u better give me a candy or something


sms ↦ 👉dimps👈: 🅱️ro do u have a mailbox or something
sms ↦ 👉dimps👈: po box
sms ↦ 👉dimps👈: some kind of box so i can put this thing in it on my way to work 
sms ↦ 👉dimps👈: or a mail slot
sms ↦ 👉dimps👈: also where do u live i forgot

[ 📩 : cotton candy ] why did you send me a B emoji instead of the letter? 
[ 📩 : cotton candy ] does it mean something special?
[ 📩 : cotton candy ] and yes i have a fucking mailbox, i do live in an apartment after all. 
[ 📩 : cotton candy ] but i want door to door delivery, so you’d better not just drop it off in there or ill hunt you down at work specifically to make you give it to me all over again. 
[ 📩 : cotton candy ] i’ll send you my location, hang on.
[ 📩 : cotton candy ] also… what is a po box?