u bias

i was tagged by angel @1aju to do this thing so here we go!

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better

name: Michael

height: 4′11~5′0 (Jay I’m even smaller omg)

ultimate bias: have u seen my blog??? Jimin owns not only my ass but also my heart bye

nicknames: cishet people call me Mike which is,,,, typical. my youngest sister calls me mickey or M, she’s the only one who is allowed to call me that though

zodiac sign: pisces (kms all zodiac posts just say I’m a fish. I’m personally victimized n hate u all)

favorite fruit: clementines! c: 

favorite season: fall~

favorite color: black!

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: hot chocolate n tea. coffee sucks no offense like,, I know it’s gay culture to like coffee but :/

favorite animals: i dunno, cats I guess. they’re cool

last tv show i watched: kjsdfhdkjhf family feud, I watch it every night when I get off work lmao

last movie i watched: some war movie idk the name rn

dream trip: I want to travel to multiple places in Japan, South Korea, Morocco, then also Dubai, Berlin, and every american state. 

number of blankets you sleep with: just a sheet and my duvet

song stuck in my head: ”I want you to want me” by cheap trick

what kind of stuff do i post?: At this point it’s 40% jimin, 20% kpop, 10% memes, 25% personal posts and 5% discourse

last thing i googled: the song i want you to want me that’s listed above

side-blog: @micaa-j - it was an anime blog but now it’s a language blog. I also have a transition blog I never use and will delete soon, and then a nsfw blog  under a different account. if you’re 18+ you can ask for it I guess

following: 527

follower count: 290. (this isn’t in this as a question but  since it asked for followers and following I’ll add this: I block a lot of people like… i’ve got over 500 people blocked for various reasons lmao rip)

when did you make this blog: january 2016. This blog is a remake- I’ve been on tumblr since 2011.

do you get asks regularly: nope, but feel free to message or IM me any time with literally anything! <3

why did you choose your url: I’m always tired bc of depression so I’m always going to bed lmao

average hours of sleep: Usually 6, it ranges from 3-12 though.

I’m gonna tag… hmmm.. @highway-in-its-eyes, @csyeonl, @letthewiresrock, @agenderopal, and some new mutuals I really haven’t talked to much! @hobsbf, @parkjim-in, @jiminbythesea and @soulipse :)

concept: you wake up next to your bias, your head comfortably snugged in the crook of their neck and your arm over their chest, pulling them closer. They end up turning to your side, their leg in between and under yours, the arm that was once across their chest now rest to their lower back, your lips a few centimeters apart, and they’re so close that you can even count the small freckles/beauty marks on their face.

Then your bias wrecker/s kicks the door down and pulls you out of bed (rudely waking up your bias) and pulls you into their arms screaming how you should have slept in their bed for the night, then maybe they could have had that moment too