september 2016 and i had only discovered that they had a crush on me about a week or so before we started dating. i was eager for a new relationship so i entered this one when they asked me out. however a few days prior to that magnus also said that their crush was coming over; a girl who literally a few days later would become their legal adoptive sister (and has known this for a while). this confused me and grossed me out a bit but i let it slide past me

the first few weeks of our relationship was nice with no drama or issues, just a healthy relationship. it wasnt until abt the first month almost ended when we started fighting. we fought a lot bc i admittedly would become over emotional when magnus would vent to me; this was not because i didnt wanna hear it its actually the opposite; i used to be incredibly sympathetic and would feel intense guilt when others would talk about their problems because i knew most of the time i couldnt do much about it. im sorry for this, and thank you magnus for pulling me out of that weird “quirk” of mine

however it did not end there, they would also make me feel guilty when i would vent or when my attention wasnt 100% always on them. magnus would make me feel guilty but showing very little interest in me and would also post vague posts on tumblr saying things like “no one cares about me no one talks abt me” every. single. time. i. would. vent. it was so discouraging because magnus clearly didnt care

as the month rolled by things started to get way worse as magnus would talk about their ex a lot; they at first just would vent abt how bad the breakup hurt them which was fine, but then it escalated into them talking about his good looks, talents, hobbies, how nice their old dates used to be and go into deep detail, and would talk about all of the cute things they did for him and how much they truly loved them. magnus never EVER complimented me or anything of the matter and often times i felt like we were more best friends or qpps than lovers

the abuse starts when magnus began to gaslight me when i felt comfortable enough to stand up for myself. when i would ask them if they still had feelings for their ex or ask them why they get so upset every time its not about them, magnus would just call me selfish and say that their past abuse and bpd makes them this way and i shouldnt have a say in it. magnus would also accuse me of missing my old ex when i would accuse them of the same, even though the only times i talk about her is when i would see her popular posts on my dash and breakdown abt her abuse

they would also manipulate me into thinking that their word was god. a few examples include i deal with bu/lim/ia at times and sometimes i would relapse, and magnus simply just hated a friend who was an ass to the whole friend group. magnus guilted me into making a pact to where i couldnt throw up and they wouldnt talk to this girl. when they broke it not even a week later i asked them about it and they only simply accused me of being manipulative and said i needed to get over it. another example is when magnus said that a student and their school died and admitted that it was jealous of the attention that the death was getting bc they never get that much in real life. the last example ill include for rn is,,, this right now. magnus is sending their friends after me and saying vulgar and awful things threatening to expose me. i posted screenshots of the anons ive received and as a side note; all of magnus’s friends were white as snow and some of the asks have used heavy aave and slurs! :)

thank you for reading this and just avoid anyone who goes by magnus/k/star/fawn and is kin with my melody or star butterfly!!!

anonymous asked:

How do you make gifs im so confused lol

to tell the truth my friend, most of the time i really don’t kno what am i doing either aksjfdjskf i often just wing it lol, but what are u confused abt? if u’re comfortable, u can always dm me i dont mind.

anonymous asked:

u should check kakaotalk out !! it's so customizable (font, font size, themes, custom themes, etc) and it's literally the cutest messaging app i've ever used ..! plus they have sooo many cute emote packs u can get including a really adorable bts one lool

bts you say???? 👀👀 well sign me up then what have i been missing out on

lgbt-malec  asked:


oooooo liz, let’s go 

  • you always tell me to shush when i say ur cute
  • it’s rude, ur v cute so don’t shush me 
  • ur fics are amazing like u 
  • bb liz n smooth liz 
  • ur a pure lil bean who deserve all the good in the world
  • i love u a shit ton
  • ur the best and thats a Fact 

send me 👀 and ill make a ‘callout’ for you!

☆2k aesthetic boards☆

So I hit 2k yesterday and I still cant believe it but I wanna do something cool to celebrate rather than just a follow forever so I have decided to make aesthetic/mood boards for people! 

To get an aesthetic board thing you must:

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and shoot me an ask saying you want a mood board and tell me your star sign, your face tag and about tag

ah cool thank you guys all for following me its been lit and yeaah ill be doing these for the next week or so :D