u boot

  • Noctis: Food: 8000 Gil
  • Noctis: Phone Bills: 2000 Gil
  • Noctis: Hotels and other accommodations: 10,000 Gil
  • Noctis: Hairgel: 500,000 Gil
  • Noctis: Gas for the regalia: 1000 Gil
  • Noctis: Someone good at the economy please help me budget this my nation is dying
  • Cindy: Spend less on hairgel
  • Noctis: No
  • submission by @shadownightes

ok but what if bones might have traveled to other planets before starfleet since he’s one of the best doctors, and spock might have visited earth several times with his family, but neither of them have actually experienced snow yet and of course jim’s gotta fix that

spock doesn’t like to wear gloves since he wants to feel the snow and bones just has to be bundled up (he loves snow but gets cold easily) and jim is just patting himself on the back because he’s def a++ boyfriend material (x)