u bahn station


U-Bahnhof Gleisdreieck von Florian Thein
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2016, Kreuzberg, Berlin Canon F-1, Agfa XRG 100 (Exp.)

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So how fluent in german are you? Is it/would it be easy enough to order a ticket without fluency? I've never even had to buy a ticket for a train or bus before because public transportation where I live is almost nonexistent. I'm worried about making a fool out of myself trying to do so in another country ah h

oh well im talking about Cultural event tickets that my university provided me lol. they just mixed up the soccer tickets so it’s all good now.

and im not very fluent at all…i mean i try to talk German and employees at stores or shops are usually very nice about it (one even tried to help me pronounce a word until i got it right lmao) maybe a little bit annoyed if you only speak English but like they usually speak it too so. And you can get tickets at the s and u bahn stations. at least here in Berlin you can. there are machines but ive never used them so im not sure how they work but im guessing it’s simple.

but yeah it’s pretty easy to get around without being fluent *shrug*. but i mean i recommend at least learning SOME yeah know.


So, the Berlin police sometimes does a twitter marathon where, for 24h, they tweet all their incoming police operations.

Here a small selection:

1. A drunken man is lying in the U-Bahn #Mitte station.

2. We are asked to tell people in a #neukölln allotment site who are praying next to cabbage patches to please pray more quietly.

3. Missed closure time. A women can’t leave the cemetery in #mitte. Our colleagues will help.

4. A 2m tall raccoon was apparently  sighted on a neighboring plot in #marzahn

5. Clarification:  Our colleagues found a normal sized jolly raccoon on a 2m tall fruit tree branch.

6. Ducks on the street. Resident saves them and hands them over to our Neukölln colleagues. Next stop Britz gardens.

7. Close up of the duck family.

8. The Berlin fire department is taking care of a small rabbit in distress in a park in #mitte.

9. Crazy and loud barbecue in #kreuzberg courtyard is driving neighbors insane.

10. Residents report: Annoying saxophonist has been playing the same five chords for hours. #neukölln